Major FOMO

I’m feeling the urge again. The excitement around Shadowlands and the longing for some classic huntering has brought me back. After this last extended break I’m feeling renewed and possibly ready to make a few updates to the site *gasp*.

This month marks the 12 year anniversary of this website. It’s wild to think how much time has passed and the changes that have taken place – inside and outside of the game – yet WoW is still going strong. Who would have thought..?

If you’re into nostalgia, here’s a look at which pet I was leveling 12 years ago today (just after the launch of the Wrath of the Lich King pre-patch) and the reason why.

Since I last posted, I did return for WoW Classic for a short while and thoroughly enjoyed it. This time around I was influenced to main horde, but I was of course fixed on the class choice. I’m still partial to the night elf flavor and lore, but there isn’t much to not like about troll hunter.

The demands of life outside the game got the best of me and I decided to hang up my bow and stable my bat end of last year, but my leisure time window is about to crack open again. In addition to checking out the Shadowlands pre-patch, I look forward to getting back to Classic as well.

Anyone else planning to return for Shadowlands? Those of you playing Classic, what do you think?

16 thoughts on “Major FOMO”

  1. Funny this popped up in my rss feed today. Just started getting the itch myself with Dragonflight getting some hype. A Kul Tiran hunter this time round methinks.

  2. Oh yes!

    Been following your website for quite sometime 🙂 You’ve been an inspiration for me to continue to play my favourite class, the hunter 🙂

    Glad you are back!

  3. Garr, been following you on and off since Wrath. Randomly visit your site once every 6 months. Great to hear you are still around! Hope to read about your pvp exploits some time again. For me shadowlands had been tiring, endless pve grind just to be competitive in pvp, and I only play this game for pvp. But classic is great, and hoping for TBC to come back.

    • I haven’t played through much of Shadowlands. I leveled to 52 and there I’ve sat. I’m finding WoW Classic so much more engaging so that’s where I spend most of my time. The classic BGs offer me endless replayability and I’m enjoying revisiting old quests and discovering areas in the game I’d never ventured into back in vanilla. I’ll return to SL at some point, but first I’m going to try and attain rank 11 in the classic honor system. I want that PvP mount! 😀

  4. Is that Wulf from Hellscream? Thalin here if so 😉

    Welcome back Gar! Your old UI has been an influence on all of my UI incarnations over the years! Cheers!

  5. Glad to see you back Gar. I, too, took a bit of a hiatus in BFA. The cinematics are what brought me back and I’ve enjoyed the game play very much. Hunter for life!!

    • Greetings Wulf!

      The art and music team did a fantastic job with BFA, but once I got through the initial content I lost interest. Classic on the other hand… that’s kept my interest and will continue to do so especially if they wind up adding TBC and WotLK classic versions as well.

      Great to hear from you!

  6. Why am I only seeing this now? lol. The last time I played retail for some time is WOD with the revamped Survival Hunter, which I really liked, mostly for PVP.

    I only have one game on my PC currently and that is Classic, started playing in TBC, and was too much of a noob to play well. Loving the hunter in classic (Orc) since the Trolls look disgusting 😛 and they have no shoes.

    Now I have 12 years of stuff to read… see you in a while

    • Welcome Shieva! Nice to hear from a fellow hunter who is also enjoying classic. I rolled a troll when classic launched because I was urged to roll horde by a friend and because troll was my least favorite hunter race in vanilla. I figured I’d challenge myself to try something completely different and I’m glad I did. They’re a fun race to play and I found their whole “hey mon” vibe to be more understated in classic, which I prefer.

      Once I get some of the stale guides for retail updated, I’m likely going to focus on content around classic. I’ll be leveling through SL but unless it’s Legion caliber or better, I don’t see myself spending too much time there.

      Glad you found the site. 🙂

  7. Ditto to Faerondil.

    12 years, eh? I think I’ve been visiting nearly that long, off and on. On being Wrath days mostly myself. I’m back for Shadowlands myself and am glad to see at least my first check on old friends was successful!

    • I do too, Faerondil. While getting caught up on things I couldn’t help but notice the lack of resources. I guess everyone uses either Icy Veins or wowhead these days. Those are both great, but there seems to be a lack of class-focused interest sites out there. I think this is due in part to the game being so much simpler now, YouTube being a primary hub for game content, and many of the past bloggers moving on, but I’m like a bad penny. 😉


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