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For starters, I’d like to personally thank the following folks for helping me cover the costs involved with running this website. This also includes the opportunity cost due to time spent researching and blogging about hunters, along with maintaining and developing this site, as opposed to actually “working”…

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I’d also like to give a huge shout out to the additional writers who’ve contributed their musings, insight and knowledge to my humble little hunter haven.

Rather than have additional authors on board to help me maintain the content, I have an open-door contributing author policy here at Those who have been accepted into the inner-circle are always welcome to submit future articles if they choose to do so. Maintaining a blog is a lot more work than most people know, which is why I prefer to not burden contributors with such a responsibility. People tend to produce better content when they want to, rather than when they have to. I for one can attest to that.

Also… I have no money in the kitty to pay any regular columnist(s). 😕

Anyway, here are the chosen few whom I’ve brought aboard at one time or another to share their thoughts and wisdom with the rest of the hunter community.

Anariell, Blood Elf Huntress and occasional sexy heals

Part-time hunter and part-time Priest, Blood Elf Anariell will tell you how hunters fake it. She has some amusing insight into the class due to her double life as a DPS’er and a healer. Turn-ons include: raiding, Gnomish Army Knives, Loque’nahak, and her new Longbow.

Drackmire, Dwarf Hunter

A Marksmanship Hunter extraordinaire, early mentor of mine, and among my short list of in-game people I consider “friends”. Drackmire is a true asset to any raid and as good a hunter as you will find. He’s currently serving overseas, with his return to WoW not likely in the foreseeable future. He’ll always be welcome here at should he pick up his gun again, but regardless, he’s left some pieces of knowledge behind that you may want to review for good measure.

Lehyton, Human Pally… (wtf Gar..?! What’s a Pally doing here..?!)

A tank by trade and a hunter at heart, Lehyton gives tips and advice from a tank’s perspective. Lehyton’s first love was the hunter class, but he’s since traded his bow for a sword and board. However, he’s still known to take off the plate and deal some ranged deeps now and again.

Lisselis, Night Elf Huntress

Lisselis has a passion for the class and absolutely loves her pets. A true hunter at heart, with some wisdom to bestow and musings to share for anyone who cares to listen.

Mousie, Tauren Beast Mastery Huntress

A proud card-carrying member of the 4SB Club (thanks for that one lawman30… I had to borrow it), Mousie has all 4 Spirit Beasts currently in her stable. She’ll not only help other hunters to track them down, but she’ll also teach you her secrets to becoming a better Beast Master, and how you and your big red pet can climb to the top of the meters.

Nachosjim, Night Elf Hunter

Full-time family man and part-time hunter, Nachosjim talks about the trials of trying to split time and responsibility between the real world and the virtual one.

Solaryn, Night Elf Mohawk Tank

The tanking hunter. Solaryn is different in the fact that he doesn’t always let the pet do the dirty work. In fact, most of the time he’s the one going toe-to-toe with the boss, soaking up the blows. When he’s not busy tanking instances with his band of merry men known as < Team Deadeye >, Solaryn is busy blowing up the meters in ICC.

Tamarlane, Night Elf Hunter

Hunter theorycrafting from a human perspective. Tamarlane breaks it down in layman’s terms, but with an undeniable knowledge of the class and the skills to prove he walks the walk.

and perhaps you..?

I’m not actively recruiting additional columnists, but if you’re interested in sharing your thoughts or wisdom with a global audience of WoW enthusiasts, then drop me a line. I won’t guarantee that I’ll publish your submission, but then again I just might. 😉 Two heads are always better than one, and help in some way shape or form is always welcome.

If you think you have something useful to add to the conversation over here at, then let’s see what you’ve got to say! 🙂