Spirit Beasts: Where to Find Them and Tips on Taming

Spirit Beasts are exotic pets – available only to Beast Mastery hunters with the Beast Mastery talent. Rare and unique… Spirit Beasts are among the most coveted hunter pets in Azeroth.

While there are a few Spirit Beasts that do pose a real taming challenge, the hardest part about obtaining a Spirit Beast is being fortunate enough to find one. Spirit Beasts are rare spawn pets (with the exception of the MoP porcupines and Mana Sabers in Legion), meaning they may not appear for several hours once tamed or killed – some taking nearly a day before they decide to respawn. Taming a Spirit Beast requires patience and a little luck. Information and advice on how to find and tame them is also very important, both of which I hope to present to you with in this guide.


Spirit Beasts possess 3 special abilities: Spirit Mend, Spirit Pulse and Spirit Walk. Because of their healing spell and self-dispel, Spirit Beasts make outstanding pets for PvP and solo content, and they also have the distinction of being the only exotic pet with more than 2 special abilities.

The following guide lists all of the Spirit Beasts that can currently be found in Azeroth, maps on where to find them, what strategies to use for taming them, along with a few other bits of information to aid in your taming adventures. I hope that you find this guide useful, and may it increase your success while out hunting the various Spirit Beasts of Azeroth.

Getting Prepared: Rare Finder Addons and Targeting Macros

Before you begin any taming adventure, I recommend employing the use of either a a rare finder addon or a targeting macro. Even though the locations of all the Spirit Beasts are listed below, the World of Warcraft is quite vast and these beasts can sometimes be difficult to track down if you’re merely relying upon your eyeballs. One such addon that can really aid you in your search is NPCScan – another is Silver Dragon. Both of these addons can really help give you a jump on targeting these Spirit Beasts if they happen to be out and ready for taming. This post offers an overview of NPCScan, and this post will show you how to get both NPCScan and Silver Dragon up and running.

If you don’t care to mess with addons, or maybe just want to go with a simpler approach, a manual targeting macro can be just as effective. In fact, this is typically what I use. To try this method, just open up your Macro config and create something like this:

/tar Arcturis
/tar Loque'nahak
/tar Gondria
/tar Skoll
/tar Ghostcrawler
/tar Karoma
/tar Ban'thalos
/tar Ankha
/tar Magria

This of course has all nine of the rare spawn Spirit Beasts listed, but feel free to edit it to suit your needs. Spam this macro when you’re near a known spawn area, and if a Spirit Beast is out, you’ll see their portrait pop up.

Alright… well let’s go on a Spirit Beast Safari, shall we…

Let’s go tamin’ now…Garwulf here will show ya how, come on tame some SB’s with me…

Yea, I’m a dork, I know… ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Spirit Beasts in World of Warcraft


Arcturis walking about at his spawn location below the Amberpine Lodge.

Level: 74

Found in: Grizzly Hills, Northrend

Arcturis has one spawn location in the Grizzly Hills, which is just north of the Amberpine Lodge. He can be found meandering around on the east bank of the river.

Arcturis Taming Strategy

Arcturis can be tamed easily with the use of a Freezing Trap. He’s a neutral mob and will not attack you unless you either hit him first or begin taming. Just place a Freezing Trap between you and Arcturis then begin taming.ย The hardest part about taming Arcturis is the competition and griefing that you’re liable to experience. Arcturis’ sole spawn location is in a very visible, high traffic area. Unfortunately, this can sometimes cause problems unless you happen upon him when no one else is around.

Arcturis Map
Arcturis has one spawn location in Grizzly Hills, just north of Amberpine Lodge.

Respawn Time for Arcturis

Arcturis is believed to be on a 10-12 hour respawn timer.

Loque’nahak <Mate of Har’koa>

Loque’nahak lurking at his spawn location west of the Nesingwary Base Camp.

Level: 76

Found in: Sholazar Basin, Northrend

Loque’nahak has seven spawn locations throughout Sholazar Basin. Based upon my experiences and the comments left by other successful tamers, the locations where he seems to spawn most are: west of the Nesingwary Base Camp, the spot just west of Skyreach Pillar, and the two locations furthest east by the gorillas.

Loque’nahak Taming Strategy

Loque’nahak is an easy tame, requiring no special approach. Just place a Freezing Trap between you and Loque’nahak, then start taming. Loque’nahak will leap towards you, landing right in your Freezing Trap for an easy tame.

Loque'nahak Map
Loque’nahak can spawn in one of seven locations across Sholazar Basin.

Loque’nahak Respawn Time

The general consensus is that Loque’nahak respawns about every 8-10 hours.


Gondria roaming around at the eastern spawn location.

Level: 77

Found in: Zul’drak, Northrend

Gondria has five different spawn locations in Zul’drak. The places I’ve seen Gondria out the most are the two eastern spawn locations near the entrance to Grizzly Hills.

Gondria Taming Strategy

Gondria requires no special strategy apart from a Freezing Trap. Gondria is not immune to Freezing Traps, which makes this an easy to tame Spirit Beast.

Gondria Map
Gondria spawns in five locations throughout Zul’Drak.

Gondria Respawn Time

Gondria is believed to be on an 8-10 hour spawn timer.


Skoll out by the Gas Cap above Brunnhildar Village.

Level: 80

Found in: Storm Peaks, Northrend

Skoll spawns in three different places in the Storm Peaks, and doesn’t seem to favor any particular one. The locations are: near the ‘gas cap’ above Brunnhildar Village, near the mouth of the cave at Snowdrift Plains, and on the snowdrift next to the frozen river at Bor’s Breath.

Skoll Taming Strategy

Drop a Freezing Trap, start taming, Skoll pounces and gets frozen, tame completes…you have a shiny new Spirit Beast!

Skoll Map
Skoll can spawn in one of three places in the Storm Peaks.

Skoll Respawn Time

Skoll seems to show up every 12 hours.


Ghostcrawler shuffling around the Abandoned Reef. Beware of his Nerfbat!

Level: 85

Found in: Abyssal Depth, Vashj’ir

Ghostcrawler roams all over the Abyssal Depths. He can be somewhat difficult to pinpoint due his diminutive size and the fact that he tends to phase in and out on occasion. Once you are within range to target him, throw a Hunter’s Mark up to make locating him easier.

Ghostcrawler Taming Strategy

Ghostcrawler is immune to all crowd control spells, so you must withstand his attacks while taming. Ghostcrawler hits very hard and can flatten an unprepared level 85 with relative ease, but here are a few things you can do to make the tame go in your favor…

Use Deterrence at the start of the tame. Once you get within Tame Beast range, activate Deterrence and Tame Beast, or you can use this macro:

/cast Deterrence
/cast Tame Beast

This will give you five seconds of damage-free taming.

In addition, try to equip items that have haste on them – especially one-use trinkets. Increasing your haste will reduce the cast time on Tame Beast, lessening the amount of time he has to hit you with his Nerfbat.

If you have a trinket that you can activate to grant you additional haste, then equip it in your bottom trinket slot and add it to the macro like this:

/use 14
/cast Deterrence
/cast Tame Beast

With enough haste, you can tame Ghostcrawler without sustaining much damage, if any.

Ghostcrawler Map
Ghostcrawler patrols all throughout the Abandoned Reef in the Abyssal Depths.

Ghostcrawler Respawn Time

Ghostcrawler respawns approximately every 10-12 hours.

Karoma <The Wolf Spirit>

Karoma at his spawn location near the Crucible of Carnage.

Level: 85

Found in: Twilight Highlands, Eastern Kingdoms

Karoma can be found in one of a half dozen places in the Twilight Highlands.

Karoma Taming Strategy

Karoma is unique in the sense that he’s the only Spirit Beast that is hostile, as opposed to neutral like all of the other Spirit Beasts. This isn’t really that big of a deal, but it does mean that he will aggro if you get too close to him. As for how to successfully tame him… just drop a Freezing Trap in your Tame Beast path and that should do it.

Karoma Map
Karoma has six different spawn locations in the Twilight Highlands.

Karoma Respawn Time

Karoma’s respawn rate seems to be around 6-8 hours.


Ban’thalos soaring high above the Sanctuary of Malorne.

Level: 85

Found in: Mount Hyjal, Kalimdor

Ban’thalos can be found flying high above the Sanctuary of Malorne. In order to see Ban’thalos you must be in the same phase, which requires the completion of a series of quests that begins here.

Ban’thalos Taming Strategy

Taming Ban’thalos in the Legion era is much different than before, so unless you’reย still playing a 4.0 version of WoW, please see this post instead.

Ban’thalos was introduced as one of the ‘Taming Challenge‘ pets in Patch 4.2, which means he most definitely requires a taming strategy. Ban’thalos must be aggro’d while airborne, and considering how high he flies, this means you need to survive the fall once you’ve gotten his attention. Also, he has an ability called Harsh Moonlight which hits very hard. Given these two dangers, the main trick to taming Ban’thalos is surviving.

The first step in the tame is to get his attention. This requires flying up to where he’s flapping about, dismounting and then shooting him. To start this process, it’s important to pick a location where the fall will be very short. I recommend starting at the top of the tallest tree within the circle of his patrol area. Once Ban’thalos starts to get close, place a Freezing Trap at the top of this tree, then mount and fly straight up – being careful not to accidentally move in any other direction apart from ‘straight up’, i.e., just use your spacebar.

When Ban’thalos is within range, dismount, shoot him, then pop Deterrence. This will have you falling to the top of the tree with Ban’thalos in pursuit. You’ll probably take a bit of fall damage, but Deterrence will at least protect you from his Harsh Moonlight. Once back atop the tree, start taming. Ban’thalos will pursue you – entering melee range and landing right in your Freezing Trap – allowing for a successful tame at that point.

For a more detailed look at this strategy – complete with pretty pictures – please refer to my Ban’thalos taming guide.

Ban'thalos Map
Ban’thalos can be found flying high above the Sanctuary of Malorne.

Ban’thalos Respawn Time

Ban’thalos is believed to be on a 6-17 hour spawn timer, along with the other Spirit Beasts introduced in Patch 4.2: Ankha and Magria. They are not linked, however.


Ankha patrolling through The Regrowth.

Level: 85

Found in: Mount Hyjal, Kalimdor

Ankha can be found patrolling through The Regrowth area in Mount Hyjal. Taming Ankha also requires that you be in the proper phase of Mount Hyjal – same as with Ban’thalos and Magria.

Ankha Taming Strategy

Ankha is another ‘Taming Challenge’ pet, so hunters need to approach this kitty with a plan. However… the trick to taming this Spirit Beast is pretty simple…get naked. That’s right… you need to take off all your armor before you try to tame this cat. Ankha has a Spirit Claw attack which scales off enemy armor, so be sure to remove any and all pieces of gear that provide armor. Even 1 point of armor will result in this cat one-shotting you. Once you’ve stripped off all of your armor, this beast hits like a kitten – allowing for an easy tame.

Also note that Ankha is immune to Freezing Trap, as well as all forms of crowd control, so don’t even try.

Ankha Map
Ankha patrols throughout The Regrowth in Mount Hyjal.

Ankha Respawn Time

Ankha has the same 6-17 hour respawn timer as that of Ban’thalos and Magria. Ankha and Magria are linked, however. When one is tamed or killed, one or the other will respawn within 6-17 hours.


The spectral blue Magria roaming around in The Regrowth.

Level: 85

Found in: Mount Hyjal, Kalimdor

Magria shares an alternating spawn time and location with Ankha. This Spirit Beast is also found patrolling within The Regrowth of Mount Hyjal.

Magria Taming Strategy

The strategy for taming Magria is identical to the one used for Ankha. Take off all of your armor, then begin taming. Ankha and Magria are identical in every way apart from their looks. Ankha is a ghostly white and Magria a spectral blue. Both cats lurk in the same area but are never found out at the same time — it’s always one or the other.

Magria Map
Magria shares the same spawn area as Ankha, and is also found patrolling through The Regrowth.

Magria Respawn Time

Magria is on a 6-17 hour respawn timer that’s shared with Ankha.


Hutia, the Porcupine Spirit Beast
Hutia stays fixed at a single spawn location in The Jade Forest.

Level: 90

Found in: The Jade Forest, Pandaria

Hutia spawns in a single location, SE of the Tian Monastery, and does not move an inch.

Hutia Taming Strategy

Like the Spirit Beasts introduced in Cataclysm, Hutia is another in the tradition of Spirit Beast taming Challenges; however, Hutia is the easiest to tame of the 3 new SBs in MoP. You simply need to play ring around the rosies for awhile, making sure to prevent him from healing, while burning him down to within taming range. Read on…

Necessary talents for this Tame: None

Recommended talents:

  • Exhilaration – In case you need a heal.
  • Thrill of the Hunt – Arcane Shot will be heavily relied upon.
  • A Murder of Crows – Some extra DPS.
  • Glaive Toss – Another slow.

Necessary glyphs:ย Glyph of Tame Beast

The kiting strategy is pretty simple and straightforward…

  • Stay out of melee range.
  • Keep Hutia slowed.
  • Interrupt Spirit Heal when it is cast.
  • Burn Hutia down until Strong Will falls off (20%).
  • Tame Beast
  • Cheer!

Hutia hits very hard and can take you down within about 2-3 whacks, so you’ll want to maintain a safe distance. The good news is, Hutia is susceptible to snares and slows (but not Freezing Trap), so kiting this porcupine is easy. Best way to go about this is to keep going around and around the log, hitting Hutia with Concussive Shot, Glaive Toss, an occasional Ice Trap, etc… I recommend using Aspect of the Hawk for this fight (as opposed to Cheetah) for the added DPS, since Hutia is not particularly fast, plus you can maintain slows on him.

Don’t bother keeping your pet out for this fight, hoping to help with the DPS, then planning to dismiss it while Hutia is a safe distance away. Hutia will pimp slap your pet into oblivion the second it’s within melee range. Start the fight petless…trust me.

It might be a good idea to clear a few of the nearby neutral porcupines out so that you don’t make them angry with your Glaives or AoE trap, distracting you from the business at hand.

Apart from keeping out of melee range and DPS’ing Hutia down to the 20% health taming range, the only other thing to worry about is interrupting Hutia’s Spirit Heal. Luckily, Hutia casts this spell at pretty regular intervals, and it’s typically just after the Silencing Shot cooldown is up, so it’s easy to prevent. Occasionally, Hutia may attempt to cast the heal before the CD has finished, in which case you can hit him with a Scatter Shot.

I found a good way to handle the kiting strategy was to maintain decent range from Hutia, apart from the last 4-6 seconds when Silencing Shot was about to come off cooldown. That way I’d be able to close quick for a clutch Scatter Shot in case Hutia tried to cast the heal before SilShot was available. As long as Silencing Shot is off cooldown, just stay at max range and keep on with the slows and pew-pew.

When Kill Shot becomes available you’ll know that Strong Will has fallen off and Hutia is ready for taming. You can’t freeze Hutia, so you’ll need to be sure he’s slowed and a good distance away when you start the tame. Make sure you’ve got the Glyph of Tame Beast in order to speed up the cast time. For added insurance you can macro in Deterrence with Tame Beast, like this:

/cast Deterrence
/cast Tame Beast

In fact, you should use that macro whenever you’re attempting to tame any of these new porcupine Spirit Beasts.

If you don’t know what the hell a macro is, then check out this page.

Hutia's Spawn Location
Hutia spawns in front of a log, just SE of the Tian Monastery.

Hutia Respawn Time

Hutia respawns within about 10 minutes, so there’s no need to camp this one.


Degu, the Porcupine Spirit Beast
Degu meandering along the southern edge of the Valley of the Four Winds.

Level: 90

Found in: Valley of the Four Winds, Pandaria

Degu can be found roaming along the rock pathway on the southern central border of the Valley of the Four Winds, at the base of the cliff.

Degu also possesses the Strong Will buff, which means you need to get him to 20% before he’s tamable. The trick with this taming challenge is that you need to maintain close range with him while kiting. Get too close and he’ll chomp you to bits; stray too far and he’ll nuke you with his ranged attack.

Necessary talents for this tame: None

Recommended talents:

Just as with Hutia, I recommend the following talents for this tame…

  • Exhilaration – In case you need a heal.
  • Thrill of the Hunt – Free Arcane Shots!
  • A Murder of Crows – Open with this spell for some extra DPS since you won’t have a pet out.
  • Glaive Toss – Keep him slowed.

Necessary glyphs:ย Glyph of Tame Beast

How you do it in a nutshell…

  • Keep within 10-15 yards of Degu while kiting him.
  • Keep Degu slowed.
  • Fear his melee attack, but fear his ranged attack even more.
  • If you step outside of the dead zone and see him starting to cast Barbed Needle, quickly run back towards him.
  • Burn Hutia down untilย Strong Willย falls off (20%).
  • Make sure he’s slowed, then Tame Beast & Deterrence
  • Name your new pet!

Degu can prove to be a pretty good challenge, especially since the taming strategy involves some unorthodox tactics. Degu has a very strong melee attack, like Hutia’s, which you’ll want to avoid, but more importantly, he can cast an ability called Barbed Needle which does damage equal to 50% of your health – meaning it will 2 shot most everyone, apart from Tauren & Night Elves (due to Nature Resistance).

Degu will attempt to cast Barbed Needle anytime you are further than 15 yards from him, so in order to avoid his melee attacks and Barbed Needle, you must kite him within a 10-15 yard “dead zone”. This is similar to how hunters used to have to handle warriors back when they had Intercept, and Charge was not usable in combat. Nowadays it’s a tactic that’s seldom used, and one that’s a bit hard to get used to.

Degu is not immune to snares, so you’ll want to keep him slowed. Try and lay an Ice Trap whenever it’s off cooldown, and use Concussive Shot on him as much as possible. Glaives are obviously a good idea as well. Maintaining the proper range is easier to do when the kiting is slowed down a bit. For this reason, Aspect of the Hawk will be what you want. Cheetah is not really a good idea for this tame since control is much more important than speed, not to mention the added DPS will help tremendously.

Main things to remember while kiting him are: just be cool and don’t panic. Take it slow and don’t be in a rush to burn him down. Sure, you want to be mashing your Arcane Shot and Concussive Shot buttons, but concentrate on your range.

Better living through addons…

To make this tame go a little smoother, I recommend using an addon called RangeDisplay. It’s a very simple little addon that I’ve been using since TBC, which offers a configurable display for your target’s range. For this tame, I blew the numbers up nice and big, then set the text to show as red if I was less than 10 yards away or further than 15, and green if I was 10-15 yards from Degu. If I kept the numbers green, then I was doing it right.

Degu is very sneaky and will occasionally stop, as if to begin his cast of Barbed Needle, so be careful to keep pace with him. The pre-tame burn-down requires a lot of stutter stepping. If you do happen to get outside the 15 yard range and he begins his cast, just run back into the “safe zone” and the cast will cancel. This can be really tricky because I’d found that sometimes it seemed he would finish casting Barbed Needle even if I’d returned within the dead zone, when the cast timer was almost up. Because of this, it’s important you stay close and run towards him as soon as possible if you see him start to cast. I repeat, he is very sneaky and will often fool you into moving outside of his range by stopping intermittently.


The kiting area is sloped and near a cliff wall, and there are a few spots with huge boulders you have to navigate around. These things can make the kiting a bit more of a challenge by screwing with your camera angle, not to mention the obstacles you have to skirt around. I’ll be honest…I tried several times to tame this f**ker along his path, but to no avail. Then I had the bright idea of kiting him off of his path and onto the flat road that leads away near the center of his route. The first time I did this…Bam!

It’s much easier to monitor the distance when you have less terrain issues to deal with.

There is a stealthed cat that hangs out in the center portion of his pathing zone. Be sure to hunt it down and kill it. I’m pretty sure this mob is there by design, because if you happen to try kiting Degu through this area while the cat is out, it will jam you up because it will hit you with a slow, allowing Degu to roll up on you and eat you.

Once you get Degu’s health down within taming range (again…20%) and you see Kill Shot is ready, start taming. It is absolutely necessary that you use the Deterrence / Tame Beast macro for this tame or he will smash your face in. Refer to the Hutia guide above for the macro information, and if you need to know how to create a macro, please visit this page.

Degu's Spawn Location Path
Degu roams slowly along the southern edge of the Valley of the Four Winds, at the base of the cliff.

Degu Respawn Time

Degu also respawns within about 10 minutes.


Gumi, the Porcupine Spirit Beast
Gumi chills up on a slope in Kun-Lai Summit, just above One Keg.

Level: 90

Found in: Kun-Lai Summit, Pandaria

Gumi sits like a statue on a snowy slope right above One Keg. He does not move at all, so he’s easy to spot.

Gumi Taming Strategy

Of the three new porcupine Spirit Beast taming challenges, Gumi is arguably the most difficult. Although the concept of the pre-tame is quite simple – stay as far away from him as possible while burning him down to 20% – executing it is another story. Reason being, Gumi is very fast -and- lethal within melee range. The tiniest mistake can cost you a successful tame.

Necessary talents for this tame:

  • Posthaste – You’ll want the added speed buff.
  • Exhilaration – If he does manage to get close and bite you -and you can manage to escape death- this heal could make the difference between success and failure.
  • Glaive Toss – The extra ranged slow and DPS is a huge asset.

Recommended talents:

Just as with Hutia, I recommend the following talents for this tame…

  • Thrill of the Hunt – A great talent for long sustained focus, which you’ll need in order to get off all those Arcane Shots.
  • A Murder of Crows – Some extra deeps you can cast on the run.

Necessary glyphs:

  • Pathfinding – Did I mention he was fast? You’re going to need the little speed boost while in Aspect of the Cheetah.
  • Glyph of Tame Beastย – When the time comes, you’re going to want the tame to happen as quickly as possible.

Prepare to use your รผber kiting skills…

  • Dismiss your current pet.
  • Get in Aspect of the Cheetah.
  • Place some traps in front of where he’s sitting (Ice/Explosive/Snake).
  • Pull him with Serpent Sting and Disengage back towards the road.
  • Cast Murder of Crows.
  • Run like the wind.
  • Stay on the path headed for Shado-Pan Monastery.
  • Fire Concussive Shot at him whenever it’s off cooldown.
  • Keep Serpent Sting up on him at all times.
  • Jump Shot + Arcane is what you’ll be doing 75% of the time.
  • Use Glaives when available.
  • He is a cheating ass who will take shortcuts, so only use traps on him when you’re on a straightaway and you know he will run through them.
  • When the time comes that he becomes tamable, make sure you’re at max range, lay an Ice Trap, Conc Shot him, then Tame Beast + Deterrence.
  • Hope for the best.

Although Gumi probably poses the greatest taming challenge out of all the new MoP porcupine Spirit Beasts, I consider this tame to be only marginally more difficult than the Degu tame. What makes this tame difficult is the fast pace, and the fact that Gumi will probably kill you if he gets close. He hits way harder than the other two porcupines, plus he dazes you – making it harder to get away from him once he closes.

However, as long as you keep him slowed and far away, the only hard part left is the actual tame itself. Again, this tame is another matter of keeping a cool head. As long as you keep Serpent Sting applied and keep him slowed, you’re good. Even if you occasionally get too far from him, just keep running…he will catch up. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Just make sure you don’t get so far from him that you stop DPS for several seconds, or else he’ll reset.

I’ve tamed him twice and this is what worked for me…

Before you pull him, drop all three of your traps in front of where he’s sitting so that he crosses over them after you’ve pulled. Open with Serpent Sting, Concussive Shot & Murder of Crows, while Disengaging back towards the road. You’ll need to jump-shot kite him all the way to Shado-Pan Monastery and then some, so prepare you’re mousing hand.

Arcane, Arcane, Concussive…will be your main rotation, making sure Serpent Sting stays up, then casting Glaives when they’re available. Drop Ice and AoE traps when you can, and Disengage away from him when he gets too close for comfort. Honestly, that is pretty much all there is too it.

The trickiest parts are when you’ll likely need to turn around at the monastery to head back the way you came, along with the moment when you actually go to tame him. The first time I tamed him proved to be very difficult because my gear was crap at the time, and I had to kite him a good ways before I’d damaged him enough to remove Strong Will. Later on when my gear was less crap, I didn’t have to kite him quite as far, but it was still required that I turn around at the monastery and kite him back down the road a ways before he was ready.

Turning around at the monastery is a bit tricky, but with a well positioned and well timed Ice Trap + Disengage (w/ Posthaste), followed by Glaives or a Conc Shot, you can escape danger and make your way back to the road pretty easily.

Once you’ve worn him down to within taming range, make sure you are at max range with an Ice Trap between you and him, Conc Shot him and then hit your Tame Beast + Deterrence macro.

/cast Deterrence
/cast Tame Beast

The main thing with this tame is prep. Make sure you have your talents and glyphs dialed in, then familiarize yourself with the kiting route. As long as you stick to the strat and don’t develop carpal tunnel during the kitefest, you should be fine.

Good luck!

Gumi's Spawn Location
Gumi can be found up the hill from One Keg.

Gumi Respawn Time

Along with all of the new Mists of Pandaria Spirit Beasts, Gumi has a respawn rate of about 10 minutes. If you don’t see him when you get there, then he’s likely just been tamed, so hang out for a few…he’ll be right back.



Level: 90

Found in:ย The Burial Fields, Shadowmoon Valley

Gara is a Spirit Beast with an amazing Void Wolf appearance who can be tamedย as a quest chain reward. Similar to the Pandaria Spirit Beasts, Gara is not a rare spawn, but more of a taming challenge. This time, however, it’s more an exercise in patience rather than a test of skill. Taming Gara requires no special techniques; it just requires a relatively lengthy scavenger hunt quest.

Gara Taming Strategy

There are no special mechanics involved with this tame, so it’s a pretty straightforward process once you finish the quest and go to tame her. If you want to make a challenge out of it, you could try soloing the quest and taming her as close to level 90 as possible. Once you reach the end of the quest chain, the mobs you’ll have to deal with can be a real challenge for lower level characters. Soloing this at 90 or 91 would grant you this cool new pet skin early on, plus you’d have some bragging rights over the hunters who tackled it at level 100.

Gara Taming Infographic

Here’s a Draenor map infographic I put together which shows all of the locations and steps involved in the Gara taming quest.

Gara the Spirit Beast Taming Quest Map

The only other thing of note is that you’ll want to be fairly hasty with the tame once Gara becomes tamable. Once you’ve completed the quest chain and she becomes tamable, take a few screenshots, message your friends or whatever, but don’t lollygag too much. Gara is only available for a short time at the end of the quest, then she’s gone.

However…if for whatever reason the tame gets botched due to your internet going down, etc…you can always go back into the void realm where the quest ends and tame an identical Void Wolf.

Depending on your level, and the amount of flight points you have, I’d estimate the Gara quest chain to take probably between 1 to 3 hours. Lower level toons will have the hardest time due to aggro radius and lack of flight points, but it’s still a very fun endeavor.

Lightning Paw

Lightning Paw is a rare spectral fox Spirit Beast found in Duskwood. Lightning Paw spawns within the bushes with the glowing eyes.

Lightning Paw

This Spirit Beast has multiple spawn locations within Duskwood, but most of its confirmed spawn points are located near Raven Hill Cemetery. I tamed Lightning Paw just SE of Addle’s Stead and my son tamed him west of Raven Hill. While there may be more than 5 spawn points for Lightning Paw, the ones listed here are the only locations I can confirm.

Lightning Paw Spirit Beast Map

Lost Spectral Gryphon

The Lost Spectral Gryphon is summoned via a rare spawn item called the Spectral Feather which appears near the flight master in Stormwind. The Spectral Feather is only visible to Beast Mastery hunters, and when clicked, will summon the Lost Spectral Gryphon.

Spectral Gryphon Spirit Beast

There is no special trick to taming this pet if you’re an alliance Beast Mastery hunter. If you’re horde, then you’re in for a bit of a struggle. Blizzard put the spawn location near a high traffic location in Stormwind, meaning you may need to be prepared for some corpse runs.

Lost Spectral Gryphon Spawn Location Map


Gon is a rare spawn spectral raptor found in the Valley of Spirits in Orgrimmar. He is summoned through a rare spawn item called Spectral Eggshell which is found at the base of a pile of flaming skulls. Like the Spectral Feather, the Spectral Feather is only visible to Beast Mastery Hunters. When clicked, the Spectral Eggshell will summon Gon.

Similar to the Lost Spectral Gryphon, there is no strategy required for this tame unless you are an alliance hunter. While not as difficult for alliance as the Lost Spectral Gryphon is for horde, this is still going to be a bit of a taming challenge due to the spawn timer. Night Elves will have an easier time due to Shadowmeld, but it’s still going to be one of the more challenging tames for an Alliance player.

Gon Spirit Beast Spawn Location in Orgrimmar

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  1. I was camping for Skoll, disconected to farm with other character, came back and Skoll was there. Then I checked Loque’nahak and there she was, I captured it just before other 2 players came. Then I checked if by any chance there is Arcturis, he was not there, so I went to see Gondria as she was near and neither was she. When I came back Arcturis spawned just before I leave. I didn’t even needed Gondria but I went to see for the lulz and there she was. I got all 4 in just 30 minutes of rushing. This was at 12:00am, so I think they are very likely to spawn just at midnight, that is my best advice from this experience ^^;;;

  2. Hey just to say for anyone who is still going after these pets. Warmode works brilliantly as it phases you out from other players and most people don’t seem to go pet hunting in war mode I got Skoll and Loqueโ€™nahak within the hour after hanging around the basin on and off for two days simply because I changed into war mode.

    • Belated reply, but this is does in fact work brilliantly. While camping Arcturis alongside three other hunters for close to four hours, I was casually looking up how others had found success. I found this, immediately hearthed out, turned on war mode, and flew back.

      Just my luck that not only was the site free of other hunters, but Arcturis was chilling there, all by his lonesome just ready to be tamed.

      Pro move here!

    • ^ Big thank you for this ! Didn’t see one person in Northrend while I was hunting for the rares. and it basically took around 2 hours (did a bit of sightseeing while I was at it) to collect all.

  3. At level 120 Banthalos itโ€™s hard specially if you have to call his attention anything could kill him
    So what I did to get it was

    Got naked
    Got me a level 1 bow
    With this now doing damage 1-3 points you can still one shoot him so I killed my self and talked to spirit so I could get resurrection sickness
    And pew got week enough to shoot conccusive shot and slow fall potion
    That was it got my tame today

    • Being a blood elf has the perk of arcane torrent, once I dismounted next to him I used it then disengaged before I hit the ground. I was able to tame him quite nicely.

  4. Dont forget the spectral gryphon! That one is so easy to get if the feather is there at storm wind. Must be 110+ BM to summon it.

  5. My first spirit beast was Acturis, and i had helped taming him as he is near an alliance mini base. My friend cleared the area from intteruptions as i tamed the bear. My second spectral is karoma who was wondering around twilight highlands. Then 3rd one was gondria. It was after that i fled to sholazar basin and got loqnahak 5 mins after gondria. My 5th spectral was ghostcrawler…. took me 2 weeks to finally find him. This morning i tamed anhka, after doing mount hyjal quests. I tamed him 4:30 am and when i wrote this its 12:23 (+8 gmt) i also saw banthalos but because i was level 100 (wow 7.2) i 1 shot him with concussion shot. A trick i will try is to get a goblin glider. With pet active let the pet scream to get aggro and move banthalos to my ice trap. Then tame her. Hope today i will see the owl again and tame her. Who knows i might also get magria on the way back coz they both have same spawn time. After this would be the spectral moose and the fox when i’m level 110. Happy hunting guys!

    • I forgot, before acturis i got hutia (friend helped) and gumi on my own. I also tamed sambas out of boredom and collection. But he is not a spirit beast.

  6. 9.00am 30/07/16 I finally completed my collection of Spirit Beasts.
    Have to say my last 3 were Gumi. Degu and Hutia and have completely been slacking the entire of Warlords of Draenor.

    Good luck to everyone who is still looking for their missing spawns.
    I am relieved that I managed to get most of mine before CRZ was introduced.

    McStryke – Bronze Dragonflight EU

  7. So i was in the middle of taming Skjoll, when a Nelf hunter drops by and one shots me, (he is 100, im 80)
    So i was like alright.. that sucks. So i resurrect to find skjoll still standing there. So i begin taming again and he pops out of stealth just to kill me again.. So im alright, he must really want it. So i resurrected and just stood there waiting for him to tame it, but he just stood there looking at me. So then i was really confused. I began taming once again just to get one shot once more. This continued about 3-4 more times and by then I have to admit, i was pretty tilted. He wasnt taming it, he wasnt letting me tame it. Whats his deal? So i pop on my flying mount and just float a good distance between him. He then laughs at me, makes a rude gesture and then begins taming it. I then pop down and distracting shot/chimaera shot it. Was I wrong to do so? (I know its pretty rude but he had me tilted.. Had been camping Storm Peaks for days)

  8. I found Skoll around 10:30pm then the next day around 9:50 I found Gondria, about 5 mins later I got Magria due to a extremely nice Warlock who posted a group for a hunter who wanted to tame Magria. Luckly I was first and got it before it was tamed or killed but sadly I am still looking for Loque’nahak.

    • Good luck taming Loque. Sounds like you’ve been fortunate the past few days, so hopefully that trend continues. Being the OG spirit beast, and still one of the best hunter pet skins, Loque’nahak has and will always be a highly sought after pet. YMMV, but the spots I’ve seen Loque most often are SW of the Nesingwary Camp and SW of Skyreach Pillar. Best of luck to you!

      • Thanks!! Yeah that Luck is starting to run out though. Found Banโ€™thalos a couple of hours ago but even a 187ilvl bow is able to one shot him. (I dont get it but next time i see him I’ll hit him with a ilvl16 bow). Thanks for the tips though!!

  9. I wanted to comment about the timers for Magria and Ankha. It’s stated that the timer is 6-17 hours. I tamed both of these fine cats in 24 hours. Actually, I got them more than once. Below are the approximate times:

    Ankha – 12/13/15 @ 10:30pm
    Ankha – 12/14/15 @ 12:30pm
    Ankha – 12/14/15 @ 5:22pm
    Magria – 12/14/15 @ 11:13pm

    As you can see, they can spawn under the 6 hour timer and did so multiple times. I looked for hunters in the area that would want to tame Ankha but none were around so I tamed them shortly after they appeared (then abandoned). Yes, I know, I probably could have tried harder to find wanting hunters but to be honest, I wanted to get Magria and knowing the current spawn timer was/is an advantage that I kept to myself until now.

    Hope that helps. Happy taming!

  10. Loque’nahak Last Spawned Info:

    For anyone searching for this awesome kitty.
    I caught him today: November 8, 2015 Sunday

    I saw him at 8:43 am EST in the Nesingwary Base Camp, closer to the cliff edge.
    I saw him at exactly 8:43 pm and I saw him killed at exactly 8:43 am EST! Sad sight!

    I came back 6 hours later @ 2:43 pm EST and I did the rounds for about two hours,
    He spawned in @ 4:30 pm EST at Skyreach Pillar and I snagged him about a min. later!

    Right after I caught him, Alliance killed me, but he was still mine so I didn’t care much
    about that death… Good luck and happy Hunting!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    He spawned in before the 8 hour mark, just slightly, but just to help you in your searching ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hope these times help… ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for this guide. I am new to WoW and only heard about spirit beasts after just before I hit level 100. My first was Gumi, then Karoma (I was in the area and figured I would look), Loque’nahak (after 2 weeks of looking) and just 5 minutes ago Ankha (spent most of my Friday doing the Mt Hyjal quests that I never did as a level 80+). I started using NPCfinder and NPCfinder_overlay about 4 days ago which made things a lot easier but I still refer to this guide ๐Ÿ˜€ It may be 7 years since you started this page but it’s very helpful!

    • Ankha and magria has got special abilities that is doing more dmg when u have armor.It is recommended to be without armor,or they will kill you.Before you start taming,drop freezing trap,and cast Detterence and tame.Gondria has ability named Pounce,that can interrupt your tame,but just place freezing trap and cast Detterence and tame.I hope it will help,i’ve got all spirit beasts on my hunter. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I stumbled apon a hunter today camping arcturis ;P, bein a hunter myself ok what was up! He’s horde I’m Alliance so I was like fuq em. I try to kill him in marksmen ship since he was still flying over head, after that failed I figured I would go to another realm and try and the bear was up lol. I was lucky so as soon as I leave the group to go back to my realm Arcturus spawns on my realm I laugh as I watch the hunter swoop in like I wasn’t standing there I hit it with a quick and painful chimera shot and it dies! ???????? the hunter was pissed to say the least, I hope he finds this some day. The screen shots of him and dead arc are now my background and if you found this amusing. Keep trolling on!!!????????????

  12. Added Tame BEast to the macro so that all you have to do is land and keep hitting the same button.

    /tar Arcturis
    /tar Loque’nahak
    /tar Gondria
    /tar Skoll
    /tar Ghostcrawler
    /tar Karoma
    /tar Ban’thalos
    /tar Ankha
    /tar Magria
    /cast Tame Beast

  13. Thanks for this.

    I have one thing to add that EVERYBODY gets wrong. I only know because I spent months farming rare mounts and have 6 PSD kills, 7 TLPD kills, and 5 Gray camel finds). When I camped these, I always sent and alt or two to kill the other rares in the zone.


    All rares share the exact same spawn timer, and it’s the same spawn timer that spawns ore, plants, normal NPC’s, or rares. The programmers at Blizzard re-used old code. Why would they write something from scratch, when there was already code in place that would do the job?

    You may ask, “What about the really long spawn timers for the TLPD and PSD?

    To see how this works, look at mining node. Sometimes it’s Saronite and sometimes the same node is Titanium. They just adjust the percentages. they also adjust the maximum and minimum ore nodes spawned. Finally, they adjust the minimum time after something is killed, picked, or mined that it’s allowed to respawn again.

    That’s why they were forced to have Vyragosa.

    Better yet, that’s why they were forced to have the little bat (for PSD). They picked a bat that was no longer used in the game, and was so small hardly anybody would notice, set the depsawn time really low, and used it in the 1/16 chance for PSD. I believe Blizzard doubled this with CRZ and it’s now 1/8.

    With that in mind, the spawn timers for all the Northrend pets share the same cooldown. With CRZ, it appears to be 4-12 hours.

    So there you go. Skoll, Loq, and Gondria have the exact same respawn times. They’re not different as you mentioned in your article.

    That said, your article was awesome. It’s a great resource.


    • I think you are thinking too much about this. They all spawn at about 6-7 hours. You go about killing stuff around these spirit beasts and you will miss them. My credentials aren’t 7 TLPD but I did just tame every single spirit beast on my 3 day old hunter in under 48 hours. I began on Tuesday right after reset and used the 6-7 hour time as my religion for all the northrend pets except gondria. I just went to gondria and tamed him like it was whateves. I however did use this for Arcturis, Skoll, and Loque. The Cata pets were all so easy to get who cares what you do. I also found doubles and tipples of some of these beasts. 3x Magria, 2x Ban’thanos 2x Karoma. I got Loque the 2nd spawn period of all servers after reset. 6:30 -7 hours after servers came back up, I saw Arcturis get tamed right as i exited a dungeon i was in. So I used that info and came back 6 hours later. I waited patiently for 1 hour. He spawned. I got him. GG! All you need to do is simple math. If you can count to 6 and 7 its easy. Find out when they spawn then go get them 6 hours later and wait. If they have multiple spawn points then go to a spawn point and server hop for an hour. It will be there somewhere. I always liked to collect things in wow. I originally made this hunter to farm invincible then when i learned about spirit beasts i decided to collect them all and i did in less than 2 days. I have 667 pets, and 273 mounts as well. I had to compete for a few of my beasts I got and I know if i was off killing other crap I’d have missed them. I don’t have a problem sitting still for an hour. I only have a problem losing my pet to someone else cause i was off killing something stupid because i felt like manipulating the spawn timer for them to tame it.

  14. Hey I’ve been camping all day non stop hours at a time and I haven’t seen Loquekanhal yet im on day 6 and I’ve been camping in the same spot for a few days at a time and I’ll move to a different one! Can you please hep me or have any advice or tips you can share with me thank you I’m a 96 night elf hunter named Cheasar from Moknathal realm!

  15. Love this page….I only ever tried Hutia b4 and have been killed many times as a 90 BM…decided to give up the spirit beasts for a while. While in Northrend I thought I’d give Loque’nahak a try but felt a little lost with all the spawn places found this page, went to the 71/71 spot and waited 2 hrs and there he was, right on time….walked right to me, I hit tame and named him Bouncer! LoL Now I’m off to get Gondria! TY for all the info ????
    PS now if you could just give good advise on those rude hunters who come in and stand on you or in front of you when you’ve been there putting in the hours hehe ????

  16. Thanks for this website. I have used it to tame all the Spirit Beasts so far. My only question is I am taking my son around to tame his spirit beasts and every thing still works except the tame of Ban’thalos. You can no longer land on the tree that I used. So does anybody have any suggestions on how to solo tame him.

    • Zaranj, if the tree is no longer there, or if you can’t land atop it, then aggro him in the air and then use Disengage just before you hit the ground. He should follow you down and then you can tame him as normal. Depending on your level, you may need to pop Deterrence, but it should be an easy tame now at level 90 or above. Good luck!

      Finding Ban’thalos there is the toughest part, not to mention the competition. Last time I tried for an alt, there were typically 2-3 other hunters there already camping.

  17. Thank you for the great tips. I only heard about spirit beasts recently and they have been on my wish list ( read- obsession) ever since. Have four so far and the info was invaluable in taming and finding them.

  18. Hi Garwulf,

    Thanks for putting this together,Very helpful and thanks to you u have just tamed Arcturis!

    Keep up the good work ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. I Love this website. I come here for all of my hunter questions and needs!! in Process of taming Loque and this guide has helped so much I have 5 of the spirit beasts so far. ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks

  20. I know the exact times and locations of all the Spirit Beasts. If you need help on obtaining them please let me knowโ€ฆ I even will take you to the locations in game to assist in catching them. All I ask is that if you are serious about getting them. If you are interested then email me a heads up. cplnorris@gmail.com is my email. My in game character name is Srhunter – Lvl 90 Grizzly Hills Allianceโ€ฆ Give me GOLD and I will get you All Spirit BEASTS!!! HUNTERS ONLY…

  21. I know the exact times and locations of all the Spirit Beasts. If you need help on obtaining them please let me know… I even will take you to the locations in game to assist in catching them. All I ask is that if you are serious about getting them. If you are interested then email me a heads up. cplnorris@gmail.com is my email. My in game character name is Norriswille/Hunter Lvl 90 Grizzly Hills Alliance…

  22. Tamed Loque awhile ago. Have patience. It took me 2 weeks of on off searching and I found him twice. First time he was dead, broke my heart. Second time I found him it was around 6pm on a medium pop server and I managed to tame him. Both times he was at the northern spawn by the bones.

    One tip is to create a /tar Loque macro and keybind to say the 1 key, then fly either clockwise or counter-clockwise to all the known spawns and spam the heck of the macro, and try to fly low too. Another tip it to keep your current pet dimissed before you start flying. Otherwise when you find him, you’ll have to waste a few seconds dismissing your pet before starting the tame. If you’re on a high pop pvp server, anyone can just rush up to ruin your day so saving yourself that few seconds can save you a heartbreak.

    Also, not to nitpick but he’s male. He’s tag reads “Mate of Har’koa”, and Har’koa is female. ๐Ÿ˜›

  23. Day three no luck… no body no nothing other hunters and people aren’t very curtious. people never respond about sightings or if they killed or tamed her ive spent the last 18 hours in SB flying around Her (yes loque’nahak is a girl FYI) and ive only seen KK twice…. made my heart stop when SilverDragon add on spammed its sounds… if possible I WILL Necro this thread just to try to get other people to post where and when(exact REALM time) they tamed or killed her or sighted her.

    Pwnicidals my hunters name PST if you see her and have her or achieve already

  24. Thank you for the help! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m trying to get Loque’nahak… He is realy hard :p
    And there are many people on my realm looking for him aswell. So it’s very hard to get. I think I can get him next time. Your Website was very useless ๐Ÿ˜€
    Thx to the macros aswell! XD

  25. Thank you for your guide. Got a wonderful Ghostcrawler by my side. And Louque is also in my stable. At least on our server there are literally queues for Arcturis, Gondria and Skoll.

    For the Horde

  26. Got my Gegu, great pet. Thanks for the info, been sending alot of hunters I know here, so you may get an influx from WHU being disbanded. Happy Hunting

  27. Tamed Hutia using a guildies help. Just have a tank hold aggro while you burn him down, after 20% start tame… Downside, as far as I know the taming hunter has to have aggro on Hutia to begin the tame so your guildie needs to use Ra’Shas sacrificial dagger and off himself just before you begin your tame, just make sure you position yourself far enough away so you don’t die when you pull all the aggro from your now dead guildie… Don’t fail and waste both of your time… Got mine and then got Gondria within an hour after thanks to your nifty guide here.

  28. I found Loque

  29. I’ve been looking for Gondria for a little while now, with no luck. Where does it spawn the most common area? Has anyone had any luck getting it, if so what did you do?

  30. Very good Guide, congrats and thank you for that. Very useful, helped me to catch (so far) 6 of those beasts.
    But you might wanna update the new spamming times, it seems lately there were major changes there (for example, Skoll respawned on my server after 7 hours).

  31. Got all 3 of the MOP ones today. As of 5.4 binding shot can be used making it easy to tame Guti and Hutia ๐Ÿ™‚

    As with Degu it still helps although isn’t fullproof.

  32. For those who search for an easy to find SB…
    Loque is a no-go (camped, always, especially now with CRZ), and same goes for Skoll, Gondria and Arcturis.

    I decided to go straight for the Cata SBs on my Hunter, since I jusy hit 85.
    Ghostcrawler may seem to be an easy find, but as I unlocked Vashj’ir I noticed quite some lvl 90 hunters in the area, unlocking it same as me.

    Unlocked (hopefully) the correct MH phase, hunters asking in chat about the beasts.
    Before going to sleep I decided to give Karoma a go.
    Found at second spawn point I searched, noone in the area, tamed.
    I think it’s the least popular (didn’t see many around) ๐Ÿ˜›

  33. For the spirit porcupine, we did it with a 3 man group. 2 dps and healer in group. You gotta be separate from the group. We used a monk healer so she could throw a bubble on me before she died. then i went to taming the spirit, it took 3 tries and i had it.

  34. I”ve tamed Gummi and I can honestly say, take a healer and a buddy who doesn’t mind dying with you. He is fast and hits like a mack truck if he catches up to you. Other than him I’ve tamed nearly all the panderia rares minus Degu and Hutia.

    • Phystia, My reply is quite late, so hopefully you’ve found Loque already. But, in case you haven’t, and because others may be wondering the same thing, from my experience, the best place is the location due west of the Nesingwary camp. Second best spot is the one west of Skyreach Pillar. Since 2008, I have looked for Loque’nahak whenever I am in Sholazar, and those two places have been far and away the most popular spots – for me, anyway.

      I have never seen Loque out at either of the two northern locations or the spot just east of the Nesingwary camp.

  35. what about the porcupine in pandaria, i’ve seen it in two different locations but no success in taming it…i never thought to strip all armor may try that…i have heard of successful tames tho

  36. Just tamed Loque’nahak this morning (at 9:20am local time), 4:20am server time (Ursin). Got it at one of those spawn points at south west, the one near the river, to be right.
    Was looking for it about 3 months. Now I’m sure that it’s just a question of luck and perseverance. All of sudden Loque spawned right in front of me!! My heart beat so fast and kept beating for the next 10min!!!
    2 important things for who look for that pet:
    – Be sure to don’t have a active pet while you look for it;
    – After taming the Loque I kept looking for Aotona, cause I read something that they (Loque, Aotona and King Krush) spawn together or nearly. No, at least that time, those others didn’t spawned.

  37. Just got Ban’thalos about 10 mins ago! I didn’t use deterrence, just hit him with glaive shot to aggro him, dropped the trap, easy tame! ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. ok i’m trying to tame Loque’nahak but i cant fricking find him and i have a app on my phone that lets me know whare thay spawn but i looked every ware he spawns but i knt find him can you help me

  39. Started a tame on Arcturis last night and a competing hunter, killed him for me, gee thanks friend, at 7:15 pm…..got up this mornign for work and flew to spawn point at 5:30, no spawn, 6:15 no spawn, off to work, at 7:00, fired up wow on my work comp and kept it minimized, checking sporadically, Horde hunte camped at 7:30, no spawn, opened wow at 8:20 and there Arcturis was, target, hit tame and got him just as 4 other hunters , including the Horde, landed from who knows where……times are server times on Blackhand server….glad to have him…have wanted him since BC….now on to others, have Skoll, and Now Arcturis…..(-8

    • loque can respawn in the same place multiple times, in a span of a day and a half i saw a hunter tame him , and then i came across him already dead , and the next day i tamed him early that morning. i tamed him at the sky reach pillar, but previous he had spawned at the same location back to back.

  40. been searching for karoma in twilight highlands but still no sign of him any tips that could help me find his common spawn points pls im at twilights hammer realm ๐Ÿ˜€

  41. Just tamed Arcturis at level 74 today! I only had to camp out for about a half hour. =) I managed to beat out two other hunters to him thanks to your macro. Thanks again for the detailed guide, or I would have never caught him!

  42. skoll is so elusive – i saw him 3 days ago but was only 78 and watched anothe hunter tame him. since then i stopped lvling and just stalk him on bor;s breath
    any tips?

  43. Just nailed skoll! Baelgun server, 3:25 am PST (Server time?) I was shaking sooo bad! Off to Loque’Nahak, I am officially addicted.

  44. Just starting my spirit beast journey. I was looking for skoll for two days, he spawned and I panicked and couldn’t find any buttons (had just replaced everything with macros) and killed him by mistake ๐Ÿ™ I d/c’d and raged at myself!!!! I popped back on and let everyone know that skolls timer had been reset.

    I am now camping the spot he spawned for me last time, I pre-emptively dismissed my pet and have trap launcher on, I clicked freezing trap then came back to this window. The plan is that he will spawn within taming range, I will see the screen shake and click once to go back to WoW window, a second time to drop freeze trap, and a third click to start taming. Hoping when the moment comes I don’t panic or have someone grief me, wish meh luck! I will prolly go for Loque next. ๐Ÿ™‚

    p.s. while camping this spot I literally just read every comment to pass time and look for tips, I may have to invest in one of those amulets, it sounds powerful!!! ๐Ÿ˜› NAWT!!!!

  45. Finally got Gondria today at around 10:30 a.m EST, got him at the Alter Of Mammoth spawn point. Took weeks to finally get him.

  46. I got Magria as soon as I logged in the game this morning. I was on the tree where Ban is at and did not see him so I swooped down to check and see if any kitties were there and yep Magria is mine.

  47. I gotta say your site has been very useful! being a noob I have not had a easy time finding rare pets but I just now got Karoma and picked up Gondria two days ago! I have had really good luck super early hours of the morning ๐Ÿ™‚ Picked up Karoma at 6:15am PST ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Garwulf, I thought I would throw out a suggestion to add to your guide here when it comes to Ban’thlos,Ankha and Magria. The the coords for the tree top that you reference here are 27.3 and 64.3.

    I also thought it would be a good thing to add in the walkthrough that an easy way to tell if you are in the correct phase for someone who is not sure is that they should have access to repeatable quests from the NPCs at the Sanctuary of Malorne. If you see no repeatable quests then you are not in the correct phase.

  49. i had been camping a spawn in sholzar for days for the magnificent loque’nahak, i had gone AFK for a few minutes and when i had come back my addon had gone off and some asshole hunter had tamed him, in a fit of rage i flew around sholzar checking his spawn points, this is when i saw him, a helpless orc roaming the wilds below, i dismounted and took my anger out on him with my bow!

    back to spawning, can’t bellieve i had just missed him too ๐Ÿ™

  50. I have been looking for Spirit Beasts all day. Anyone have any info on finding them easier. I have SilverDragon and NPCSpan but unfortunatly I havn’t had any luck. I have been going to all of the spots for all of the beasts but no such luck.

    • Adelheide, If it was easy all hunters would have all of them. they are exotic and rare for a reason. It comes down to luck really and patience. The silver dragon and npcscan addons are great additions for the hunt. If you don’t have patience then you are going to be aggravated all the time.

    • When you’re dealing with half-day-long spawns or longer, some of it comes down to just plain long-suffering patience and, yes, luck. Good LUCK to you! On my Ally hunter, I spent about eight hours trolling back and forth, round and round looking for Ghostcrawler. Thank God I got him (my fav pet). I’m still trying to figure out how to hang in that dang tree in Hyjal for that stinkin’ bird!

  51. I just hit 85 yesterday and went looking for my first SB. I went for Arc first since only one spot that he spawns at. I landed and asked in general chat if anybody had happened to see him yet and just as I did boom he spawned right on top of me. I got numb after taming him was numb for like 15 seconds with excitement. Today I went looking for Loque and after an hour of flying circles I left to go look for Gondria. The third spot I hit looking for him resulted in my second SB in less than 24 hours.

  52. hey man idk where did u find the gondria but the fact is that i explored all northend + zul drak and i didnt find anything…dunno dude….

  53. I completed Mount Hyjal the other day and just found your website today. So does this mean that I am out of phase to try and tame the spirit beasts? Or are you able to tame the spirit beasts after completing all the quests?

  54. Today i tamed Loque’nahak, Karoma and Ghostcrawler within an hour.
    And that makes 7 spirit beasts in 5 days, guess i have been kinda lucky since it is kinda high populated realm and all. ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. My one day of taming Spirit Beasts (same day I hit lvl 85)!

    Shattered Halls

    Realm Time:
    Karoma – 4:05 P.M. (56.49 – 62.13)
    Ban’thalos – 5:57 P.M. (On top of the tree)
    Ankha – 7:11 P.M. – Coords (27.28 – 51.15)
    Solix – 7:48 P.M. – Coords (In Cave in the lava)
    Ghostcrawler – 9:01 P.M. – Coords (15.14 – 77.06)

    (add 3 hours for my timezone *EST*)

    My goal was to find Karoma – I first found dead @ 10:44 A.M I knew I had to come back around 4 P.M. (6 hour difference from death) and BAM – 4:05 P.M. – Karoma was out walking around. I then proceeded to head back to Mount Hyjial to camp Ankha – then BAM @ 5:57 P.M. Ban’thalos showed up. I figured I had a bit more time before any other rares show back up, and to my surprise (ANKHA) spawned @ 7:11 P.M. – I then proceeded to do my dailies and I got Solix from doing dailies.

    I then go… hmmm if I tamed those other 3 spirit beasts – I figured to give Ghostcrawler a shot… and as soon as I circled 3 laps around his spawn points – BAM – GHOSTCRAWLER!! @ 9:01 P.M.

    So glad I was able to retrieve 4 awesome spirit beasts (and 1 spider) during my night of taming!

  56. So, I found Loque up by the spawn point closet to Icecrown. I imediatly, hit guild chat, to tell them that Loque is up and to Post it in Trade, as i had aready had Him. However, today, I met a hunter, who puts a shame to us all, for he had Skoll out, tried taming Loque, then just killed him. It was a sad day. However I found my Loque by the Negway Base camp, the one closest to the edge. I had left camping him to go help a friend of mine for a few hours. I fly back up, just to see, not really hoping, and BOOM! Loque. The npc scan never did go off for him. I was being killed by anthor cat at the same time. So, note to future Loque hunters: kill regular cats in area first, then tame.
    SKoll is my only Northrend Spirit Pet left.

  57. soooo today i got ban’thalos, magria, AND loque’nahak within about 4 hrs of each other. what are the odds of that? lol

  58. I finally got Loque this week, after hunting for hours each day for a week! Oddly, it was the same day, a few hours later, after I decided to hunt for Aotona and tame him/her too! A few hours later, Loque popped up right by Nessingwary’s camp! So far I have Arcturis, Gondria, and Loque! Still can’t find Skoll ๐Ÿ™ And haven’t hunted yet for the other two spirit kitties, guess those are next!!

  59. Zuiz, I nabbed Loque right near the nesingwary camp…to the left of the path and above the water…right there….i know he has many spawn points but that just happens to be where I got him. hth

  60. Finished my collection just now. Got Skoll and magria in a matter of minutes. (besides hearthing & flight path from Dal to Frosthold) Nabbed Anthriss while doing my hyjal dailies after nabbing Magria. (I know Anth isnt a SB but still :P) Im so happy ๐Ÿ˜€

  61. A hint on Ankha and the othe spirit tiger there. If your in a party and the people your with have armore to their special ability still will work on you. so ether get out of group befor tame or have them strip too.

  62. Prior to taming Ban’thalos, I found and tamed Ankha while following your instructions to the tee. Sure looked silly there with all my clothes off, but it worked just as you had described in this forum. I was surprised he tamed so quickly without killing me while I’m naked. I was really on edge because of all the mob around there and me with no armor. If I had aggro’d one what would I do then? I suppose a freeze trap on a mob may do the job…..Thank you very much….

  63. Your instructions are super good. I got Ban’thalos last evening and it was just as you had said. It was difficult to get perched on top the tree but it worked after several tries. I decided to stay up there several days checking and logging off and logging back on at random times. I practiced laying freeze trap, mounting and ascending, then dismounting and simulate shooting, falling back and re gaining health. Tried it in the twilight on a real owl and it worked there…. About 3 days and bingo, I hit the macro and poof, he was there. I was shaking so I forgot what I was to do. Finlay got together ant started the routine. It took me 3 tries to get in range of a shot after dismounting, but finally it worked and I came down with him after me and clicked deterrence and there he was in my trap, a little taming and he fell in my lap. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you….AWSOME

    • Actually he fell to the ground and I thought the taming failed, but after searching around i saw him on the ground below my tree…WOW

  64. Hey Garwulf, this is a great site you have here. I have learned a lot.

    On SB myself, I’ve picked up Loque, Skoll, Arcturis, Ghostcrawler and Banthalos without any camping; I have them all purely because someone else came across them and I happened to be the only lvl 85 hunter online at the time and they /w me asking if I wanted to tame it. Just shows how empty the servers are these days.

    Skoll was a bit of an exception though; the guy made me pay 5000g, but I would have regretted it if I didn’t. Unfortunately I never use SBs a lot. I am too well set up with MM at the moment.

  65. Is their a club for those who have tamed all 9 SB’s? Skimming the comments I didn’t see anything about one…The key thing about Spirit Beasts is patience. I just randomly went to these spots through out the days, the only one I camped for was Skoll (And even then I got lucky, he spawned like 30 minutes later), which this completed my collection. Don’t rush to find them all, just take your time. Enjoy the hunt ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. Thanks Gar, I got Loque the next day. Skoll continues to be elusive. Mostly because on our realm we have a certain druid who camps 24/7. He drives me insane! Anyone on horde side of Tortheldrin, feel free to head up to Bor’s Breath and camp this player back! xD

  67. Proud to say that Ive tamed 4 in approx. an hours time today! ๐Ÿ˜€ Loque and Skoll is all I need now. ๐Ÿ˜€ I already had 2 woot

  68. Proud to say that Ive tamed 4 in approx. an hours time today! ๐Ÿ˜€ Loque and Skoll is all I need now. ๐Ÿ˜€

  69. Got the gondria and the wolf 2 day epic nessss thankyou so much. silver dragon and a macro is a must. my friend found the bear and gondria as well in 2 days but accidently killed gondria hahahahahhahahaha

  70. hey everyone i just wanted to say i just got 5 spirit beasts in a row today and 2 of them where from the hyjal trio, caught 2 within 5 minutes and now i only have 1 left from the trio to get along with the crab and spirit wolf, it is real easy catching the beasts aslong as you dont even try lol happy hunting everyone

  71. Hi there all..picked up Loque yesterday..just a little tidbit..was circling almost the whole day..the last time befor I got to Loque ..saw to cat footprints..pretty large ones..one on grass..one on rock..next thing…bam..loque..got him just north an to left of nesingway camp? How eva ya spell it..:) happy hunting all!

  72. On a taxi-flight across Hyjal, and boom! NPCscan goes off with Ankha. Landed at my original destination, then flew back to the nearest stablemaster to make room, went back… and she was still there! Ditched all my armour, trinkets etc and tamed her in my skivvies and tabard… thanks for the advice! I originally dual specced BM just to get Loque’nahak (the coolest looking pet in the game i think), took me weeks of camping. But in the past month, I’ve just stumbled across Karoma and now Ankha. Think I’m just gonna stay in BM all the time now!

  73. I must be very lucky – In my first two days of being a BM Hunter (lvl 80) I tamed both Loqueโ€™nahak and Gondria . . . And I missed Skoll by about 30secs and ran into a hunter who had just tamed him! I think I’ll keep trying my luck for the others ๐Ÿ™‚ . . . Thanks for the Macros – I will be using them in my hunting ๐Ÿ˜‰

  74. I must be very lucky – In my first two days of being a BM Hunter (lvl 80) I tamed both Loqueโ€™nahak and Gondria . . . And I missed Skoll by about 30secs and ran into a hunter who had just tamed him! I think I’ll keep trying my luck for the others ๐Ÿ™‚ . . . Thanks for the Macros – I will be using them in my hunting ๐Ÿ˜‰

  75. I remember when world came out I was one of the first to tame Arcturis and I would always go there with him use eyes of the beast and fool all the hunters there, even getting some hordes to get flagged.

  76. Thank you so much! I found Gondria at the exact place you specified after not being able to find Skoll! it took me only 30mins and i have my first ever spirit beast! Thanks!

  77. Thanks to this Website i now have 6 of 9 spirit beasts…Tame 3 of them in one day its feel great finding them.

  78. Well i love hunting pets. lol Got Ban’thalos, Magria, and, Deth’tilac all in the same day. I had help from my wife. she is a pally. She pulled ban to the ground and bubbled befor she hit, if you stay ontop of the stone thing that goes around the statue he will come down far enough for you to aggro once you start shooting him. it does help to have a healer do to his speacial ability. Anyways I have them 3 Nuramoc, Skoll, Ghostcrawler, Loque’nahak, King Cruch, Gondria, Arcturis, and Karkin. Been fun hunting and cant wait to get some more. Check my armory at Taloz 85 hunter Maive. Yeah i know my gear is bad but hey i got cool pets lol

  79. never bring someone with aoe dmg to kill an other faction hunter, i did that with a fury warr, he used whirlwind, arcturis died …

  80. Hey caught Gondria and Ghostcrawler today within 15minutes of each other this guide helped a lot, so thank you for putting it up ๐Ÿ˜€

  81. So, I went on a taming spree the beginning of the year. Already having tamed the Kitty up in Zul’Drak the previous year. I managed to get all remaining 8 of the beasts within 24-48 hours of just entering 2012.

    The only pet that I had a problem taming was that Owl. Couldn’t find the tree.. So, I landed on the marble stones surrounding the statue of Malorne. Took me awhile, but I achieved my goal of getting them all.

    Happy taming to the rest of the hunters out there, this guide helped a lot, so thank you for putting it up ๐Ÿ™‚

  82. Gar, just a heads up, but Karoma is immune to Freezing Traps, as is Sambas. It must have been hotfixed after 4.3. Still, despite being aggressive he’s pretty much easier to tame compared to the other Cataclysm Spirit Beasts.


  83. I got the spirit wolf and i must say was the easiest tame ever, i saw him at 84 a nd was able to level (whch was alot over 12 bars) and he was STILL there, was sweet ๐Ÿ™‚ him and skoll were easy but damn those cats are a bitch for me LOL

  84. Great guide! I’m happy to say I have all the Wrath spirit beasts, but I’m still needing to finish leveling my alt hunter to get the Cata ones.
    I have helped two hunters tame Banโ€™thalos on my holy priest main. Simply grab your local priest, set up on the ground below them flying in the air within range of Banโ€™thalos. The priest then dismounts, dots Banโ€™thalos, bubbles, hots, and levitates before hitting the ground. The priest will need to keep herself alive until Banโ€™thalos is within taming range then it is fade or suicide time (it’s also nice to bubble and hot the hunter before you fade if you can). I had to die both times, but the second hunter only took once to get it right. The first time we had to experiment. Never could find the tree to stand on, so we had to get creative!

  85. oh well… just Got Magria for about 20 mins ago when i logged back on after being away all day:-) so 4 spiritbeasts in one day…not too bad ๐Ÿ™‚

  86. Didn’t work for me, just tamed Ban’thalos and tried to look for Ankha or Magria without luck. So insted I went to Twillight and found koroma instantly. Earlier today I found Gondria and yesterday I got Arcturis and Loque’nahek.. so basically not complaining with 5 Spirit beasts in 2 days… I am comming back for eighter Ankha or Magria though ๐Ÿ™‚

  87. Hey! guys i’d like to say that i was taming Ban’thalos but he despawned, as soon as he did that i went to the regrowth and Ankha had just spawned..it might just be a coincidence but check it out if you see Ban’thalos killed/tamed and you might get lucky with Ankha

    Happy hunting ;]

  88. Anyone know the range of NPC scan or Silver Dragon? I have been patrolling the area where ghostcrawler is for a few days and know hits. So i wasn’t sure if those two had the range to cover his patrol of AD any advice would be awesome

    • I don’t know the exact range, but it’s basically targeting range. The mob just has to be up and about in your active area – within range to target. My guess is around 100 yards or so, however, sometimes it can detect mobs from quite a distance, such is the case with that giant who patrols throughout Icecrown. He can be picked up by NPCScan in Dalaran.

  89. Just tamed Loque’Nahak just now.. what a beauty she is..
    8:08 realm time…. took 4-5 hours and only took 1 spot to farm at<3

  90. Thanks to this site now have 6 spirit beasts.
    1. Skoll
    2. Arcturis
    3, Gondria
    4. Ankha
    5. Ban’thalos
    In that order. Arcturis is the easiest to get because of only one spawn point. Good luck hunters and early am is the best time to find them however, have found the m in the afternoon also.

  91. You need to be BM but you can still tame cool rare pets like simba in twilight highlands as the other specs. The other reason could be the amount of pets in your stable is full or more likely you are already carrying 5 pets on your belt.

  92. Hello!
    I was looking for Magria in Mount Hyjal, but couldt find him at all… the place where its supose to spawn, looks quite different now. Its now a questing place wich Its only fulled with fire mobs. Does the spirit beast still excist? Help please!
    Btw, very nice site, helps alot ๐Ÿ™‚
    -Tarren mill Zaniy the huntard :3

  93. Thanks Garwulf you have made a fantastic site it was a great help, when I am able to get my first spirt beast witch will hope fully be ban’thalos.. I shall name him Garwulf :p <3
    And I must say there are some pretty Dan funny story's on this page ๐Ÿ˜€

  94. So 13 hours ago I only had one spirit beast, Arcturis. I have been flying around trying to find the rest for over a week and just couldn’t find any. Then, last night for my Birthday, I tame Loqueโ€™nahak. I wake up early in the morning and then manage to tame Magria, Ghostcrawler, Karoma, Gondria, and Skoll all in a matter of three hours! What a good birthday! Only two more!

  95. all i want is skoll, JUST SKOLL. i got the rest……any pointers on times(server times please, couldn’t give a crap what the time it is in Antarctica )

  96. just got me Loque’nahak from following spawn spot on maps u got found him at top part of s-basin at around 8pm relam time , thx =D

  97. So i’ve done a crap ton of quests in hyjal and im assuming i’m in the right phase, any way i can tell for sure if im in the right phase? or continue flying back in forth spamming my macro for the next few hours like i have for the past 7

  98. LOL, after waiting for arcturis for a whole day, then spending another day looking for loque, i goto zul drak looking for gondria, after about 15 minutes thar she blows!!! my addon didnt even alert me right away, i just saw a spectral tiger lurking right there and was so happy and shocked!!! threw down my freezng trap and tamed her, AWESOME!!! my first spirit beast.

  99. I love going to all the spirity beast places, finding them and rehoming them to hunters. Nothng beats my enjoyment of wow more than summoning a hunter who has been looking for that special always-eluding spirit beast, to said spirit beast. Or non-spirit beast. Rehoming pets <3 The only thing left after you've filled your stables.

  100. You have great information on here – thank you. I’ve been extremely lucky recently; I nabbed Arcturis within an hour of turning 74, and found Loque’nahak within 24 hours of hitting 76. Only made 3 or 4 circuits around Sholazar. I’m sure the luck’s about to run out and it will take me forever for Gondria and Skoll.

    Regardless, the pets are awesome and I always get a few comments from 5-man pug groups on how cool they look. Now I need to try them out in pvp a bit.

    Ullron – Stormrage

  101. Got tonight Ghostcrawler and Arcturis ๐Ÿ™‚ And a hunter stole me Ban’thalos in front of my nose after I tryied 2 days to even see hem.

  102. I got Gondia just east of Mamtoth crater. the thing is practically invisible. there is no spririt strike… approx 8:50 am at Arathor

    • After months of trying camping, I gave it up.

      This week, monday 10/10/2011 I had the most beautifull hours in WoW since I started in Vanilla.

      Found Gondria in Zul’Drak.

      Went to do dailies in Firelands and accidently discovered Deth’Tilac and succeeded in the tame.

      Wanted to try my luck in depth and went to Scholazar Basin wher I (yes indeed” came immediatly out on Loque’Nahak and tamed him.

      3 Beautifull pets in a row, in a timespan of less then 2 hours, AMAZING !!

      Happy player for sure.

  103. I have now tamed gondria no more then 5 minutes ago alarming is the fact there is not spirit strike which has pissed me off after all that camping any one know why this might be or is there a roll on what abilities they get upon taming ? loque the same spririt mend spirit walk roar of courage these are the only ones that i recieved with either of them ๐Ÿ™

  104. Just got loque and gondria in a 15 minute time span. I’m only level 77, got Krush earlier today and the bear yesterday, so when I hit 80 it’s just skoll to get ^^

  105. I just got GhostCrawler, Arcturis, Skoll & then Gondria all in the same day!
    (In that order, within just shy of a 24 hour time span.)

    GhostCrawler I tamed @2:45am Realm time (California) Cenarius
    Arcturis I tamed @ 7:15pm Realm time (California) Cenarius
    Skoll I tamed @ 12:30am midnight Realm Time (California) Cenarius
    Gondria I tamed @ 12:45am midnight Realm Time (California) Cenarius

    Needless to say this has been the best start to a week Iโ€™ve ever had!
    Signed a very happy young lady

    Oh & I got Sambas a week before this also on a Tuesday after the realms came back up for maintenance (Iโ€™m thinking it was around 11am Realm time (California) ~Cenarius )
    In addition I got Loqueโ€™nahawk about 2 days prior to taming Sambas, so a Sunday &
    it was around supper time or just before, so like 1:30pm realm time (California)

    I also tamed Sian-Rotam just B4 the whole spirit beasts luck.

    So thatโ€™s 4 spirit beasts within 24 hours, plus the additional three just 2-5 days prior to that, which is my personal record of 7 rares in less then 7 days.
    I also got a few others like King Krush, Devilsaur in Un Goro Crater & 2 more I can not recall off hand due to this lack of sleep, lol
    not bad for a girl eh

    plus I have 17 others in my stable, including Numaroc which I got prior way B4 Cata expansion coming out.
    HOWEVER, I have yet to see Karoma.

    Anyone else tamed Karoma??

  106. Right as i was camping skoll i left for 5 minutes and went to the other points, i came back to the last point and my NPCscan went off, all the blood rushed out of my face. I saw skoll lying there dead, my heart broke and i experienced rage like no other. Most depressing point in my WoW life needless to say. luckly i tamed loque and ghondria all within 30 minutes of that thoo ๐Ÿ˜›

  107. Tamed Loque 1 hour ago, what a rush ๐Ÿ˜€ Just wrote in Guild chat “Then I guess, I’ll have to fly around 9 hours straig – ZOMG LOQUE’NAHAK! It’s a shame he/she don’t have Spirit Strike anymore :3

  108. I see Skoll in Bor’s Breath ALL the time, I killed him on my lock once, and I wowheaded him, and saw that i really should of left him alone, or better still make a hunter, and now im camping Loque’nahak for the tame lol

  109. Heya all, I got Gondria and Skoll 1st time within 2 hours from one another. Realm time was about 12am for Gondria and 2am for Skoll ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  110. I was camping Arcturis when I decided to go looking for some other spirit beasts. And, I checked this site for Gondria spawn points, this is on Dawnbringer realm if you’d like to know. And, NPCscan went off for Gondria, I was like, “OMFG F***YEAH! :D:D:D:D:D” I dropped off my mount, dismissed my worm, hit concussive shot and started to tame. In 10 seconds that pretty cat was all mine.

    • Ya, I was questing and looking up Loque’nahak jumping from spawn to spawn looking for him, no luck though, and I decided to go check the bear while i go to Dal and he was sitting right there, I’m quite pleased, but I’ll trade him for Loque any day

    • i was questing in zul drak near mam moth crather and just happened to look up and see gondria …i just about jumped out of my seat with excitement

    • That’s how I’ve found all the spirit beasts, never camped. Well not never, I camped Skoll off and on for about a month and never saw him spawn. I then just decided to randomly start checking spawn points every few hours when I was online and that’s when I started finding them. I’ve since re-homed 18 Skolls, 9 Loques, and several Gondrias having figured out the spawn timers, I have never seen Arcturis spawn again though..

  111. They added some new spirit beasts in 4.2…once again though Ill say this. They need to add spirit beasts for the cunning and tenacity families!

    -Baron Raygar

  112. @epichunt – the four Northrend Spirit Beasts did not change with the release of Cataclysm – same pets, same spawn points. It’s possible that the spawn timers have changed, but if so they will surely be on shorter timers than before, not longer.
    I have a level 80 capped BM hunter (Misst on EU The Sha’tar) who found Loque a few weeks ago while flying around the Basin. He was at one of the southern spawn points, just up the hill from where Pitch (the tameable black cat with skin like Humar the Pridelord) is held captive by the Frenzyheart hunters. But you need to fly around and keep checking all of the spawn points, using NPCScan and/or a target macro.

  113. Just tamed both Skoll and Arcturis on the Spinebreaker server! After trying and trying for the last few months without a blip from NPCscan or Silver Dragon. I managed to nab both without even camping. Tamed Skoll at 3:04 PM server time (coordinates 46.20 65:43). Grabbed Arcturis at 3:19 PM server time (coordinates 31.38 55:23). Almost had Loqueโ€™nahak too at exactly 3 PM but someone else was already camping him. Still, if I hadn’t seen him spawn, I might not have gone checking for Skoll or Arcturis.

  114. It’s here im glad to have them all. xD But i wish luck to everyone trying to find and tame them. Look out, some may try to kill them since they drop some thing.

  115. ok thanks !!! ;p but i was also wondering if u play cata ??? is there a difference with the spirit beasts??? because i play on wrath of the lich king.

  116. Arcturis is the simplest to find. He only spawns on the riverbank just below the flightmaster in Amberpine Lodge in Grizzly Hills.

  117. hey i was just wondering if this is also on wrath of the lich king??? i read all the coments but u guys kept on talking about lvl 85 and stuff… pls tell me more about the locations of the spirit beast!!! im a lvl 80 hunter looking for any spirit beast.

  118. Ugh im haveing so much trouble looking for loquenehak and the bear. i have gondria but Skoll is hard as well. nvm i just found skoll ๐Ÿ™‚

  119. They are all on the same timer, i found loque at 12:30, then went and snaged up arcticus, and skoll all within 5 min from eachother

  120. I just decided to take a few hours farming Loque’Nahak, and when i was flying he just stood there after about 15min of flying, guess im lucky?!

  121. Just Tamed Tsul’Kalu the Spirit Gorilla released in patch 4.0.6 found him wangering in North Stranglethorn cords 48:30 didnt even know there was a spirit gorilla till i stumbled onto him ๐Ÿ™‚

  122. I’m in the Burnig Crusade.
    How do I get to Northrend?
    How do I get to the Rath of the Lich King?
    I already down loaded it.

  123. just tamed the bear and 2 cats all within the 15 minute server restart countdown… i think thats a record. just need skoll which ive killed twice in the past week when iw as to low of level ๐Ÿ™

  124. hi iv been wondering if there was anything you guys could tell me on loque’nahak i really want him and havent seen him once but iv been looking for him ever since i saw him as other hunters pet… im getting vary mad when i dont find him lol so some help would be nice

    • I just got GhostCrawler, Arcturis, Skoll & then Gondria all in the same day!
      (In that order, within just shy of a 24 hour time span.)

      GhostCrawler I tamed @2:45am Realm time (California) Cenarius
      Arcturis I tamed @ 7:15pm Realm time (California) Cenarius
      Skoll I tamed @ 12:30am midnight Realm Time (California) Cenarius
      Gondria I tamed @ 12:45am midnight Realm Time (California) Cenarius

      Needless to say this has been the best start to a week I’ve ever had! ๐Ÿ˜›
      Signed a very happy young lady ๐Ÿ˜€

      Oh & I got Sambas a week before this also on a Tuesday after the realms came back up for maintenance (I’m thinking it was around 11am Realm time (California) ~Cenarius )

      • In addition I got Loque’nahawk about 2 days prior to taming Sambas, so a Sunday &
        it was around supper time or just before, so like 1:30pm realm time (California)

        I also tamed Sian-Rotam just B4 the whole spirit beasts luck.

        So that’s 4 spirit beasts within 24 hours, plus the additional three just 2-5 days prior to that, which is my personal record of 7 rares in less then 7 days.
        I also got a few others like King Krush, Devilsaur in Un Goro Crater & 2 more I can not recall off hand due to this lack of sleep, lol

        • not bad for a girl eh ๐Ÿ˜›

          plus I have 17 others in my stable, including Numaroc which I got prior way B4 Cata expansion coming out.
          HOWEVER, I have yet to see Karoma.

          Anyone else tamed Karoma??

  125. Just got Arcturis on Cenarion Circle US at 3:18 AM server time. Flew in to check because I was making my rounds and nearly had a heart attack when I saw NPC Scan go off. <.<''

    Good luck to anyone looking for them, and if you're on CC, I wouldn't mind information if you have it. Character name is what I'm posting under. ๐Ÿ˜€

  126. Thrilled, ive got all the spirit beasts now, all i need is Karoma ๐Ÿ˜€

    Rares ived Tamed:
    Aruric(Yep, again)
    And a few more i cant think of, Good luck Hunters!!
    Peace :]

    • Ghostcrawler the Spirit Crab is in the far south west part of Vashj’ir… he spawns almost anywhere on that large underwater plateau south, south west and east of the demigod L’ghorek.
      The spirit beasts have always been hard to get, and you need to be either a little obsessed or very lucky to find and tame them.
      One thing is for certain: for whatever reason, you need to be THERE! I tamed both Loque and Skoll by camping out for them (Skoll took me months); with Gondria I was busy in Zul’Drak for Loremaster when she showed up; and with Arcturis I was en route elsewhere and took a lucky diversion past the Lodge.
      This is the way of Spirit Beasts, the way they decide when to become yours…

    • crab is the easiest..look on the map and you will see an out cropping on the lower left side of the map..look for him in the clearing about halfway into the outcropping..he is hard to see though..more like seeing a blue haze than a crab

  127. Yes i just tamed Karoma 1:35pm server time aman’thul server thats 5 spirit beasts in my collection and just the ghost crab and samba left on my wanted list ๐Ÿ™‚

  128. I spent my whole time trying too get all the spirit beast and boom ina few weaks i Ask my 85 mage pal too check for the 2 spirit beast skoll and gondria and there they were.i Also got The spirit wolf and spirit crab with my lvl 85 hunter.I spent alleast 4 days wakeing up too see if they spawned in the morning.In luck i got the spirit bear.TOok me a few hours too get them but it was not half bad.i did dung runs and battlegrounds.

  129. I have Arcturis, Loquenahak, Terror spinner, Nuramoc, Aotoana, and many other rares, but im having so much trouble finding Skoll and Gondria….

    • I found him easily..go to the area and look for the entrance that go to Grizzly hills..just on the inside right..pass the trees and he is there..you will see him as a bunch of sparkles till you start taming him

    • I just got 4 Spirit Beasts in less then a 24 hour period! ๐Ÿ˜€
      Tuesday morning I tamed Ghost Crawler @2:45am (Realm time ~California) Cenarius
      then Tuesday night I tamed Arcturis @7:15pm (Realm time ~ California) Cenarius
      then this morning (Wed) I tamed Skoll @12:30am midnight (Realm time ~ California) Cenarius
      & right after that I tamed Gondria @12:45am midnight (Realm time ~California) Cenarius.
      I could not believe the odds I beat.
      Whootz!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

      Plus this morning (Wed) after my BF left for work, I logged in with his toon & guess what
      I tamed Ghost Crawler AGAIN within 15 minutes of logging his toon online.
      This happened around 5:45am (Realm time ~ California) Cenarius
      & right after that I flew him to Sholazin Basin to get him Loque’Nahak & King Krush
      as those are what he wanted & asked me to do & sure enough within 10 mins of arriving at the set destination I got him King Krush.
      Sadly no Loque’Nahak yet & it’s been 5+ hrs since with no excitement or activity.

      Also, in addition to my newly tamed pets (the 4 spirit beasts within less then 24 hrs)
      just this Monday I tamed Sian-Rotam & 3 differant Devilsaurs, then, a week earlier, again on a Tuesday, (last week) I tamed Sambas & 2 days B4 him, I tamed Loque’Nahak on Sunday as well as King Krush (for myself) & Shango.

      I also got Elm The Wise about 2 weeks ago as I have hade no luck with Ban’Thalos ๐Ÿ™
      & Prior to CATA I tamed Nuramoc, a CoreHound, a Flamefly, a flourescent blue & black Scorpion (I thought it looked differant then any other I’ve seen) as well as a
      WarpStalker & Crystal Spider.
      I’ve had many more pets over the years I’ve been playing since B4 Burning Crusade even came out but have never had this much luck within a 24 hour period of getting 4 spirit beasts, plus several others within the last 2 weeks & a same repeat spirit beast (2 times) GhostCrawler within less then 48 hrs for my BF’s toon.
      All in all, I’d say I’m a VERY happy girl & it’s been one hell of a last 24+ hrs as well as 2 weeks ๐Ÿ˜€

      I find myself preferring the look of Spirit Beasts or white/silver/clear coloured ones,
      as well as the brights & flouresents, maybe it’s a female thing.

      Anyhow, I’ve wrote more then I likely needed to or intended too,
      just wanted to share my good mood & information with anyone it may help regarding spawn times/days.
      Thankyou for your time & patience if you actually read all this post ๐Ÿ™‚

      Happy Hunting/Questing!

      BTW Arcturis has spawned exactly every 7 hours like clock work at quarter past the hour he’s due to spawn on.
      I’ve seen him do it 3 times now in the last 2 days.

  130. Acturis only spawn one location as Garwulf mentioned in the map. You can camp there and check every half hour. You get him eventually as what I did. You have to be patient and good luck. Cheers!

    • Hey cheers 4 the help,
      Got Arcturis by logging in and there he was…
      I thought i might aswell got and look 4 Skoll even though i had never seen him before, 6 hunters in the area and i swoop down and got him, he was in an unusual spawn point so lucky me,
      Just went into sholozar farmed 4 an hour last night.. no luck
      And i pop in today and there he was
      So got Loque, Arcturis and Skoll in less than 1 day ๐Ÿ™‚
      Venooze on Aerie Peak
      Gl guys ๐Ÿ™‚

  131. I had the absolute best luck on Trollbane yesterday

    11/29/10 tamed Aructuris at 6:12 Am. I had been logged on less than 30 and stepped out of Amberpine lodge and there he was

    11/29/10 at 7:01 am still on Trolllbane tamed Loqueโ€™nahak. Yes thats right i managed to get both in just under and hour. I couldnt believe the luck. I had not even been looking long for Loq’ about 90 mins total. Probably spent about 3-4 hours looking for Arcturis.

    At 7:22 I also saw King Krush and when to tame him but another Hunter was already in midtame. That was the 2nd time in 24 hours finding him. First one another hunter killed him in my midtame. He was even from the same side. I cursed him out and ill still be looking for him.

  132. Thanks to this guide for helping me find my first spirit beast! I had given up looking, as I am not able to play WoW a whole lot and there were so many Horde camping out Arcturis’ spawn area. I woke up early one day and decided to fly over while I was waiting for the dungeon queue, and there he was (0836 server time, Dragonmaw). Couldn’t believe it! I was so excited I almost cried. And since I have had tons of people asking about him. A bear was the very first pet that I used and I have had a bear among my arsenal of pets ever since I started playing, so this was very fitting. I’ve been looking for Skoll as well, but not very actively as I’m so happy with Arcturis.

  133. Got Arcturis on Nov 2, 2010, on Fizzcrank realm at 9:40 PM server time, he spawned right where the map has marked, right by the tree. My first spirit pet ๐Ÿ™‚

  134. Looking for Skoll after changing from SV to BM. Found him after 3 hrs search beside the metal plate above the Brunnhildar Village. NPscan did not sound the alarm as I realise that there is a cross beside Skoll name. After going around the usual route that Skoll will spawn I came back to the spot where I was camping and behold there a bluish wolf moving around the metal plate area. I click on it and it shows spirit beast. Get off my flying mount and shoot a concussive shot before dropping a ice trap and lol got him, yah!. It was probably 8:00 am, Laughing Skull server. Well 3 more spirit beast to go. Hope everyone gets their spirit beast and be in SB4 club, chuckle.

  135. 10/29/2010 , Shattered Hand
    7:15AM~ tamed Gondria (69, 47)
    flew over to check out Skoll (46, 42)~tamed @ 7:23AM

    LUCKY ME! I am now proud owner of 2/4! Now on for the other 2!!
    Happy Hunting to ALL!

  136. Ok, so I’ve been after Loque for a while now (Moon Guard US). So far I’ve seen 2 dead bodies and had it stolen mid tame once. I’m trying to determine where the more active spawn points are. From what I’ve read on here and wowhead and my own personal findings it seems:
    70,71 SE of Lifeblood pillar, 28,22 the northern spot by Goretalon Matriarch and 30,66 the one SE a bit of Nesingwary base camp.
    Also do the spawns (King Krush, Aotona and Loque) share a spawn timer? I’ve never seen them together or near the same time but I’ve been reading a lot of conflicting information.

  137. OMG – today has to be the day i should have put the lottery on, at 07:47 i managed to find and tame Gondria, at the spawn point eas tof the stairs. Then at 18:02 Loque at the SE spawn point he was there as soon as i logged on, had no space left, noob error, then a mad rush to abandon a lesser pet, hands shaking, frantically watching the skies, but I got him. So going for 3 in 1 dayy, going to look for Skoll, whish me luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  138. Update: Shortly after I spawned Skoll. Gondria spawned almost immediately in Zul’Drak, although as soon as my NPCscan alerted me, I looked towards the ground and spotted her falling down dead at the hands of a Alli Shaman. Not a HUGE deal for me as I am looking to tame Louq. I talked to a Spirit Beast guru (as she had tamed all 4). She had told me that an important part to finding these animals is that there is never more than 1 of the up at one time. Meaning that Once one is killed or tamed, the next one in the chain will spawn shortly after. Once the chain is complete then the 6-8 hour timer is set in motion. Not sure how true this info is, however it seemed WAY too true to what this other hunter had told me for it to be chance. Stranger things have happened, but maybe one of you guys who knows more about this could share your thoughts? I am curious if this is true, however I do not wish to mislead people, its hard enough finding one let alone taming one without faction or greedy interferance.

  139. Tamed Skoll today at 6:09 am server time on Draenor. NPC Scan picked him on my first round of patrolling the 3 spawn points, so I have no clue how long he was there undiscovered. I managed to tame him at the northernmost spawnpoint. Get NPC Scan, it works even if you have to program the beast your looking for in separately. If you are having trouble with NPC scan not working properly, you missed a rare elite, ect. Make sure to clear your creature cache in your interface folder. The application only works for monsters that your interface has no record for ever seeing before, so if you delete the records it will work properly again. Sometimes pre-tamed pets can set off your npc scan application, especially if you program them in manually. So make sure to clear your cache before you camp!

  140. I been on the hunt for these beasts for a while now as i type im camping out in sholazar basin, my experience with the other 3 spirit beasts has been the same with me and busses when they come they come all together. I have caught gondria skoll and arcturis on pure gut instinct. I had a feeling gondria would be thier the first time i ever looked for her and she was, i caught her about 19:04, i thought hey why not try my luck in storm peaks i flew to storm peaks and did one circle around the spawns when i spotted skoll on the n of tht village name u all no the one., tht must of been about 19:07, 3 minutes later.

    Anyway last night i thought hmm lets wormhole to sholazr basin at a little past 1 in the morning as i mounted my npc alert went off i got excited thinkging loq but it wasnt it was king krush and just his corpse, i thought never mind congratulated the guy for his kill and took a flight path to amber lodge, no sooner as i got to the top of hill on the corner of the trees i see arcturis just standing their minding his own buisness, i dropped trap concussive shot him and let my hunter do his thing.

    ive been looking for the SB’s since nov 2009 for three of them to come in one week has made it all worth it i just wish loquenahawk will spawn as soon as i maximise my screen from writing this.

    Anyway im on bronze dragon flight server. I wish all the hunters good luck in getting ur tames and hunters be assured if i come across them i will definetly message all local hunters to come tame if they need it.

  141. Loque’nahak tamed as well! My lcuky day. Pretty sure it doesnt matter what time I tamed him due to the nature of his spawning, but I got him at 04.20 server time.

    2 down, 2 more to go =D

    Oh and thanks for the guide, been amazing amounts of help!

  142. Hey there,
    My luck has been great yesterday and today morning.
    One of my alts is a Hunter and i enjoy having spirit beasts and exotic pets.
    So i got a delisaur from Ungoro Crater for starters then i wanted more.
    Tamed arcturis and gondria easily but still i needed more of these beautiful pets.
    I started searching for Skoll… Took me days, weeks scanning the Stormpeaks spawning areas but nothing.. I was giving up then starting search again..
    Yesterday morning i logged my Hunter which was camping / flying upon Brunnhildar Village and there is was the blue dog walking around there all alone. I land down asap stabled my other pet lay down a frost trap and accidentally fired serpent sting on him ๐Ÿ˜€ ”Fuck” i told my self i hope none else appears now and screw this up! ;p Feint death lay down a trap and tamed him . Nice little doggy!
    Ok so i got Skoll , why not Loque also?
    I started the same day (yesterday) flying around Sholazar Basin for half an hour , observed there were 3 more hunters one was spamming the chat if anyone has seen a spirit beast and a reward for giving him the coords;p
    Anyway i logged off and occassionally log in to check ..Nothing..
    Today morning i logged again as i was camping near Skyreach Pillar and started my usual flying round goin left from there… Then as i was flying and passed Lifebloom pillar and underneath the white monkeys showed up , there he was among them! (i cant give coords atm but i guess u understand where;p) i landed immediately and omg i had to abandon 1 of my pets coz i was full i had 5… So i didnt think at all : Gondria abandoned .
    Better have this than Gondria i said , well anyway frost trap down hit tame button and woop new pet! ๐Ÿ˜€

  143. Just got Gondria at 12:46pmST, Ner’Zhul. After about half a day to a day of searching. Now, to hunt for the others. <3

    • Sorry, me again. I wanted to add that I found Gondria at Mam’toth, the crater area behind the stairs, pacing the spawn point. Still so pumped. <3

  144. I was looking for loque for about 4 and a half days, finally on the 5th day i was killing dragons in the very northern spawn point and went to check if he was there and my NPCScan went crazy and looked on the hill and there he is. It wasnt very hard to get him cause on archimonde there is hardly anyone in the basin, so after i tamed him i went to check gondria’s spawn points and found him on his very north west spawn point. I tamed loque around 6:30 realm time and local time, tamed gondria around 6:40 realm and local time. Best of luck to hunters looking for these guys, ITS COMPLETELY WORTH IT!!!

  145. Porcia you by any chance a dwarf hunter?? i tamed loque nahak to on that day i believe, on the same server as you????!??

  146. Loqueโ€™nahak Tamed 06:32 EU Anachronos 8/07/10 by skytouch pillar
    Another proud paid up card caring member of the SB club, 1 down 3 to go. BTW aotona popped up at same time. didn’t bother as I’ve already tamed and killed now have 3 elitesas pets got the big corehound from shadowmoon valley a while back.

  147. Man i gotta tell ya I love your site – very impressive and welcoming, Love your pic links to your sections too very artistic and pro looking.

    Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  148. Tamed Arcturis around +20hrs after I last saw him killed…so yeah, he is one of the SB that has a long timer. I’m now officially a member of SB4!

    • Woo Hoo! Another proud card carrying member!

      Bring on Patch 4.0 so we can usher in the SB5 club. My money’s on a flappy Spirit Beast… owl or some other sort of Bird of Prey.

  149. OK i will these times are all theoretical nothing is confirmed by blizzard based on my exp and forum post on other sites
    minimum of 6 hours and a maximum of 8 hours for Loqueโ€™nahak, King Krush, or Aotona
    minimum of 8 hours and a maximum of 10 hours for Skoll
    minimum of 8 hours and a maximum of 10 hours for Gondria
    for arcturis near as i can tell he is on a 20+ hour one
    and when i camped for the time lost proto drake i worked off of a minimum of 6 hours and maximum of 12 hours

  150. your missing the one of the most important things in these spirit beast guides known or theoretical spawn timers like 8-10 hours or really long like 20+ hours on Arcturus would be helpful especially since if your given a time tamed on server x is not going to help any one due to the random nature of the thing but at least you would know how long to camp out or patrol

    • If you know the spawn times, please post them dan516. It’s my assumption that they’re all on 6 hour spawn timers, however I’ve read many statements to the contrary.

      Posting spawn timers is of little importance unless they’re 100% accurate.

      The best I can say is that they tend to appear in 6 hour intervals. That, and I can tell you where they spawn.

      I’d say that’s pretty f**king good.

  151. do u know when the best time for me would be to look for Loqueโ€™nahak as it was killed between 8.00 and 9.00 pm UK time

  152. oh and a even crappyer thing that happend to me lol this is how much this game hates me i saw skoll who i also have been after for ages on my pally oh but its on a different relm and it hord grrrr not going my way this week

  153. I found Loqueโ€™nahak today near the top of the map but some stupid warrior was there i asked him nicely can i tame it and he said no he needed frost bite. Dont have a clue what he was going on about i offered him 200g and a dream shard for it and the A HOLE STILL said no ๐Ÿ™ why would people do this?

  154. ok i have been trying to get skoll for last 2 weeks. I look for about 1-10 hours a day on his 6 spawns. Haven’t seen him once. any tips?

    • As far as I know, he has only the three locations. I’ve seen him only three times since Patch 3.3, and all three times have been once in each of the locations listed. I would focus on those spots.

      During the times that I normally play, I’ve seen him twice – both times at around 9pm PST. I have never once encountered him between the hours of 10pm – 2am PST, for what it’s worth.

      Just keep at it. You’ll spot him eventually, your heart will start racing, you’ll have a successful tame, and then you’ll send me a screenshot. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Good luck!

  155. Hi there.
    First at all I wanna say a big “THANKS” to you about the guide. I read a lot of it and I’m pretty happy now. Great work! Go on!
    And now – the question, it’s more like asking for advice. What kind of pet should I use for PVP? I know the cunning type is better and I already have spider to fight with me but I want to hear some other opinions.

  156. For Skoll does the bottom right location show that he is inside a cave? or is it saying he is near the cave enterance?

    • The spot shown is not in the cave but, rather up higher on the flats where the Rino’s roam. I know this because I was able to tame Skoll at that spot yesterday on the Maelstrom server. The time was 9:15 am server time. I now have three of the beasts, and do not plan on going for all four. In my opinion Loque is the most used spirit beast, and though he does look cool, my interest does not lay in having the same pet as everyone else. Good luck, and happy hunting.

  157. Tamed all 4 this past week with the final being Skoll jsut before 11PST on Bonechewer. They are all really fun models to play around with, and still have some wow! factor hanging out in the cities. Looking forward to the day when I can use mine outside of a solo setting.

  158. I had great luck on finding Skoll At the Spot by the Brunhilders. He was next to the brown pad just as you come up between the hills. It was 8:18 A.M. EST So I would put money on 15 after the Hr. I have the port a pen as I call it So I quick put up my pet and Switched specs. Shot a freeze arrow on him and tammed. He is now my Favorite for when I PVP.

  159. As of April 30th, 2010, On the Maelstrom Server, Arcturis was tamed. The time was 9:00 pm server for any hunters from this realm, looking for the great Bear beast as I had done. I can not, nor will I make any claims to spawn timers. There has not been enough posts to make such claims other then 9:00 pm sounds like a good time to me. Good luck to all that search and Happy hunting. The spawn place is absoultly correct.

    • P.S.

      I had spent a great deal of time hunting Arcturis, and I would not consider him easy, no offense. From the sounds of it, some people got lucky “Right place, right time.” I will say that standing on the hill a little ways is the best point to wait. With the amount of time I traveled back and forth to this spot, every hour on the hour, it wasn’t until I waited up on the hill that I seen him spawn. All previous times I waited by the grizz’s in the opening on the bottom of the hill.
      Not that it probaly maters but, I think you must be out of the area for him to spawn. Like I said before..try waiting up on the hill, 30 yards away from the two trees mid way down the hill. They will be on the left, Grizz’s and stream to the right.
      If your one of those every hour on the hour people like me, then stick around for about 15 mins. I have read in other places about Arcturis coming on the 15 min mark.

      • Update:

        After about four hours of wait time, Mining and Skinning in between, I was able to tame Gondria. Once again, I belong to Maelstrom server, and server time of Spawn was 11:15 am, today. According to the map provided on this site of Zul’Drak, I found him in the most northern known spot, just on the northern side of the stairs. Easy tame, killed a Griz Bear just to get out of the way, and that would be that. This was the beast that I truly wanted, my favorite by far.

        Further Update on Arcturis:

        Right after I had tamed Arcturis, a fellow hunter friend of mine took over the spot. She stayed dedicated and was able to tame him exactly 23 hours later. She did not once leave her spot, nor did she take her eyes away from the screen. We wanted to see what kind of spawn rate, if any, was in play. According to our little experiment, our official timer without any doubt but, also without any further study, is a 23 hour spawn timer.

  160. In one week I got Arcturis, King Krush and Loque! Arcturis was the easiest (Lightning’s Blade server). I probably only spent about 30 minutes camping out for him. Overall I spent tons of time trying to get Loque though.

  161. Lawman30 you wont have to get rid of nuramoc as you can have your him and 3 other pets in stable and then have your current pet out with you therefor having 4 SBs and nuramoc ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I recommend you to have a tenacity for solo runs for original instances&current dungeons, especially for BM’s, so just get three ferocity pets, a single cunning pet and a single tenacity pet.

  162. Now officially the proud owner of all 4 Spirit Beasts ๐Ÿ™‚
    Not many hunters on Khadgar have all 4 now due to them wanting pets that will be untamable in Cataclysm

  163. yea a few toher sits have updated to a confirmed 5 spawn places of skoll which i think wow hates me because its been almsot 3 days with no avail .

  164. You need to update the spawn points of Skoll, as he spawns in 5 places. 2 close together by the western point on your map is by the rock, and outher side of opening by hillside next to tree.. The 5th spot is a bit closer to engine of makers along the bottom of hill.
    This spot if you position yourself can be covered while you cover the spot overlooking the vicking chicks camp. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    • Interesting…, but so far I haven’t seen any other confirmed spawn locations apart from the ones I’ve listed. There may be more, but I’m reluctant to post them without proof in the form of a screenshot. Also, WoWHead is only listing the three locations as well. I have a feeling that if there more legitimate spots, they’d be pinned on there by now.

  165. Great post as always ,although i have heard about Gondria at the left of the stairs near altar of harkoa.but never saw him there .Usually an it is confirmed by rare hunter overlay ,to the right of the big field near wall ?

    Last week alone I called in 6 people for tames on him.I know when they sapwn just about down to 5 minutes on this realm.An make great coin on those who wish to pay.Many times free though.Been workin on the white gorilla times in crater also .

    But my success in find ing spirit beasts is off on the time lost drake ,Have found him 20 times last month all in the same place .butthe time frame narrows down on him also …lol

    • Right you are that Gondria also spawns at the left of the stairs nears altar of Harkoa. That’s where I chanced into him the other day and tamed him. After a painful two months of flight paths over Sholazar to finally land myself Loque’nahak, it was a delight to add Gondria without any trouble. I didn’t expect him there and I got lucky.

      • Only 2 months! lucky u i spent over 8 months farming him after the first 3 months i gave up and switchd my BM spec to SV “since it was good at the time -_-” and litterally the same day i saw him i broke down in tears. But i got him about a month ago now… and altho i’m mainly MM for raiding I love to pull him out and slow walk thru Dal ๐Ÿ˜‰ i’m hoping to catch the bear or wolf for a tank pet tho.

  166. As a card carrying member of the SB4 Club, with Nuramoc tamed for PvP purposes, I am TOTALLY excited for the changes coming regarding the number of pets we can tame and have available at a time. I can’t bring myself to take my hunter into Sholazar Basin because I am afraid I will come across the King and not have the resolve to release Nuramoc in order to tame him.

    Great guide on catching the beasts in question. I used your prior version to tame my beasties and I am happy to see you making it more concise to help the hunters out there deciding to go after these gems. Man I wish they would up the DPS on these bad boys to help make BM more raid-viable in the eyes of the raiding community at large.

    • “As a card carrying member of the SB4 Club”…

      You’re the best Lawman. That’s some funny stuff. I always look forward to your comments. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I can’t agree more. As I’d said in the past… Blizz has got to stop dangling these carrots (e.g. Spirit Beasts), unless they plan on introducing more stable slots. It’s just not fair.

      Also, we need quad specs IMO. 2 different specs for raiding, another for farming, and yet another for PvP. Or in my case, 2 for raiding and 2 for PvP. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I really don’t understand why Blizz hasn’t upped the numbers on Spirit Strike. It’s obvious that it’s not scaling as well as Monstrous Bite. If anything, they should increase the DoT by a small amount, or better yet, make it so that it can crit! Spirit Beasts really should be a top DPS pet for BM Hunters, not 4th or 5th as they are now.

      • I can see the angst of the SB’s damage output on both the player’s and the dev’s point of view. Even though it’s an old post, take a look at Ghostcrawler’s comments on the philosophy of the Spirit Beast implementation (point #4).

        I agree with him. If Spirit Beasts were the best BM pet, then every single BM loyalist hunter would be out there farming for those elusive pets. Right now (3.3.2), BM isn’t quite up to snuff as SV or MM, and so heroic-raid-competitive hunters aren’t bringing BM to ICC. Imagine a future, however, when BM’s damage is boosted and the SB is also itemized as the best DPS pet.

        Bleh. Suddenly you have a world (of warcraft) filled with top-DPS-chasing hunters as well as pet-enthusiast hunters competing for spawn points to get their hands on one of those beasties.

        As it is now, the only folks interested in a SB are those BM hunters that enjoy a rare pet. If those same BM hunters care about min-maxing their DPS… well they probably won’t stay BM for long.

        I wish I had a solution for this, but this is why I’m not a developer ๐Ÿ˜‰

  167. Nice post ๐Ÿ™‚
    Found Skoll myself when camping the Time-Lost, awesome looking pet, although its a shame they fall behind the Devilsaur in terms of DPS in raids.
    Although my favourite looking pet is Nuramoc, best looking pet in the game imo, I get loads of /w asking where I got him etc etc


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