GarUI: Some misc notes and fixes

This latest version of my user interface was created with an emphasis on PvP. I removed the internal cooldown timers, as well as some of the other DPS min/maxing buff and target debuff notifications.

The information I added this time around is specifically geared towards monitoring buffs and debuffs during PvP play. I also tried to minimize things even further to create a larger field of view.

That said, it’s still quite viable for raiding, but it’s not tailored for it.

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Hunter Basics: Explosive Shot

Explosive Shot

Explosive Shot is the signature ability of the survival tree. However, I often find that many hunters are unaware of how and when to properly use it, especially in the event of a Lock and Load proc.

Until Kill Shot becomes available (once the kill target is at or below 20% health), Explosive Shot is the number one priority shot. In other words, its cast should not be delayed for anything. Many players have the wrong impression, thinking that Black Arrow and/or Serpent Sting should be applied first in order to further buff the shot. This is incorrect. Delaying Explosive Shot for any shot besides Kill Shot results in a DPS loss.

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Hunter Power Auras

Note: Visit this page to see my current Power Auras configuration, along with a complete listing of the Power Auras strings. Last updated – 06/08/2011.

The most common question I’ve received thus far concerning my UI is, “wtf is that starfire-looking buff smack in the middle of the screen, and more importantly, how do I get rid of it..?”

Dragonhawk Power Aura

If the one in question is the aura displayed above, then that would be the one which tells me when I’m not in Aspect of the Dragonhawk. Since I’m in that aspect 99% of the time, I rarely ever see it. For those of you that have downloaded my UI and wish to remove that one, just bring up the Power Auras config screen by typing in /powa. Click on the Dragonhawk icon and then ctrl-click on the Delete key.

Alternatively, if you want to try it but are using a lower level Hunter without Dragonhawk, then just change the aura to Aspect of the Hawk.

Since some of you may be unfamiliar with Power Auras, I figured I’d give a quick rundown of the ones I’m using and why.

Here’s a quick reference chart for the Power Auras I have configured for my Hunter.

Hunter Power Auras

This looks like a mess, but in practical situations only a few of them are visible. If I’m doing my job properly, then there are typically only a handful that appear on the screen at a given time.

So what are Power Auras?

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Cooldown Management

One of my regular visitors asked this question in a comment from a previous post. It was shortly following the Worgen madness that swept through Azeroth, hence the “Garwal” reference. 😉 @ Garwal… err Garwulf I’d like to ask you a new article: “how and when use cooldowns while raiding” I’m not the best at “timing” things. For example what …

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