The Switch

Join the Army, they said. See the world, they said! I’d rather be sailing! So my faithful guildies convinced me to learn a second specialization this week. Up until now I have been Marks for 95% of my Wow experience. I tinkered with BM during the BRK era for a while, but then they made Chimera/Serpent Sting the god mode, …

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Patch 4.3 Hunter Buff Recap

Patch 4.3 is set to hit live servers this Tuesday. Patch 4.3 is a mondo patch chock full of new content, including: a new raid, new 5-mans, the Raid Finder, Void Storage, Transmogrification, the new Darkmoon Faire and so much more… In addition to the massive amount of content being added, there are also numerous updates and tweaks to class …

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What is this Dual Spec you speak of?

Hunter Dual Spec

So I’ve managed to go my entire WoW career and never dual spec. Yea that’s right. I never saw any benefit in it really. I’ve been a BM (Bad Mofo) ever since I’ve started playing, and I have loved every minute of it. I truly never thought there was any reason for me to choose another spec.

And then Cata happens…

I’d managed to keep up my damage really well all throughout the dungeons I would run. It was not a big deal – I never really valued being the “top of the charts” DPS guy anyway. I love my pets, and am a BM at heart and always will be.

So some of you are asking, Drach, why are you going on about all this… we know you’re a Bad Mofo, what are you trying to tell us..?”

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Going the extra mile

One of my readers contacted me in hopes that I might be able to offer up some personal assistance. This is something I do quite often in the form of e-mail replies and forum post responses, however, I decided to do something different this evening… I felt that it’d be a nice touch to take my advice to the front page of the site. Rather than bury it in a forum response, or in an e-mail that no one but he or I will ever see, I thought maybe a few others could get some value out of my advice as well. 🙂

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New possible pet families in Cataclysm

BlizzChat hosted an open dev chat on Twitter this past Friday. A couple of hunter related questions were fielded by BlizzChat. Here’s a quick transcript: Q. Will there be any new pet families added, or will we simply see more additions to existing ones? A: We’re not sure yet whether we’re adding new pet families or not. It’s possible. Expect …

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