GarUI: Some misc notes and fixes

This latest version of my user interface was created with an emphasis on PvP. I removed the internal cooldown timers, as well as some of the other DPS min/maxing buff and target debuff notifications.

The information I added this time around is specifically geared towards monitoring buffs and debuffs during PvP play. I also tried to minimize things even further to create a larger field of view.

That said, it’s still quite viable for raiding, but it’s not tailored for it.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention that in case some of you previous users were curious about any of the changes. I did leave some of my older (now unused) Power Auras in there for those of you who’d still care to use them. Also note that I haven’t updated all of my auras in the Power Auras section of the site, but I did upload my complete sets. Those of you who may not want to try the UI, but are interested in fooling with some of my auras, you can copy them from here.

Also… the Power Auras are presently only configured with Beast Masters in mind. I’ve not really had time, nor much desire to try out MM and SV yet. However, with the in-game Blizz auras now implemented, the need for build-specific PAs is not quite as great as before – they’re already built in more or less.

Those of you wondering how I manage Recount and Omen without any visual interface buttons… I have that stuff tied with key bindings. Recount is configured so that I can cycle through it using Shift+Right or Left Arrow, with Ctrl+Down Arrow resetting it. Shift+Up Arrow makes it display or hide, with Alt+Up Arrow doing the same thing for Omen.

The buff sets I’ve configured are as follows:

  • Top-left: My buffs with some of the irrelevant and unimportant ones filtered to decrease superfluous buff clutter.
  • 2nd row, top-left: Pet buffs
  • Above player frame: Player debuffs with timers.
  • Above target frame: Target buffs with the fluff filtered out.
  • Target frame, top-right: CC debuffs, mostly hunter-specific. I included Cyclone and Sheep as well.
  • Above target frame, near center screen: These are Tranq-able buffs, but mainly ones you want to Tranq. I did not include Tranq-able buffs that aren’t worth blowing focus or a GCD on.

Some of you may want to fiddle with the displayed buffs, and may already have. One suggestion for many would be to add Hunter’s Mark to the list of filtered Target Debuffs. To filter a spell in SatrinaBuffFrame, go to the Satrina config:

  • /sbf options
  • Filters
  • To add Hunter’s Mark, you’d add this filter: n=Hunter’s Mark. To make sure it’s your Hunter’s Mark, you’d add: my&n=Hunter’s Mark. (my = “yours” and n=”name of spell”)

The only thing I’m using NeedToKNow for in this new UI is to time Serpent Sting and Widow Venom. Spec 1 is configured to time Widow Venom, and spec 2 Serpent Sting. (for me, spec 1 = PvP, spec 2 =PvE)

Now that I’ve managed to get my UI updated, re-configured, packaged up and uploaded, I’ve actually been able to play a little bit the past few nights. In that time I’ve discovered a couple of tiny quirks, so I figured I’d post about a few changes I’ve made.

Shadowed Unit Frames

First off, this UI was created solely with Garwulf in mind. The past few nights I’ve been playing my 19 hunter which has caused me to discover a few minor issues.

  • It’s impossible to monitor pet happiness out of combat – This wasn’t an issue until I started playing with a lower level hunter. At 80, we need not worry as much about pet happiness because we have pet talents, as well as a glyph that helps to ensure that it’s always at 100%. The problem is that ShadowedUF will not activate the pet frame when targeted. This seems to be a bug and hopefully will be fixed soon. In the meantime, a work-around is to set the Inactive Alpha on the combat fader to a value above 0. This will allow you to always see the happiness icon. To do this…
    • type: /suf
    • Click on Unit configuration
    • Click on Pet
    • General >> Combat Fader
  • Target levels are not displayed – This is easily fixed by going into /suf, and selecting Target from the Unit configuration sub-menu. Go to the Text/Tags tab, then Power Bar > Left Text > Classifications. Check one of the boxes that includes Level. I was running around Duskwood aggroing things from 20 yards away, then realizing oh yea… these guys are nearly 10 level above me… duh…
  • Party Frames were growing right to left – I’m not sure how I did that one, but this can be fixed by selecting the Party frames from within the SUF config (/suf), and making sure Row growth is set to Right, under the Party tab.
  • Target tootltips do not display in combat – You may or may not want to change this. If you do, type in /tip and go to: Combat. Check or uncheck any options you see fit.
  • The Loot Rollbars were colliding with the loot window – Another easy fix. Type /acb, click on Edit Mode, select LootRolls, click Position, then drag the Left Offset slider and position where needed.
  • You cannot click off buffs – This is a known issue with various buff addons, including Satrina. It is quite an inconvenience and I’m really not sure what to do, other than just hope there’s an update that fixes it.

Anyhow, these were just a few random bits of insight into the UI, including some fixes to possible problems.

Most UIs are nearly always in a state of constant evolution, which makes it difficult to release one that’s absolutely perfect. That, and what works for one person may not work for another.

To those of you who’ve downloaded and tried it – I hope you enjoy it. For those of you experiencing troubles with either the install or various configs – I’m trying my best to assist you.

Lastly, I’d like to make this an updated comments and support thread, so if you have any questions or comments, please add them below.

Now to go play!



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  1. Hi Gar,
    So I finally got a monitor that would allow me to try out your UI – previously I had a tiny 15″ box – and I have to say I’m really enjoying it so far. Congrats to you, mate – top job! I did have one question – Shadowed Unit Frames does not give you an option to set focus when you right click on your target. Not positive, but this may be a problem with all unit frame addons. Is that the case? If not, how do you set SUF to do this?
    Thanks again,

  2. Gar

    Another fine job sir. I hope everyone appreciates the time you’ve put in not only putting it together in the first place but making it available an supporting it too.

    A couple of quick queries.

    What’s the addon that show’s player info on mouseover?

    And which one is providing base timers in BG’s

  3. ok so i have some problems that i cant seem to fix.

    i cant get past the load screen after the toon selection screen.
    -but when i unclick load out of date addons i can get on with only ha;f the addons working. i have no idea what the heck is going on to keep me from getting past the loading screen with OoD addons on.

  4. First I have to say after spending almost an entire day working with this as the starting point I can really appreciate exactly how much time went into this interface (and how much value I’m getting from it). A PayPal donation for a well deserved bear is on my todo list for today!!

    I have one question about ACB’s Swing Timer. It seems to really want to stay on 2 seconds, but our GCD for ranged is obviously 1 second these days. Were you able to change that in your config, or do you just live with it as is? I couldn’t find a way to tune it, and didn’t see anything on it in WOWInterface forums either. I’m disabling it but thought I’d ask first.

  5. Hey Gar

    Great UI,, once again 😉
    I only have one small problem; There’s a bar (rep bar?) in the middle of the screen, and I don’t seem to be able to remove it ?
    Any ideas ?

  6. Thanks for the awesome UI! I had a question regarding the chat pane. The text comes in too small for me to see with my setting. I change it to something bigger everytime I log on (13pt) but the changes never save. Also there is a darker box behind my main chat pane. What is that? Is it editable or deletable? Thanks again for all the hard work.

  7. Hey Gar,

    First of all thanks a TON for all your hard work put into making this UI. Its super awesome!

    I was making some personal tweaks and ran into an issue with the chat box. I attempted to make the Chat window larger (taller mostly), but when I do that, the box that pops up when you press enter to start typing in wont move/scale with the size of the chat window.

    I looked through all the chatter options to see if there was something I could change that would make a difference but didn’t find anyting.


    • Go to: /chatter –> Edit Box Polish

      Under Attach to…

      Select Free-floating. You’ll be able to move and resize it at this point. Once you’re done, set it back to Free-floating, locked.

      Hope that helps. 🙂

  8. Hi Gar,
    since u release u UI i right away install it and from than i make some changes bc my screen is 1280×1024 and i am trying to ajust the ui to my resolution.
    You did great job, u open my eyes for some filters like target cc which so usefull, i`ll make a focus cc so i can monitor my focus easily. This is huge. Hunters gonna rule once more after cata begin, i am eager to get the new weapons so i can crush easily skulls in battlegrounds.
    I just want to ask u for the kgPanel, i cant understand how u link the kg panel to the other panels from other addons and can i add a kg panel to different cast bars from az cast bar addon?
    Really great work

    • if you mean parenting a panel to an addon it’s simple

      press escape, go to keybindings then scroll down to “frame finder” (should mention KGpanels) keybind it to something you never use, then hover over w/e you want to parent it to and hit the keybind.
      example; when Deus vox encounters pane pops up it’s “DXEPane”

      and as for “can i add a panel to another cast bar” the answe is yes of course. Example if your using quartz, open edit mode and have it showing, hover over it hit the keybind and it will give you the name : )

      *then use this name for “parent” and “lock to” box further down in the config

  9. Hey gar, i got your UI other day and like all UI’s i get im not usually 100% happy with them ^_^ ive tweaked it, you can tell it’s your type of UI but ive just changed a few things =’]

    can pop some links to UI pics if you want?

    and as for “not tailored for raiding” /shrugs works fine for me : )


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