Legion is Really Quite Good

Despite the less than welcomed hunter changes Blizzard force fed us for Legion, I am really enjoying this expansion so far. I mean…I am really, REALLY enjoying it. Although I was up in arms over our shattered class, after some debate and soul-searching, I decided that starting this expansion on any class other than hunter would just feel…well… wrong. The hunter is …

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The Switch

Join the Army, they said. See the world, they said! I’d rather be sailing! So my faithful guildies convinced me to learn a second specialization this week. Up until now I have been Marks for 95% of my Wow experience. I tinkered with BM during the BRK era for a while, but then they made Chimera/Serpent Sting the god mode, …

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Returning Hunter Ruminating on Secondary Stats

The value of Multistrike through the eyes of a Marksman As I started researching secondary stats for Hunters, I kept seeing Multistrike pop up as the number one secondary stat on various websites. At first glance, it doesn’t appear to really do a whole lot more in terms of DPS based on the tooltip. I decided to do some research …

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No flies on me

Within 2 hours, I managed to get nearly 20% of the way through level 81. I knew leveling in Cataclysm seemed like it was going to be pretty quick, but sheesh… I chose to hit Vashj’ir first over Mount Hyjal, mainly because of Drach’s post. It just seemed like the right thing to do. I’m not crazy about having to …

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Miscellaneous Cataclysm Musings

Now that I’ve had a chance to savor and digest all of the juicy Cataclysm hunter updates that were released last week (while I was on vacation), here are a few miscellaneous thoughts and comments of mine…

Aimed Shot

I like the older style mechanic of Aimed Shot making its return in Cataclysm. While it’s definitely nice having another instant cast shot in our arsenal, having Aimed Shot be an instant just never made sense to me. I like how it’s becoming a high damage shot once again, even with the long cast time. There was something so joyfully sinister about seeing your enemy hopelessly stuck within your Freezing Trap while you slowly drew your bow or aimed your rifle, preparing to rattle them with a mammoth Aimed Shot crit. 😈

Widow Venom

Along with Aimed Shot’s 2 second cast time and increased damage, the other thing that’s changing is its mortal Strike effect is going bye-bye. Hunters in Cataclysm will now be using a shot called Widow Venom in order to apply an MS effect.

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