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Garwulf Hunter UI

The GarUI

Update – December 22nd, 2011:Garwulf Hunter UI is back on WoWInterface! Please feel free to refer to the download page on WoWI for additional information and instructions.

The Gar UI is nothing more than a compilation of addons that I configured to be pleasing to the eye, and to suit my play style. All credit for this custom user interface goes to the respective addon developers.

Resolution: 1920×1200 (those of you running a different resolution will have to adjust, sorry)

Memory usage:Β  Less than 10MB

Known Issues: None that I’m aware of.

Basic Installation Video


  • Download the UI compilation here (10.8mb download).
  • Rename your existing foldersBackup your existing Interface and WTF folders. Rename your existing WTF and Interface folders to: WTF-backup & Interface-backup. If you decide to revert back to your old UI, just delete the GarUI Interface, Textures and WTF folders and rename yours back to WTF and Interface. This is very important, should you decide that you want to chuck my UI and go back to what you were using.
  • Unzip the GarUI package. Drag the contents (Interface, Textures, WTF) into your World of Warcraft root directory.
    • PC: C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft
    • Mac: Macintosh HD/Applications/World of Warcraft
  • Open up the WTF folder and drill down through the files, renaming the appropriate files as you go.
    • Rename YOURACCOUNTNAME to your account name, ie: IPWNNOOBZ247.
    • Rename Your Server to the server name which hosts the character(s) you want to apply this UI to, ie: Bleeding Hollow.
    • Rename the Character folder to the name of your character for which you’d like to apply this UI compilation, ie: Gnomepunter.
      • If you want to restore your in-game settings, ie: audio & video settings, camera & mouse settings, etc, then copy the from your WTF-backup and paste it into your new WTF root folder. Be sure to leave the backup folder intact, so make sure to copy & paste.
  • Log in to your WoW account.
  • Click on the Addons button to go to the addons screen. Check “Load out of date AddOns”.
  • Log in with your character.
  • Panic! πŸ˜† He, he… actually don’t panic. Your screen will probably look pretty catawampus once you login. This is normal.

GarUI fresh install

  • To unf**k everything, just type in: /reflux switch GarUI (case sensitive)
  • Your UI should now look something like this…

The Gar UI

  • The first thing you’ll need to do is set your keybindings. As you can see, only two action bars are visible, which means this layout is heavily dependent upon keybinds. Sorry clickers, but this UI will probably not work so well for you. πŸ™
  • Type in /bt4 to open up the Bartender4 configuration screen.


Macros are supposed to be stored server-side, but in the event that your macros are missing after the installation, just restore them by dragging in copies of the macros-cache.old & macros-cache.txt files in your backed up WTF folder.

Your global macros are stored in: WTF/Account/YOURACCOUNTNAME/

Character specific macros are stored in: WTF/Account/YOURACCOUNTNAME/Server Name/Character/

Configuring the Keybinds

This UI uses a total of six action bars. 1 and 2 are visible, 3-5 are set to hidden, and bar 6 is available on hover-over while out of combat (as is the Micro Menu).

In my setup, I have keybinds assigned to bars 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Bar 2 is used primarily to display information such as cooldowns, item counts, etc. Bars 3, 4, and 5 (which are hidden) are where most of my heavily used abilities are located.

Once you’re at the configuration screen for Bartender4 (after typing: /bt4), follow these steps to see what I have going on…

  1. Uncheck the Lock option to see where all of the bars are located.
  2. Click on the number of the bar you want to make visible.
  3. Uncheck the “Always Hide” option.

Bartender 4 Configuration

  • Once you’ve done that, you can now lock the bars and exit the config screen. Now that the bars are set to be visible, you can drag your skills and macros over to them.
  • After you’ve placed all of the needed abilities into your action bar slots, now it’s time to begin the keybind process. Bartender4 makes this very easy.
  • Type in: /kb
  • Hover over the action bar button you want to keybind and then press the key(s) you want to use to access that button. If the button has a keybind associated with it already, then click Esc to clear it.
  • Once you’re done setting up your keybinds, click Okay.
  • Now you can go back into the Bartender4 config area and set the bars to hidden once again.

There will likely be some things which will need adjusting to better suit your needs and taste, so have at it.

If your resolution is not set at 1920×1200, then you’re most definitely going to need to adjust the layout a bit. I suggest using the UI Scale adjustments in-game. You may also need to unlock and reposition some of the various addons.

In addition to the action bars, another first order of business would be to possibly adjust my Power Auras. You may be wondering what the little white star is in the center of your screen… That’s an aura I have configured to display when I’m not in Aspect of the Dragonhawk.

If you wish to change this aura or any of the others, just type: /powa. This will take you to the Power Auras config screen. From there, just click on the auras you want to play with and click Test. If you want to change anything, click Edit and go nuts.

Moving and adjusting the background KG Panels

While not extremely sophisticated, the background panels offer a nice spit and polish to the UI. My purpose for using them is to give the UI some consistency and finish.

Now… if you need to resize, move them, or just make adjustments of any kind, this is a fairly easy task…

Type in: /kgpanels config

This will bring you to the kgPanels config screen (duh…). πŸ˜‰ Anyway, once there you can access the properties of my various panels by looking under Active Layout. Each panel has an identifying name, but if there are any you’re unsure of, just unlock them and they’ll appear highlighted on hover-over.

You can drag the corners of the frames to resize them, drag the whole frame to reposition, or use the absolute numeric controls in the config area. Since all of my frames are anchored and parented, you need not mess with them if you only want to reposition things. The panel will stay attached to the addon if you unlock the addon and drag it around your screen.

One last thing… if you want to create a new panel or re-parent an existing one, then you’ll need to know the name of the addon frame which it is to be parented and anchored to.

This is accomplished by creating a macro with the following command:

/script ChatFrame1:AddMessage(“You are hovering over frame: ” .. GetMouseFocus():GetName())

Place this macro on an action bar, then tap its key as you over over the addon you want to place a panel behind. The name of the panel will appear in the chat screen, but only to you, so don’t worry about accidentally spamming guild or trade chat with it. πŸ˜‰

Once the name of the addon frame is displayed, you can then input that info into the parent and anchor fields for that particular kgPanel. This will then attach the panel to the addon. This is what I’ve done in order to have my Recount and Omen frames disappear when the addons are not in use.


Gar Hunter UI - Raid


Alterac Valley


Arena unit frames

Addons Used in the Compilation

  • AzCastBar – A modular cast bar addon. AzCastBar lets you configure all sorts of things, including: cast bars, cooldown timers, buff & debuff timers, etc…
  • Bagnon – An inventory management addon. Configure the look and size of your bag and bank inventory displays. Also allows searching of inventory across all characters.
  • Bartender4 – A modular and highly configurable action bar replacement addon.
  • ButtonFacade – This addon allows for custom skinning of the action bar buttons and buff icons.
  • ButtonFacade: Apathy – The button skin of choice for me.
  • Chatter – A highly configurable but lightweight chat enhancement addon.
  • Chinchilla Minimap – Customize your mini map display. Resize it, move it, change the shape, clean it up, whatever…
  • ColorTools – An enhancement to the default color picker. ColorTools adds many useful tools for the OCD UI creator, including: an RGB color palette, a hex code edit window, and an opacity slider with numeric value input.
  • Deus Vox Encounters – Raid warnings, enrage timers and the like.
  • eAlign – Calls up a grid overlay which you can use to arrange your various addons in perfect symmetry.
  • KgPanels – I use this addon to create the nice unified look I have across the bottom, as well as for the nice gradient background behind my buffs.
  • MikScrollingBattleText – A highly configurable and customizable replacement for the default combat text.
  • NeedToKnow – Configurable timer bars you can use for: cooldowns, DoTs, buffs, debuffs, and more..
  • Omen Threat Meter – Tells you when to Feign Death.
  • OmniCC – A simple cooldown monitor. Places a configurable timer over your action bar buttons, letting you know the remaining time on your cooldowns.
  • Power Auras Classic – An awesome addon that can be used for a number of things. I use it for buff and cooldown alerts, warnings, etc… See this post for more info on what Power Auras is all about.
  • RangeDisplay – Provides a configurable yet simple range display.
  • Recount – My damage meter of choice.
  • SatrinaBuffFrame – A highly customizable addon for displaying buffs and debuffs.
  • Shadowed Unit Frames – A highly customizable unit frame addon.
  • ShadowedUF Trinkets – A plugin for Shadowed Unit Frames which allows for the display of opponents’ PvP trinket status. It can be configured to show on any and all frames, including: arena, target, party, focus, etc…
  • SharedMedia – Share textures between various addons.
  • SLDataText – Super simple and lightweight addon for displaying textual information such as: gold, bag space, durability, zone text, coordinates, framerate, latency, and more…
  • Tekticles – This addon changes all in-game fonts to calibri, cabri italic, calibri bold, or calibri bold italic. It’s a very efficient way of cleaning up the in-game text, just so long as you’re a fan of Calibri. πŸ˜‰
  • TipTac – Adds customizable tooltip enhancements.

Other Addons I Use (not included in the UI download)

  • _NPCScan – Addon used for auto-detecting rare mobs. If you’re not familiar with it, see this post for more info. The post is a bit dated, but the basic idea behind the addon is still the same.
  • _NPCScan.Overlay – This adds a configurable overlay to the in-game maps. This works similar to Gatherer, but for rare spawns. I have it configured to only display on my zone map.
  • Atlasloot Enhanced – Browsable in-game item database. Check out loot tables, craftable items and enchants, reputation rewards, PvP rewards and more…
  • AuctionLite – This is a lightweight alternative to other auction house addons. AuctionLite does everything you need it to with less than half the fat of other auction house addons.
  • Gatherer – Keeps track of mining nodes, herbs, & treasure chests, and records their locations on your game map(s).
  • GoGoMount – Automagically selects the fastest possible mount for your current location. Also randomizes them so you never know what ya gonna get.
  • Postal – Adds some mail enhancements to the in-game postal system.
  • RatingBuster – Adds class and talent-specific info to item tooltips. RatingBuster is handy for comparing stats when determining upgrades.
  • SellJunk – Vendor all of your gray items with one click!

I also want to recognize Halcyone for creating some wonderful textures for KgPanels. The Hal border was the perfect finishing touch for my UI. πŸ™‚

To maintain this addon compilation, I highly recommend the use of a client such as the ones that Curse and WoWInterface offer. It is very important to keep all of these addons updated with the latest versions in order to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. An addon manager like the Curse Client makes this task a snap.

Please use the comments area below to post questions and comments about the UI. I’ll be updating this page with additional info and tips, but in the meantime, your questions and comments will help me to create a FAQs section.

I also encourage you to support the real heroes – the addon developers. Just click on any of the links above to visit the various addon download pages, and you’re likely to find some Donate buttons.

407 thoughts on “My User Interface”

  1. In the top left corner the players buff are presented – what addon is this? I created a new char and copied my folder from my old char to the new char, but some things are just not setup correctly. I managed to get most of the ui back, but can’t see to enable that buff window?

  2. Hey Gar I appreciate everything you are doing with this UI, with MoP coming soon I wanted a more “professional” UI yet when I install everything according to your instructions and typing in /reflux switch GarUI and nothing happens. If you could get back to me I would appreciate it!

  3. Heyy i really like the addon at first when i downloaded but now it seems like a mess its showing the friends,guild,activity,mail,fps and all that on the center of the screen i find it really hard to enjoy your ui now because of that so please reply as soon as possible and thanks πŸ˜€

    • That’s the SLDataText addon that is doing that. I’ve updated and reconfigured it, but it’s still not completely 5.0.4 ready. Some of the data modules haven’t been updated yet – like guild and friends, and the currency one seems to be broken at the moment.

      My advice would be to disable it in the meantime, unless you want to update it and mess with it on your own. I’ll be uploading an updated version of my UI as soon as I think it’s ready, but I can’t say exactly when that will be. I plan on posting about the status of the update, so check back later tonight maybe.

  4. Dear Garwulf, thank you alot for the UI, it’s great! Can you help me how to make the texts describe the stats of items bigger, I have a small monitor so it’s hard to read the tiny texts about items (amor/dps, durability, sell prices, etc. even its name!).

  5. Hey I downloaded and installed your addon as shown in the readme and when I launched WoW it started downloading the game over. Did I miss something?

  6. What do I need to do to be able to hover over my targets buffs/debuff to show what it is.. The UI has the info tip screen of my target go away as soon as I move the move off the target box..

    • I have target buffs configured like this:

      The unit tooltip shows “all buffs”, the unit frame only shows short duration buffs (the important ones), shit that I can Tranq off displays above their unit frame in a column (via Power Auras).

      The arena unit frames are designed to show all buffs, but the regular target frame filters out all of the raid style buffs, auras, aspects, etc.

      Hopefully that sheds some light on the method to my madness.

          • I see, thanks.. I cant figure out to get those Tip display to stay up then… Because as soon as my mouse leaves the target unit frame, the Tip that shows the buffs go away. I want to try to get the targets buff to stay up long enough to where I can hover over to figure what the buff / mount /etc is since I dont know all the icons…

  7. Have you ever used ArkInventory. I personally feel it is alot better of a bag management add on. I got rid of bagnon and switch to ark.

  8. Have you ever used ArkInventory. I personally feel it is alot better of a bag management add on. I got rid of bagnon and switch to ark.

  9. For the dummies like me anyway you can make movies on where to put your hunter bars, how you use them, ect. Would be very helpful for people like me that have problems on what to use, where to place it ect.

    • My keybinds aren’t ones I’d necessarily recommend. When I first started playing WoW, I pretty much tossed skills in from L to R on my main action bar – assigning other keys when I ran out of room – then sorta stuck with those keybinds. I moved things around a tiny bit over the years, but my keybinds would probably be considered unorthodox by “ideal standards”.

      A UI demo/explanation video is something that’s long overdue. I really want to do that at some point, so thanks for reminding me. πŸ™‚

      I think it would really help to answer some questions and give players insight into why I have things set up the way I do.

  10. Just downloaded your UI and i was wondering the following.

    did you remove satrina’s buff frame ? because in the newly downloaded one from this site its not included

  11. I’m extremely impressed with your writing skills as neatly as with the format on your blog. Is that this a paid theme or did you modify it your self? Either way stay up the excellent high quality writing, it’s uncommon to see a nice weblog like this one nowadays..

  12. I DL your compliation and was ashtonished by the amount of add ons in it, I think it said 10k but got tired of installing and looked a lot I couldn’t I don’t know to use some of them on here, btw several links go to other sites or the add ons from the wow add on forums.

    Very Confused

  13. Gar….firstly let me say I love the UI…
    After a 6 month layoff I thought I’d start fresh playing ONLY a hunter… so with a totally new account (so I wouldn’t be tempted to play something else, I have no focus) I have dedicated my free time to “The Hunter!” πŸ™‚
    I have used the odd addon but that was limited to Healbot, Need To Know, and Recount.
    So I downloaded your UI as per your instructions and fumbled my way through each addon to get things looking the way I thought they would work for me.
    Things seem to be going well from what I can tell, however I can’t for the life of me get “Recount” to work??
    I know that isn’t much information to go on but I have no idea on what to look for… sorry!
    Thanks in advance….

  14. I first realized my UI had a problem when this happened:

    Figuring out which direction to shoot in was an achievement in itself >.<.

    Anyway, there are a couple of addons I'd like to transfer into this UI from my existing setup, like TSM, Altoholic and Carbonite. Do you anticipate any issues? I'm especially worried about Carbonite. Also, what is your TidyPlates equivalent?

  15. Hi Gar i just wanna say thnx.. i have treid sevral ui before this one and i always gone back to wow ui but this is Ui is just Fantastic is way better and it will take me some time to get to grips whit everything… keep up the good work
    Cheers from a worgen hunter

  16. Gar I just stumbled across your website the other day and have been reading your articles on BM PVP and such and decided to try out your UI so I downloaded it and it looks like this :[
    Granted I move the bars down because they were in the middle of the screen.

  17. Gar, I really like your UI, but I need to customize it to suit my needs. The problem is I cant customize, because I dont know which addons are involved. Perhaps you can help me?

    Here’s what I want to do: I want to swap the location of the action bars at the bottom of the screen with location of the player/enemy focus bars in the lower middle of the screen. The smaller player bars which appear when you are in a dungeon are fine where they are. Just need to do this swap – reason being, too much eye movement is required between the action bars at the bottom of the screen and what is actually happening on screen… So, I know that the action bars are controlled by Bartender4, but what about the Player/Enemy Focus bars? I cannot figure out which addon controls them so that I may change their location. Thanks in advance for your help.

    • You must be talking about the unit frames, which are controlled by Shadowed Unit Frames, /suf.

      If you need to move the cast bars associated with the target frame, then it’s controlled by AzCastBar, /acb.

  18. there is some addon or something from your UI that keeps me from seeing all the quests that i track. SO i can only see like 3 quests maximum when im doing tol barad dailies instead of 6-7 bgvbn

    • Hmmm… not sure what it could be. I would troubleshoot it by disabling some of the addons you think may be posing a conflict and then re-activate them one by one until you locate the culprit. This is pretty easy to do if you use the Addon Control Panel, then just keep doing a /reload.

  19. is there an easy way to make the enitre UI larger? everything is soooo small it hurts my eyes to try and read everything on a 30inch monitor…thanks!

    • You could use the UI scale to increase the size, but I can’t say whether the results will be to your liking. The UI is optimized for 1920×1280, so for any other res it will require some tweaking.

      Were I to do it, I’d resize everything addon by addon. I know that sounds like a lot of work, but it’s nothing compared to the time I’ve spent creating this thing, with all of the settings, filters, etc. With a little patience, you should be able to make it work within about 45mins to an hour.

  20. Can you please tell me the name of the addon that is under the spell boxes in the bottom middle and that displays gold, guild members, fps, internet speed, armor and time. Answer would be greatly appreciated.

  21. What is the addon on the bottom (under the spell bars) that displays gold, armor, internet speed, guild member and FPS?

  22. How do I get buffs and debuffs to display? Sorry if its obvious, but I have tried to go through all the addons to find which one controls it. Thanks.

  23. there is some addon or something from your UI that keeps me from seeing all the quests that i track. SO i can only see like 3 quests maximum when im doing tol barad dailies instead of 6-7

  24. hey garwulf i love the UI but sadly i cannot get it to work properly i downloaded and installed everything corrected , i even tried deleted everything and retrying form the start on several occasions but to no luck, when i log in everything is messed up i typed /reflux switch GarUI and it reloads and it changes nothing and still looks i mess i have no idea what to do :/ please help me out

    • Have the same problem. I do however feel that this is quite a common issue with Reflux, don’t know in this case though. And yes, I’ve checked “load out of date” as usual.

      Any other suggestions what the problem might be?

  25. Hey Gar, thanks so much for updating this. I’ve been using ElvUI for a while but I’m glad to come back to yours πŸ™‚

  26. Gar could u tell me what that yellow cross means from Power Aura? Also the green and yellow curved lines that appear underneath ure character

    • The yellow cross shows when my pet’s health dips below 60%. There’s a minor issue that started in 4.3 where it now displays while I’m waiting for a res.

      The green and yellow “U-shaped” auras tell me when Serpent Sting or Widow Venom are not up on my target — also, the Widow Venom (yellowish) alert only shows when I’m flagged for PvP.

  27. Hello Gar,

    Ow how I love your setup! It’s one of the first time that I actually am willing to try to totally adopt another person’s setup, being a big fan of customizing it myself. Huge complements.

    I do have a question though. My main is a priest and all of my addons are configured for it. I have adapted my hunter’s setup to my priests but where possible I have used different profiles. I would really love to try out your setup but for now would like to keep my priests. Since I’m already using 30+ addons fully configured this might turn out to be a problem.

    Since I wasn’t aware of reflux I am quite unfamiliar with it and I was wondering. Would you think that it is possible using it, to first save my current Priest and Hunter setup and after that load yours? So if needed for raiding and RBG’s I can swap back to my original for the time being?

    It would give me some time to familiarize myself with your setup while still being able to join my guild for events, as changing your setup takes some time to get used too.

    Once again huge compliments to your UI. Haven’t been a regular visitor at the lodge but wil become one now, Cheers !

    kind regards,

    • Glad you like the setup, Zothan.

      You could install my UI setup while still keeping your current profiles, but it’d be a little trickier depending upon how many addons are shared. You’d probably want to do a copy/paste with the .lua files in the Saved Variables folder – being careful not to replace any existing ones.

      At the character level, I would delete an existing character’s folder then replace it with the char file in the download. Configure my UI for this particular toon, then save it. At this point you should be able to switch between your existing profile(s) and my new one without any trouble.

      Read this overview of Reflux before you begin any experimenting, and be sure to back up your existing folders before you move forward with the install.

  28. 1. I’m 85 and have the Merrymaker title πŸ˜€
    2. I did everything you said and suddenly I lost my addons button at the character screen πŸ™ HELP!

    • You lost your ‘AddOns’ button at the character screen?! First I’ve heard of that ever happening.

      Just delete the folders from my UI pack and drag your backup folders back in. The ‘AddOns’ button should be back. At that point I’d just review the installation instructions again – making sure you have the install procedure down to the letter.

      • Hey Gar,

        I’m excited to use your interface, however, I’ve had the some problem as the gentleman above. Do you know if he was ever able to resolve the issue? I followed your instructions to the letter and I don’t know what happened.

        I will do as you say above an try again. I will let you know if it doesnt work when I’m done.

  29. Love the UI. Have learnt so much playing around with it. Cant work out how to get the buffs and debuffs to the top left of screen . Is that via SUF? or another addon? All buffs and debuffs seemed to be turned off in there. was a bit confused as some things say need to know and satrina Buff Frame?, however not installed-
    All In all a very slick UI.

  30. Hey very nice job with the UI. Althoug could u explain the power auras? I look into the power auras tutorial but you kinda changed the things around and i have no idea what all of those icons and bars mean..

  31. one more thing:
    it don’t show buffs/debuffs in top of my unit frames, it don’t show the buffs in top left corner etc.
    it don’t show some more things

  32. Hello, Gar, my ui don’t look like your, i think that was because the update but, i did realy like the other…sry tell me if i am wrong, sry for my english.

  33. gday i absolutely love the look of the ui but i have a couple of issues which i cant seem to find a solution for the reflux switch doesent work for me and when i open the sldata text doesent work eather it is jus stuk in the middle of the screen if there anything you can suggest it is muchly appreciated

  34. Dear Garwulf,

    I’m playing on the EU [Kazzak] server.

    Your Ui seems to be perfect for my Hunter.

    Unfortunately,i can’t download it anymore.

    If there is any chance u still got it can u please send it to me. =)

    My email is
    Waiting for your reply.

    Best wishes,

  35. Hiya Guys,

    Can someone send me the GarUI pack cause i can’t find it anywhere but wowinterface but when i click on it it’s not available anymore…

    so pls email it to me…. []

    Thanks a bunch guys

  36. Dear Garwulf,

    I’m still playing on a 3.3.5 private server.

    Your Ui seems more then perfect for my Hunter?Dk.

    Sadly,can’t download it anymore.

    If there is any chance you still have the 3.3.5 version in your archives,you would make me a christmas present and mail it on my e-mail?;p

    The email is

    Waiting for ure reply.

    Best wishes,

  37. Your UI Is no longer on wowinterface and I can’t seem to find it elsewhere.

    Could you re-upload it or provide another link?

  38. You have a very beautiful interface, a lot cleaner and streamlined than a lot of other “packages” I’ve seen, especially those monstrosities at

    Unfortunately, I play on a low-end computer for the most part so I can’t utilize it.. I’m so sad.

  39. how the hell do u get the gold, n ms details in the bottom square?
    that /reflux command wont work one bit :/

  40. Blazer can u state how u solved the problem? i cant get my action bars and ui to work and lua errors r popping everywhere like some of the previos comments, will someone plz show me some solution to this?

    I do play on a 3.3.5 server as well.
    Please advise XD

  41. Can someone please give me pack for version 3.3.5a(im playing on private server and i love this pack but now i have a new pc because last one melted)

  42. Hi, I tried to install this interface, but I have not failed, they do everything you say in the guide does not work for me HOWEVER, action bars do not appear anywhere, even life bars and errors are jumping LUA just beginning … panels are not positioned well, all addons seem to work properly, I’ve tried to update to no avail … that can not be, if you can help me with this would be great and I apologize in advance for my spelling .. thanks

  43. Every time I try to rename my WTF folder I get an error message saying the folder or a file in it is in use in another program. Any clue how to get around this? Thanks.

    • I know, I know… I really thought I could have had an updated version available, but I’ve just not had the time. I’ve got a couple of teensy things I want to address, plus I typically like to scrub the .lua files a bit before I upload them. I want to be sure the updated version will be easily installable and user-friendly on the first pass.

      All I can say is… as soon as I get a chance, an update will be made available. πŸ™‚ I know you and many others have been waiting, so I’ll try to put it on the fast track.

      • Thank you for the quick answer! Easily installable and user-friendly are on the first place, so its ok)

  44. My recount doesnt pop up like omen i havent changed anything. i tried overwriting my recount WTF files from your to mine and /reflux”ed” again. still didnt work. πŸ™

  45. Ive got a really annoying problem. when someone links an item or profession list, nothing pops up when I click it. how do I fix it?

    great setup btw! πŸ™‚

    • Gar… the little tracking icon in the mini map …. I have a lrger screen so I increased the size of the mini map.. but I cannot figure out how to move the “tracking” icon. Any thoughts?

  46. I have DL your UI I love it! I had to make some changes because I can only run in 1600 x 1200. The only thing I haven’t figured out how to change is the WorldFrame Text. Specifically being the pop up you get anytime you mouse over something. Is there anyway to fix this? TY for this Great UI!

    • I finally figured out where the adjustments are at. They are in TipTac. Now I need to Find the adjustment for CharacterModelFrame.

  47. hey Gar i just had a quick question for you,I like the ui pack so far but even with curse and monster it appears some of these addons have not been updated in 5-10 months im just wondering if you have changed any changed what you addons you use since you posted the pack past year or if im somehow just not finding the updates. if you have changed you ui do you have an updated download/screenshots.

  48. It looks great and i really want this pack to work but when i do /reflux switch GarUi the action bars dont change at all , although the loading screen pops up as if its going to change the UI.
    Anyone else having this problem and does anyone no any solutions?

  49. I’ve been messing with this for a few weeks now, and have tweaked it to my own uses. I’m happier keeping on with Carbonite for some things and am trying to figure out where some of the text leftovers are coming from on my screen, like the phantom text that used to show gridref and region on the map.

    Any suggestions on what to configure or switch off?


    • Trib,

      I apologize for being rather absent in these comment threads. I don’t always get a chance to answer them right away, and then… well… they tend to get lost.

      The phantom text you speak of is there by way of SLDataText. /sldt

      If you’re still having problems with this, then configuring it will sort you out.



  50. Love the UI! But I have one problem I can’t seem to fix. I downloaded all the addons and did things myself. But I can’t figure out how to make my Player unit frame hide until I am in combat. By the way I love the site and have been a reader here for a long time and have just now registered. I think I will buy you a beer with my next paycheck. Thanks for the hard work you put into this site. I has really improved my game.

  51. I love the UI Garwulf. The only problem I am having is making my Player unit hide when I am not in battle. I ended up downloading all your addons and twikkin it my own way, but for the life of me cant figure this out.

  52. Last, but not least, I should apologise for the n00b questions which are all answered in the post or comments… MUST learn to re-read…


  53. And a final question, if you’ll indulge me.

    The frames on your bt4 screenshot and the others are somewhat different in size. I can figure out resizing, but the skinning that puts the dark, semitransparent boxes of fixed size behind them is irritating as the box size and frame size don’t match.

    Where do I config those?

    Much appreciated in advance.

  54. Oh, and one thing that I don’t think is you – Bagnon seems busted. I get errors when I try to use it. I’ve put in Baggins instead.

  55. After playing Hunters for ever, only recently discovered this; for which I’m eternally grateful.

    Im keen to understand the UI better, so if you don’t object to answering these questions, I’d really appreciate it:

    the Power Auras are already in place in the download, yes (or no)?
    looking at your screenshots, and comparing with your macro page, it’s sometimes hard to figure out what you have on bars and keybinds. Any hope you’d tell us what they all are?

    So far, this setup is already making my play better, so thanks a bunch!

  56. I have a problem I am not sure if it happens but when I play using your UI it reduces my FPS from aroun 40 all the way down to 10-4. Is that normal and is there a way to fix it.

  57. Will this work for patch 3.3.5? I downloaded it and tried it, even refluxed it and moved everything around, cant make it look anything like the picture. I have load out of date addons on and my resolution is 1280×1024. HELP PLS! :))

  58. Hello, is this compatible with 3.3.5 patch? What if we’re a private (server) player on that patch. Can we still use this? Also is it possible to use on a non-wide screen monitor. This is a very nice UI, id love to try it.

  59. Maybe you should try updating your UI download for cata, When i type in /reflux switch GarUI it looks absolutly nothing like yours.

  60. I have windows 7 and there is no program files, so I found the “World of Warcraft” file and it didn’t have the interface or WTF. It had: Logs, updates, bad-piece, wow patch, and wow downloader. Can I have some help please?

  61. Hi Gar,

    First time poster long time reader.

    I downloaded this last year and loved it but had some issues that I thought were UI related which turned out to be my SideWinder X8 resetting it’s macros. Unfortunately we were working on H LK in my previous guild so I put my hunters UI back to standard and have left it until now.

    So, 2 questions for you mate. 1. is the link above updated for 4.06 or do I need to grab the updates (not an issue) and 2. I have various alts (Pally Tank, Rogue, Mage) is there anyway I can disable your UI when using those alts ?

    Thanks for all your hard work helping out the WoW Hunter community!


  62. this guide didnt work at all for me. did all as u said, but ugh.. mine looks like shit and ive typed /reflux switch GarUI aswell. no idea what to do. really want this ui since im playin hunter myself.

  63. Gar i accidentaly overwrote your SBF profile while creating a new one and trying to copy your settings to the new one, how can i recover the old settings?

  64. miamoto March 13, 2011 at 3:39 pm

    Hi, first of all, congratz on your UI. I’ve been using it for a while now and never been so happy!
    I’ve just adapted the layout to my screen size and B4 to mimic my G13 other then that its pretty much the same.

    One thing that I can’t get to work is that animation frame in the player and target UF. I simply don’t have it.

    What should I’ve been looking for?

  65. Hi, first of all, congratz on your UI. I’ve been using it for a while now and never been so happy!
    I’ve just adapted the layout to my screen size and B4 to mimic my G13 other then that its pretty much the same.

    One thing that I can’t get to work is that animation frame in the player and target UF. I simply don’t have it.

    What should I’ve been looking for?

  66. Hey, I don’t know what’s wrong but I’ve installed the UI and when I log in to wow there are huge icons and stuff all over my screen, i try to “/reflux switch GarUI” but it’s not working. Everything stays extremly huge and annoying, do you have any suggestions of how to solve this problem, or maybe something went wrong during the installation?

    • Try going into the various addon configs and setting them to my UI profile manually.

      /sbf options

      Those are 4 of the big ones, so try them out and see. Try /reload as well.

      If none of that works, then you may want to attempt a fresh install, making sure to update all of them prior to logging in.

  67. Gar – I am sorry to bug you again but I have another question. There is a rectangualr shadow within the chatter chatbox that I can not delete. In addition, there is also a shadowed border around that minimap that I can not disable as well. Please advise. Thanks in advance.

    • Bump for an answer please. In addition, is there anyway you could post a video about using some of the addons included in your UI b/c even after updating all of them (the ones that had updates anyway), I can not get need to know, power auras or azcastbar to work properly. Thanks.

      • Those are probably the KGPanels for the chat frame and minimap.

        Type in: /kgpanels config
        Go to: Active Panels
        Click on: Chat & Map
        Click the big red Remove button.

        That’ll get rid of them, or you can make adjustments if you want.

        As far as a video tutorial of my UI… don’t get your hopes up. No one’s paying me to create, update or support it, so it’ll only happen if I feel like doing one -and- have the time to spare, πŸ˜‰

        There’s plenty of info on the compiled addons if you just Google the ones you need help with. For example, Kripparrian has an awesome one for NeedToKNow. Here… I’ll even give you the link:

        • Thanks Gar. Is there a reason, however, that your own need to know and azcastbar settings are not working at all after the UI is loaded? Is there something I can do to get your settings to work. I have checked and the profile on those adds is Gar. Thanks.

          • Not sure really, but if you watch that short vid I linked it will give you the info to configure them. I use 3 bars in my PvP spec (one for MS, one for Serp Sting), and one for target damage immunity) and 2 bars for my PvE spec (Expl Shot, Serp Sting).

            Just to be sure… it should say GarUI — if it says only Gar for the profile then that would be incorrect.

  68. Gar – I downloaded your UI today and I was able to set it up fine. My small problem, however, was that a duplicate tracking symbol and coordinates icon appeared in the lower right corner of my screen irrespective of the mini-map. They were seemingly just floating there. Nothing I did was able to remove them from my screen. Please help. Thanks.

    • The tracking icon is a SatrinaBuffFrame. Type in /sbt options to re-configure or delete it.

      The coords are served up via SLDataText. Type in /sldt to move or delete them.

      That should help. πŸ™‚

  69. how to u make ur recount to look like that (not the normal red bar on top)????
    i know its kg panels but how do u do it…
    ps : cant use ur UI because of resolution problem….

    • Player debuffs are above the player unit frame. Only 7 are set to show in order of importance. Target debuffs are CC or hunter-specific, so if you want to see more target debuffs, then you’ll need to enable them via /suf.

  70. First off, I love the feel and look of this UI. The only issue I have with it is the item tooltips. Its tooooo small!!

    What command or UI is it so I can adjust the font size.

    • If you want to use your calendar, you can either:

      Type in /calendar -or- right-click the mini-map, then select Show/Hide. Check the box that says Calendar.

    • ss duration..? Do you mean the cast bar?

      If so, that’s controlled via AZCastBar. Type in /acb to get to the config. Tick the Edit Mode box and then select Player. Adjust the settings as needed to get it back to how you want it.

  71. i couldnt get the recount workin,and when i try to make a new profile,then it lost that good look u made,any chances u can tell me how to fix it?thank you

    great ui btw

    • Drag the Recount Saved Variables back in from the:
      /YOURACCOUNTNAME/Saved Variables/
      /Character/Saved Variables/

      All of the settings for the addon are stored in those files. Just restore them from my UI download and you’ll be back in business.

  72. I like your ui but have a question…whenever i’m in pvp the timer bars for captured places show up on the middle of the screen and i can’t seem to move them…please advise.

  73. hi,

    just curious if this will be compatible with the latest patch (4.0.3)? Would this be available on

  74. I was wondering if you ever considered changing the layout of your blog? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having 1 or 2 images. Maybe you could space it out better?

  75. Ok Gar, I have been a quiet fan of your site since the release of cataclysm and I rolled my first hunter. I just downloaded and installed your UI and I am loving it. However, one thing I missed from my last UI was the ability to tell my pets happiness status. Does your UI do this and if so where do I find it?

    • In order to always see pet happiness, you need to uncheck the combat fader option in /suf.

      Unfortunately, there’s no other way to monitor it outside of the unit frame, as happiness is not a buff. Therefore, you have to always have your unit frames visible.

      I’ve actually changed my config to that anyway.

      Hope that helps.

  76. First off great UI, I love it. One issue I’m having is that I cannot click on my character in the viewport to select myself. Is this an option with one of the above addons? I’ve poured through the default interface and all of the addon options. Im either simply missing it or it is a bug.

  77. Hey, Ive been using your UI for sometime now and I’m really enjoying it. i have however, seem to have lost the functionality of selecting my character simply by clicking on him. Any ideas on what would be causing this?

  78. Hey just wanted to say this is great. I have managed to rebuild most of this UI in Cata and I really, really like it! I am just curious what you were using to see the targets debuffs. I may be blind, but I can’t figure it out o.O

  79. Looks totally awesome! I so want this.. :DD but it doesnt work… : / i have done exactly what it says, but when i try to log in to the world the game freezes on load screen.. (yes, i have “load outdated addons” on)

    • My first bit of advice would be to ensure you have the latest versions of all the addons included. I suggest using either, or both:

      I typically run the Curse client at every startup, and the MMOUI Monster once every few days. WoWInterface seems to get certain updates before curse, so I end up catching a few updates with the monster that curse missed.

      If after updating all addons it still will not load, then I suggest disabling Power Auras. That seems to often be the culprit, and has helped a few people with your similar situation.

      If it’s still giving you trouble, then you’ll likely have to go with a trial and error approach – relogging with minimal addons and slowly activating some until you can target the problem one(s).

  80. I just downloaded the UI pack today and after i followed all the instructions and loaded WoW my UI looked like the standard blizz UI and then i typed /reflux switch GarUI nothing happened. Plz let me know what i could do about this.


  81. I just downloaded this UI pack today and when i loaded wow it looked like the standard blizz UI exept there were a few frames floating around. After i typed /reflux switch GarUI nothing happened. I would like to know what i could do about this problem.


  82. I’ve got a problem. I can’t see my buffs, unbuffs and target’s buffs and debuffs also.. What I have to do?

    Ohh and there’s one more problem. Everytime I am going on pvp, i getting disconnectng.

  83. Thank you for your interface, it is clean and efficient. We look forward to the update and great hunters πŸ˜‰

  84. Is anyone else having issues setting focus in dungeons/raids/battlegrounds? I am getting an error saying that the addon is trying to access a forbidden path. I’ll post the exact error later when I am home from work.

  85. hey i love your ui but i have one problem i have two raid frames….this ugly looking bar on the side of the screen with green buttons and your really nice ones on the bottom right of my screen. Well two problems A i want to get rid of the ugly one and B i want to move the cool one since its directly over my map. When i try to use kbpanels to move it all i move is the box behind it and not the actual bars id post a pic but i dont know how to can you please help

  86. My power auras is empty, do you have all your string avialiable for download, or were they supposed to be in the package? Great job btw

  87. Hey i love your ui… but i tried loading it according to your instructions and the game crashes. I hit the enter world button and the load bar gets to 100% and then it stays on that screen and crashes. Any suggestions? I’m on a macbook with OSx 10.5.8.. i know I don’t run at your resolution.. but i’m wondering if I mis-pasted either the interface or wtf file?

    • so after a crapload of trial and error i narrowed the prob down to PowerAuras. That was the only thing causing it to crash. I guess i’ll try and find a more updated version or something and see if that works. IT LOOKS AMAZING and it’s working fine. thanks. Hopefully I can figure out how to make the res a bit more workable on my 14″ screen :).

      • Hey Icar,

        Once I get my update on WoWInterface (tomorrow most likely), you can d/l it and copy the Power Auras over. Also, if you like, you may just want to give the new version a whirl. I’m thinking that may b the better option since you just now installed it today.

        In other words, don’t spend too much time adjusting this one because the new-and-improved version will be up soon – complete with up-to-date-addons.

  88. gar, how do i edit that thing. when i mouse over a target enemy which displays their hp , mana ang etc. how do i relocate it. because i’m on 14″ so i have to edit some things.

    • That’s probably the target tooltip.

      Type in /tip

      Then click on the anchor button. A movable anchor will display and you can drag it wherever.

      Sorry this reply is late, but I must’ve missed your comment.

    • I’ve been working on one flikQ, but I’m not quite done with it. My playing time has taken a huge hit, so although 4.0.1’s been out a few weeks now, I’ve only been able to get in maybe a day’s worth of game-time.

      When I make any changes I like to play with them for awhile to see if they enhance things or not. I also like to make sure there aren’t any (or at least too many) issues with the configuration.

      Another thing that’s been holding me up is the fact that I may look to another unit frame addon.

      In short, I am working on a newer and better version of this, but time’s not been on my side. :-\

    • It’s getting there Zackh. I’m trying to get it tip-top for an updated release, but I still need a little more time. It’s been rough the past several weeks trying to get some game-time in; however, when I have been on, I’ve pretty much been messing with my UI or testing things in some instance or BG.

      It’s coming along nicely, but I don’t want to make it available until I feel it’s ready. There aren’t any revolutionary changes I’ve made to deal with focus, but I have added a few things that I feel are a bonus over the last one.

      I won’t make any promises, but sometime soon. πŸ˜‰

  89. Been a clicker for a long time and was curious if you could post a few examples of keybindings that you are using in your UI.


  90. I tried loading your UI, but every time, after I try to login to my character, the game locks up on the load screen. I can login to the game, load all out of date addons and select my character, but it freezes each time when the load bar reaches all the way full. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

  91. Hey there me again.

    On the list of addons u use, under KGPanels, you say that you use it to add a gradient on the player buffs bar, the in the screen-shots it looks like each buff has a small frame around it, how did you achieve this?


    • Hi Postie,

      I scrapped the panel gradient behind the bars. I went with the less is more stance on that.

      The frame around the buffs is provided by ButtonFacade, using the Apathy skin.

  92. Having trouble with Shadowed Unit Frames showing party members and party targets. It all worked great prior to patch 4.0.1 now its borked and I have updated to latest version. Any ideas?

  93. Hey Gar, wicked UI, I’ve been using it for a few months now. Just revisited your site to see if you left any comments about updating addons for 4.0 patch, and thought I might ask a couple of questions I’ve got.
    1. In your raid screenshot, there are 3 bars in between your player frame and your target frame, and one bar on the left side of your player frame, what are they, and I asume there ACB bars of some sort?

    2. The default UI lets you check certain currencies to be displayed on the bag screen next to how much gold you have (I used honor and frosties before switching to your UI), does Bagnon have this ability? I’ve looked around on the Bagnon site but it’s of no help lol.

    Again, thanks for the awsome UI, looks so much cleaner and more profesional then Blizz’s UI.

    • Hi Postie,

      The bars between the unit frames, and just to the left of the player frame, are NeedToKnow cooldown and DoT timers.

      I’m not sure on the currency thing… I always just use my character tab. If I get a chance to find out one way or another, I’ll update this comment.

  94. First off, thank you so much for putting this out there for everyone to use, and especially for adding the WTF files. It’s a beautiful UI and what I have been trying to do myself for awhile.

    My only question/problem would be that there is a yellow bar about 1/4 up the screen from the bottom. I’m not sure what addon it’s tied to or how to get rid of it. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks again!

  95. I just tried the UI and /reflux switch GarUI does nothing :(, after looking around here and in the UI I found no profile in AzCastBar and no Active Layouts in KG Panels, also nothing in Power Auras Classic πŸ™ any help would so I can give this UI the try it deserves, thanks

  96. The UI works fine for my hunter, but on my warrior there is a problem. Giant NeedToKnow bars appear in the center of the screen during combat showing cooldowns of each ability used during combat.. Sometimes these bars even overwrite each other creating a huge mess and at times completely blocking my view of the combat. There is no way to identify this group of cooldown bars so that I could figure how to either move them or get rid of them. I type /needtoknow and /ntk to access config screen but those commands are ignored. Nothing happens. In the needtoknow section of of wow interface menu there is no way to identify these bars. I’m thinking that you must have a script somewhere in the UI that creates these bars manually. This problem makes playing my warrior almost impossible.

    • im gonna reply to my own question πŸ˜€

      the answer is to use /acb. in my case, the GarUI profile was not loaded for some reason. loading it solved the problem.

  97. Hey!
    great UI, im having a issue with the minimap i am trying to move it back to the top right corner but how would one go about moving the name of the place im in and the Tracking from the bottom right to the top right?

    any help is great!

    Many thanks again!

    • The location text is controlled via SLDataText. To move it, type in /SLDT to bring up the config. Unlock the text and reposition as needed.

      The Tracking icon is displayed by way of SatrinaBuffFrame.

      Type in: /sbf options

      Drag the tracking icon where you want it.

      You’re good to go.

  98. Gar,

    Thanks for the great UI.

    I’m running into an issue w/ the dungeon finder in that I’m not seeing what people have signed up for which means I have to ask who is tanking, which means I often get snarky replies. I saw your reply regarding the Dungeon Finder and getting that button added back to the mini-map, but haven’t seen how to get the party role into the unit frames.

    Thanks again…

    • Type in /suf

      Go to: Unit Configuration > Party > Indicators > Dungeon role

      Make sure Enable indicator is checked. It should be, but hopefully those steps will get it fixed for ya. πŸ™‚

  99. Thank you for the awesome UI, I’m new to WoW and I’ve been trying to sort my interface out because the default bugs me but most of the UI just didn’t sit right with me. This however is brilliantly minimal. The kgpanels definitely give it a nice polish!

    I’m only level 36 at the moment so my priorities for what’s accessible are probably a bit different to yours but I was wondering how you choose what stays visible? I’ve mostly gone for stuff with cooldowns at the moment and for Bar2 I’m showing key bindings to help me learn them for my newer skills.

    One question I’d like your help with: There’s a countdown thing on Serpent Sting but is there something that will tell me when I haven’t got any active stings on enemies? If I’m tabbing between targets it’s hard to know when to recast – or should I just be recasting it on each new target to get the bonus on Arcane Shot (assuming that exists and I didn’t just imagine it)?

    Thanks again Gar!

    • Bar 1 I use mainly for my shots and more important abilities. Bar 2 is mainly for cooldowns. At 36, you should be able to get just about everything you need in those 2 slots. The (faded) bar on the right side of the screen is handy for consumables and other items you want to use outside of combat.

      When I’m leveling a different class (I know… blasphemous), I’ll set those hidden bars to visible whilst I get used to the keybinds. Once I’ve got them dialed in, then I hide them again.

      My Power Auras setup is configured to show aura alerts when certain shots are needed (i.e., serpent sting’s fallen off, black arrow is off cooldown). You may want to cycle through some of the PA settings to make sure it’s configured properly. First thing I’d check is to be sure they’re activated for your default spec.

      If you watch that short Power Auras demo vid I made, you’ll see how they’re supposed to behave.

  100. thanks m8 all thats sorted. im having trouble on gunship(seeing cannon temp). and on bloodqueen i can find the bite button, its usaully number 1 on default UI. Could u also please armory me (Stealthrone) and see where im going wrong with my dps coz i used to pull off 12-13k dps on fester gut now i struggle to maintain 9-10k with better gear. and also i find my gear that gives me 100% armor pen and the gear that gives me 80% armor pen is almost the same dps(without warrior sunders)

  101. thanks buddy will try it. But ive done it all manually and set it up my own way but i have a prob at Gunship and bloodqueen. at gunship i cant see wether the cannon is about to overheat and at bloodqueen i cant see the bite button its usaully number 1. Ive sorted everything otherwise is u could just help me with those 2 things sorry for being a pain. and abit of advise please i was pushing like 11-12k dps per fight with minimal movement but the better my gear is getting i seem to struggle to pass 10-11k please armoury me and give me some advise. (stealthrone). ty

  102. Hey there Garwolf.

    This is going to sound like a lot to ask but I’m really struggling to configure everything in on your screen. I use 1600 by 900 and I’ve spent hours trying to re-arrange but I have no idea what I’m doing.

    Any chance you could upload a 1600 by 900 wisescreen one? It would be a massive help.

    Thank you,

  103. When i hover over the monster it shows its mini box in the right hand center. The minibox that shows how many quest items needed etc. How can i move it?

    Also where did you get your debuff icon? mine is still the default icon XD
    How can i move the cords and location name from the bottom right hand side? if i moved the map?

    Finally i would liek to ask how to have power bar activated all the time and how to activate recount onli in raids and instances?

    I really Love your UI its great. Keep up the good work

  104. Hey i love your UI, everything worked well but when i got into battleground the grid mest up it was over the map and i cldnt fix it. Any tips on what to do. I have yet to try it on Raid and also arena.

  105. I made sure addons were up to date with the Curse client, but I had not heard of the MMO client. I tried it, and it had a couple issues with some addons. I guess I’ll have to do those manually and see what happens.

  106. Only out of date addons are SBF, ShareMedia, Slidebar (lib), swatter and tekticles and i cant seem to find any of them all other adds seem up to date. /reflux switch GarUI (loads but nothing changes and i keep getting that error when i logg same as grolnars im lost now and ur UI is what ive been looking for. If u dont know whats wrong could u help me setup mine just like yours from scatch or point me in the right direction?

  107. Hey man, love your UI. I was using Lui until I found this one. I am having a slight problem with the macro that tells you the name of the addon. When I try to use it, it just shows me GetMouseFocus():GetName()) in the chat window. Did something change in a patch that makes the macro not work, or did I do something wrong?

    • Glad you like the UI Grolnar. πŸ™‚

      My guess is there’s something amiss in the macro. Mine still works fine.

      I copied this straight from my macros-cache.txt file… copy and paste it into your macro:

      /script ChatFrame1:AddMessage(“You are hovering over frame: ” .. GetMouseFocus():GetName())

      Hopefully that sorts it out.

      • Still not working. Here is the error I get from the error addon:

        Date: 2010-08-22 18:30:32
        ID: 2
        Error occured in: Global
        Count: 1
        Message: [string “ChatFrame1:AddMessage(β€œYou are hovering over frame: ” ..”] line 1:
        unexpected symbol near ‘?Debug:
        [C]: ?
        [C]: RunScript()
        ..\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:1996: ?()
        ..\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:4049: ChatEdit_ParseText()
        ..\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:3660: ChatEdit_SendText()
        [C]: UseAction()
        ..\FrameXML\SecureTemplates.lua:310: handler()
        Swatter, v3.1.14 ()
        NPCScan, v3.3.5.5
        acbAuras, v09.12.16
        acbBattleGround, v09.12.16
        acbCastBar, v09.12.16
        acbCooldowns, v09.12.16
        acbFlightTimes, v09.12.16
        acbGlobalCooldown, v09.12.16
        acbLootRoll, v09.12.16
        acbMirror, v09.12.16
        acbShaman, v09.12.16
        acbSwing, v09.12.16
        acbThreat, v09.12.16
        acbTotems, v09.12.16
        AzCastBar, v10.06.27
        Bagnon, v2.13.2b
        BagnonConfig, v
        BagnonForever, v1.1.2
        BagnonTooltips, v
        Bartender4, v4.4.2
        ButtonFacade, v3.3.300
        ButtonFacadeApathy, v3.3.75
        Chatter, v1.0
        Chinchilla, vv2.1.4
        ColorTools, v
        DXELoader, v
        eAlign, v
        GearScoreLite, v3x04
        GoGoMount, v0003030701
        GoGoPet, v0003020000
        kgPanels, vv1.5.2
        MikScrollingBattleText, v5.4.78
        NeedToKnow, v3.1.5
        Omen, v3.0.9
        OmniCC, v2.5.9
        OmniCCOptions, v
        PowerAuras, v3.0.0L
        RangeDisplay, v3.8.2
        RatingBuster, v
        Recount, v
        Reflux, v1.9
        SatrinaBuffFrame, v3.1
        SellJunk, v2.6.3
        ShadowedUFTrinkets, v
        ShadowedUnitFrames, vv3.2.12
        SharedMedia, v3.0.1-177
        SLDataText, v3.2.4
        SlideBar, v3.1.14 ()
        tekticles, v3.2.0.10
        TipTac, v10.05.01
        TipTacItemRef, v10.02.27
        TipTacTalents, v10.02.27
        BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v3.3.5.30300

          • I think it may be an addon update issue. Since the macro is still working fine for me, I’m hoping that it’s maybe just a case of outdated addons. This package is over 3 1/2 mos. old, so updates to many of the included addons are needed.

  108. HEllo Garwulf!,

    I’ve been using your UI and loving it.. BUt i noticed I can’t click links on my chatter box? is there anything i can do to fix that??

  109. Gar, I have been using your UI for a while now and I enjoy it… It’s a constant learning experience for me since I had never used addons before I used yours.. I’m having a problem right now, I hope you can help me out. I’ve somehow managed to erase all of the settings in the GarUI Bartender profile.. Is there a settings file that I can replace to restore the GarUI Bartender settings or do I have to reinstall the entire thing?

  110. UI NooB here. Love the look of your work, but I am wondering about the effects on my other non-hunter toons. If I remove the WTF and Interface folder from the root won’t that remove the settings for my pally, mage, etc.? I read through all the comments, and didn’t see anything related.

    I can’t help but feel that this is a question with an obvious answer, but you seem to be the man in the know.

  111. I recently switched to this UI and it’s so much better than the standard UI, once you get used to the differences. Thanks a million!
    One thing I have not found out how to do, though: on the standard minimap there’s a button to teleport in and out of random dungeons. How do you do this now that the button is no longer there? Also while in queue I could check the wait times by hovering over that button, which was helpful though not critical.
    But I found myself suddenly left alone in a random HC last night after downing the last boss, and could not teleport out. I could have used HS of course, but I didn’t want to have to do that. Eventually I found a passage leading to an exit portal, but no way to simply teleport out.
    Also, although it’s slightly OT here, I’m very much used to checking on my pet’s happiness in the standard UI, but with my new UI I only see the small face occasionally when my pet bar pops up, and then usually only when in combat. Is this something that Power Auras could keep an eye on for me?

    • Glad you like the UI Felinin. πŸ™‚

      Your two reports are things I plan on addressing in an update to this UI. In the meantime… here are some fixes:

      For the dungeon finder button, just right-click on the minimap so as to bring up the Chinchilla config. Go to: Show/Hide, then click on LFG. This will put the button back on the map, allowing you to see the queue time, as well as teleport out.

      To reposition it, go to: Move Buttons, scroll down to LFG, then drag the angle slider to where you want it.

      The pet happiness issue can only be remedied by keeping the frame visible while out-of-combat. I have yet to find a way to display a pet’s happiness, that isn’t anchored to the unit frame.

      To do this:

      Type in: /suf
      Go to: Unit Configuration > Pet
      You can either drag the inactive alpha slider to a value above 0, or you can uncheck the box.

      I don’t worry about it too much myself, as my pet’s happiness is usually only at yellow or red just after a res. Bloodthirtsy and Improved Revive Pet take care of my pet’s happiness needs in PvE. In PvP, I’m always healing them, so I usually never worry about happiness, since it’s typically always full.

  112. Hey Gar, I got a question about the cast bar that shows up. I added a couple bars via bartender (above the 2 you have) and I moved all the Unit frames up a bit, but I can’t figure out how to move the cast bar and so its behind one of my rows of Icons. Is it part of ACB? if so could you tell me how to move it? THX!

    • Chris,

      Type in: /acb

      The bars you need to move are player, target and the swing timer. Click on each one, then adjust their location by using the Position option below.

  113. Hey Gar I know you’re busy, I love the UI I just need to tweek a few things and I’ll be all set. I am working on the debuffs on my target which I found out how to do from reading the comments but the one issue I am having that is irritating me……..if you look at your BG screenshot above the cooldown timers and the flag or tower capture timers just above your chattbox….well on mine they are in the middle of the screen covering up my toon and overlapping each other if you could point me in the right direction as to how to fix this I’d be greatly appreciative.

      • They should show up below your target’s power bar. If they’re not there…

        /suf > Unit Configuration > Target > Widget Size

        Scroll down til you see combo points. You can adjust the size of the combo points widget (bar) as needed.

    • Hey Perceuss,

      Those are controlled through AZCastBar.

      Type in: /acb

      Go to: BattleGround

      Then click on Position from the choices below. Size and position them as needed. πŸ™‚

  114. Great UI! Just Downloaded and Installed , everything placed itself perfectly once i typed the nessecary command. I did a quick OS3D run just to check it out in raid. I definitely need to go through the auras as while they are mostly the same buff wise , my icons and sounds were different. One thing that I had noticed is I didn’t see the targets de-buffs anywhere? maybe since it was only a 2min fight I just overlooked it? I like to see the HM and SS icons on the boss debuffs so i can know if i have to hit a quick chimera to refresh while DPSing another target or avoiding things like coldflames.

  115. Yo Garwulf!
    Since I can’t reply to your latest comment on my postings, i just post another comment.
    I got kgPanels and SLDT from your UI-Package and add it to my user interface.
    It takes me a while, but I think I got a nice solution now.
    I have to say, in some parts it looks similar to yours

    Here is a direct link:
    (I got many modifier macros to handle these hunter abilities, so your gonna miss some of them in the action bars…)

    And thank your very much for your tips by the way ;D

  116. Yo Garwulf!
    I discovered your very great homepage some weaks ago and now I signed up for getting some information about your UI.
    But first I have to say I’m from Germany and my English skills are not enough to understand everything whats posted here or in the forums.
    So yeah, I wonder how you get this bar with your total amount of gold, armor status, memory used by addons, latence, fps, online guildmembers and current time..
    Can you give me a short description which AddOn you use for that, it’s really nice.

    And another question:
    Did you find a way to get Bagnon compatible with ButtonFacade (maybie with SharedMedia…)?
    I’m using ButtonFacade: Caith by the way, it seems really similar to yours.

    Hope you can give me some feedback and excuse my bad English skills ;D
    Greetings from Germany!

    • Ohh, I’m really sorry for that… I found the correct Addon in your blog. :X
      It’s SLDataText, isn’t it? Sure.. ;D

      • Yes, SLDataText is the one. πŸ™‚

        I don’t have my bag frame displayed, so I never really paid much attention to whether the buttons were being skinned or not. I’ve not had any troubles with it though.

        • Thank you for your fast reply.
          Is kgPanels the only way to get this nice background to these SLDataText information?
          It just seems, that kgPanels is not really handy..
          Is it difficult?

          • It is the only way to get that nice background, and I would say it’s not for beginners or those without a desire to learn the addon.

            I like messing with stuff, but I can see how others could get fed up with KGPanels.

            To achieve a similar look, but with a lot less hassle, you could go with a a data broker bar plugin such as Chocolate Bar, then install the various DataBroker plugins into that.

            SLDataText is very lightweight, which is why I like it, but it does take a little bit extra to get it displaying how I have it.

            Update: Here’s a link for the Chocolate Bar data Broker plugin, if you’re interested…


  117. @ Perceuss,

    …I feel like a blind guy at a porn shop

    Wow, that sounds frustrated. πŸ˜‰

    All I can tell you, is that the chat box got a little screwy for me too after 3.3.5. Just unlock it by clicking the chat tab on hover-over, then resize and reposition. You may have to do this a few more times after logging in, but eventually it will take. I don’t know why, but I must have logged and re-logged half a dozen times before it would behave.

    Due to demand, I’ll likely post my keybinds pretty soon. They’re not what I would consider to be a strong template for others to work from, but they work for me. If someone can glean something from the post, then so be it. I figure there are a lot of players not using any, so at least it will give them some idea as to how they can get started.

    • One last thing and i’ll leave you alone….ok the screen shot that you have for the BG’s the timer bars above the chat….I have some that overlap…how do i correct this? thanks Gar.

  118. This is such a great UI, just wanted to thank you for the work you’ve put into it Gar. I keep getting pleasantly surprised by nice little touches and attention to detail, and it even translates to non Hunter toons easily – tanked Ulduar with my Warrior last night using it pretty much unmodified other than TidyPlates & ThreatPlates.

    It makes the game more fun to play, which is quite an achievement πŸ™‚

    Thanks again!

  119. i like the ui but when i do “/reflux switch garui” doesnt switch it =( i dont know what i did wrong it jsut stays the same =(

    • Make sure you type it as: /reflux switch GarUI

      If you’re typing in /reflux switch garui, it will not work. The command is case-sensitive.

      Hopefully that gets you rolling, but if not, lemme know. πŸ˜‰

  120. I must of done something wrong because when I logged into wow everything had been reset….even the opening movie came on…I dunno I’ll try and upload everything again later this week on a day off. Frustrating because I love the way your UI is set up and been trying to get mine to look like that for a while now.

  121. Did everything as instructed checked Curse and WoW matrix for updates and loaded out of date addons but my screen isn’t unf**ked. Dunno what to do help!

    • /reflux switch GarUI didn’t do it..?

      Do a /reload too and see if that unsticks something. Reflux can be a bit touchy at times.

      Let me know.

      • Still doesn’t work man i went back and re did everything still doesn’t unf**k my screen even tried the reload…I used wow matrix to makes sure the updates were all good still nothing still looks like crap i dunno what else to do man,

        • Hmmm…

          Try /reflux switch GarUI one more time, then send me a screenshot if things are still fubar. I’ll see what I can discern from it, if anything.

          • Of course you know what they say Gar 16th time’s a charm it’s working now….totally different set up than what I am used to. One question though I am trying to get the bottom of everything nice and neat and i went to the /kgpanels conifg but I dunno what to do from there i tried following what you said but I feel like a blind guy at a porn shop….i dunno what I am looking at. the only thing I need to line up is the chat box on the bottom then everything should be good….sorry I know I said just one question but i meant two….do you have an older post or guide on keybinds? I’m new to all this so I am trying to learn as much as I can and make my gameplay a little tighter.

          • Hey Gar,

            Im getting the same issue. when i type in /reflux switch GarUI the screen reloads but everything stays the same as it was before.
            Even got to the stage where i removed all my old addons and tried again. but the same problem occurred. Any ideas?

            Lovely looking UI though, hope i can get yours working soon.

          • Hey m8 im new to this site i down loaded the GarUI followed instructions. Everything went fine till i logged on first was a error message i closed that then /reflux switch GarUI. did the whole loading thing but nothing changed still a mess

          • Hey, gar! πŸ™‚

            Ive been wanting to have a UI like yours. But i cant seem to unf**k it too.
            Ive updated my add ons via wow matrix. /reflux switch GarUI and /reload didnt do anything to fix the error

            this is the last error

            Date: 2011-04-09 22:22:48
            ID: 47
            Error occured in: Global
            Count: 1
            Message: …er4\libs\LibActionButton-1.0\LibActionButton-1.0.lua line 680:
            attempt to call upvalue ‘UpdateRangeTimer’ (a nil value)
            [C]: ?
            [C]: TargetUnit()
            ..\FrameXML\SecureTemplates.lua:412: handler()
            ..\FrameXML\SecureTemplates.lua:529: SecureActionButton_OnClick()
            [C]: Click()
            [string “*:OnMouseUp”]:1:
            [string “*:OnMouseUp”]:1
            Swatter, v3.1.16 ()
            NPCScan, v4.0.3.6
            acbBattleGround, v10.10.12
            acbCastBar, v10.10.12
            acbFlightTimes, v10.10.12
            acbLootRoll, v10.10.12
            acbMirror, v10.10.12
            acbSwing, v10.10.12
            AzCastBar, v10.10.14
            Bagnon, v2.16.1
            BagnonForever, v1.1.2
            BagnonTooltips, v
            Bartender4, v4.4.17
            ButtonFacade, v4.0.344
            ButtonFacadeApathy, v4.0.80
            Chatter, v1.0
            Chinchilla, vv2.2.2
            ColorPickerPlus, v
            DXELoader, v
            eAlign, v
            GoGoMount, v4.0.59
            kgPanels, v1.5.4.5
            MikScrollingBattleText, v5.5.91
            NeedToKnow, v3.2.05
            Omen, v3.0.11
            OmniCC, v4.1.pancakes
            Postal, v3.4.4
            PowerAuras, v4.16
            RangeDisplay, vv3.9.5
            RatingBuster, v
            Recount, v
            Reflux, v1.10
            SatrinaBuffFrame, v3.1
            SellJunk, v3.0
            ShadowedUFTrinkets, v
            ShadowedUnitFrames, vv3.3.1
            SharedMedia, v3.0.4-179
            SLDataText, v4.0.5
            SlideBar, v3.1.16 ()
            tekticles, v3.3.0.11
            TipTac, v10.12.05
            TipTacItemRef, v10.12.06
            TipTacTalents, v10.11.23
            BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v3.3.5.30300

            What’s wrooong πŸ™

  122. Just wanted to thank you for the input as to correcting the issues I had.Now I’m enjoying the game a whole lot more.It’s has become fun once again.I wanted to ask you about the ealign.I remember I could type /align 250 and the squares would be really small and you could really get it down to an art with your UI.Now is this ealign a little different?Second the possibility of going about opening the Grid.I would like to make it a bit bigger.A simple modification if you will.Anyways great site as always and look forward to exciting articles of the Huntery ways.;)

  123. I love your UI, it was a bless to find it. My old UI was all messed up and I love yours simplicity and organization.

    Thank you very much!

  124. Ummm,Just wanted to figure out how to unlock some bars.The poison bar party portraits.Other than that I have a Garwulf UI now. thanks a huge bunch.

    p.s I came back to kick sum arse in WoW

    • Hey Raybeez,

      Welcome back. πŸ™‚

      To move the poison bar, type in: /ntk

      This will bring up the NeedToKnow config screen and also allow you to drag the bars around. You may have to shift+click to drag them. I can’t access my account right now to verify.

      The party frames can be resized/repositioned by typing in: /suf

      This brings up the ShadowedUnitFames config. Select the party frames and adjust them accordingly.

      Hope that helps. πŸ˜‰

  125. Hi… the recount inst work good. can it be related to the resoluiton? soz for my bad english πŸ˜›

    • Recount should work fine. I have a all of the controls hidden and tied to keybinds if that’s what you mean. There’s definitely not much of a Recount UI. You can go into the config and activate the different clickable buttons if you like.

      Hopefully that clears things up some..?

      if not, just get back to me with more specifics if possible.

  126. I just downloaded the UI, and installed it, according to the instructions listed above. However, unfortunately, the /reflux switch GarUI didn’t work. >.> Any recommendations?

    • Hmmm…

      Did you make sure to check Load out of date Addons?

      Did you update to the latest versions?

      Let me know, but those would be the first two places I’d look.

  127. hi Garwulf,
    ive downloaded ur UI and its very great but im having a little problem with the mini map, i cant move the tracker, location and coodinates. in fact these 3 just remain on the screen whatever i do.. can u help plzz

    • shinoru,

      The tracking icon is a SatrinaBuffFrame. To move it, type in:

      /sbf options

      This will bring up the SatrinaBuffFrame config. Once there, just drag the icon where you want it, then exit.

      The coords and location are controlled via SL DataText. To edit those, just type:


      That will bring up the SL DataText config. Uncheck the Lock Frames at the top left, then move the loaction and coordinates to the desired posistion. Check Lock Frames again, and you’re off and running.

      Hope that helps. πŸ™‚

  128. Hey Gar, I’ve just downloaded your UI for the first time last night and seem to be having a small problem. I am getting this error message:

    Message: ..\AddOns\Chatter\Modules\EditBox.lua line 182:
    attempt to index global ‘ChatFrameEditBox’ (a nil value)
    [C]: ?
    Chatter\Modules\EditBox.lua:186: in main chunk

    I’ve made sure I’ve got GarUI 4.0 ( I think thats the latest and greatest) and tried reinstalling it a couple times. It looks like a LUA problem, but I don’t know anything realy about LUA to even begin to figure out what it really is.

    • Brigs,

      Did you update all of the addons after you downloaded it? There were some major changes to the chatbox, so I higly suggest you update Chatter to the latest version.

      I played for a few hours last night without any errors. Update Chatter and let me know if that helps things.

      • Hey Gar,

        First off, thanks so much for this. I’ve dabbled in customizing my since the day I started playing and have never come even CLOSE to something this sleek looking lol. I had the same problem as mentioned by Brigs, updated my addons (doh) and I no longer get the errors and the chat box itself looks right, however its position and size are still FUBAR. Reflux and /reload wont touch it. My next move is to find a way to move it and resize it myself, but I wanted to check and see if you have any tips or tricks that might fix this.

        Thanks again!


        • Glad you like the UI Mathiyas. πŸ˜€

          I found that right after Blizz implemented the new chat system things went a little kooky. I had to unlock the chat frame, then resize and reposition it maybe half a dozen times. Eventually it just stopped moving and hasn’t given me any trouble since.

          Just unlock it by right clicking the chat tab on hover-over, then resize and drag it into position. Afterward type in reload. If it’s still there, then you’re probably in business.

          If it won’t stay put, just move it back. Eventually it will behave.

  129. I just updated to the new patch and I am having a a few issues with the chat and the character buffs =[

    • Make sure you have the most recent updates and be sure to check Load Out of Date AddOns before you log in.

      Everything seems fine on my end so far.

  130. hey gar- i recently changed to Suf and i was wondering how to get shifty eyes like on your UF’s. looked in the portrait section but theres only left and right – no centre ='{

      • sorry for the late reply – cheers a lot gar – i used the syle and i will prolly upload – ill drop a screenshot link your way

        (reason being i play on a small scren – _ – waiting on cash to buy a bigger monitor)

  131. I’m using 1024×768, since my computer is low on RAM, which makes your UI one of my personal preferences, since it has all I need and doesn’t consume too much memory ^^.

    • have you tried using my UI with the in-game UI scale adjustments? You may be able to scale the pieces down and make them fit, with a maybe a little repositioning here and there.

      Also, as others have mentioned, Skada is a decent alternative to having both Recount and Omen. That would free up a little bit of real estate, as Skada handles both threat and damage meter chores in one package.

  132. aah, kk i understand now ty. ps great job you did with power aura’s man i usually dont put always hunter marks in hc which is actualy bad cause hunter marks adds some good dps i belive with your power auras i will never forget it !!

    Ty for all your help and time you put into this man!!!

    • Nice job Ranhwa!

      Adjust the Power Auras timers ever so slightly, and it looks like you’ll have a perfect adaptation for smaller sceens.

  133. Gar – sorry for the late post but non the less i shall continue : ) as a hunter who loves his art i love my ui’s and tbh i try too hard to get a minimalistic and graphical compilation :s yours hit it on the head. anyways my question was about AB’s

    as you know (its oyur ui O _ o) you have 2 action bars showing third if you count the pet one, i know the others are hidden and what not but im trying to cut down on the ammount of buttons i use, and i was wondering on the “shown action bar buttons” what buttons you actually had. i noticed the hunter talents but i was curious to some of the other ones. if this is in the macro section sorry for the waste of a post :s thanks

    rolo – turalyon eu

  134. uhmm, dont know exactly what you mean i did follow your instructions and i also turn off ui scale, and it looks alot better now on my hunter, on my lvl 11 alt druid it looks messed up with the cooldown bars and things like that. but 1 question how can i get to my calender xD ? since on this map you cant see those options ? πŸ˜›

    Ty, shahin

    • If you followed the instructions for installing, then the layout.txt will have copied over. I only mentioned it because it was the only other thing I could think of that would cause positioning issues.

      So did you get things fixed?

  135. Hey gar i got a kind of complex problem i think, first off great ui and love it all the work you have put into.

    my problem is i have installed it correctly and all the addons are enabled when i log in i type the/reflux switch GarUI it is oke, but then when it does so it aint balanced which is weird i got my resolution on 1920×1200 (wide) but some things are like out of my screen or to big or to small compared with other things and not exactly was what it is on your screenshot? you know what i have done wrong properly?

    • Make sure the UI Scale slider is set to off. My UI uses the default UI scale.

      Another thing to verify is that you have copied over my layout.txt file.

  136. I messed up the kgpanel for SUF raid frames. Basically I noticed that if one of the groups was not full it was not leaving a space for the person, so I changed a SUF setting that caused the kgpanel to not show. I then tried changing the kgpanel parent, but messed up the string. Is there a way to find the name of a parent for the kgpanel strings? How did you go about finding those strings?

    • Sulli,

      Sorry I left you hangin’ man. I was in the middle of something when you commented, then just got busy with this and that…

      Anyway, I’m back…

      Here’s the macro:

      /script ChatFrame1:AddMessage(“You are hovering over frame: ” .. GetMouseFocus():GetName())

      I also updated the UI info above, so scroll up to the area just above the Raid screenshot and you’ll see a more in-depth explanation.

      • Great thank you. Love the UI, been using it for awhile, made a few minor modifications but overall great UI

  137. Gar there are a few AddOns in your “Other Addons I Use (not included in the UI download)” section which are actually in the dowlnad:


    • I went through half a dozen revisions before finally uploading to WoWInterface. I’ll have a look at the zip file and update things if need be. Those are 3 nice addons to have though. πŸ˜‰

    • Not really. You just assign shift+1, alt+1, ctrl+1, etc… to whichever action bar slots you want to bind. I don’t use too many keybinds with modifiers myself, but however you want to set it up is no problem either through /bt4 or Blizz’s keybind interface.

  138. Hi one question about the nice interface how would i bring up the wow calendar after looking aroung for 30 mins i didnt find a way to show it unforuntly it is needed to sign up for raids.

    ps. very nice im loving it allready and i havnt even got past getting all my varibles sorted


    • Seken,

      You can either type /calendar


      Open up the Chinchilla config by right clicking on the minimap. Go to ShowHide and check the box marked calendar. Next, go to MoveButtons and scroll down to Calendar. Drag the angle slider and move it where you want it.

      Hope that helps. πŸ™‚

  139. Hey Garwulf,

    I’d like to know where you can check the debuffs on the target? I can’t see them at all…
    Is it a setting in suf or I missed something because of the different screen resolution?

    • I have target debuffs turned off, but you can enable them by checking debuffs in the Auras section of the Target frame in SUF.

      The only debuffs I track are Explosive Shot, Serpent Sting and Hunter’s Mark. Those I monitor by way of NeedToKnow and Power Auras.

  140. great work on the UI. I get a problem after loading the ui is that it show my frame and pets in the middle of nowhere. it’s draggable but once i do that another stays behind. with 3 overlapping. Was trying to track down which addon it is, pb4 or suf? then somehow 5 more popped up and into configuration mode. with focus target myself, pet, skull, triangle, star. etc etc.

  141. Just rolled my second hunter ever, and was directed to this website (amazing! kudos to you, sir).

    I’ve downloaded you UI, and I have to say it’s amazingly clean. The issue I seem to be having, tho, is with the key layouts, and it’s kinda two-fold:

    1 – I moved my INTERFACE and WTF folders right out of the WoW folder, and copied your UI in. When I loaded WoW, my original key layout was still present. Any ideas?

    2 – Have you configured a bar that houses the traps, aspects, and pet maintenance? My pet is flashing yellow, and I can’t seem to find a bar that has this on it.

    Keep up the amazing job!

    • Nice! I imagine you’ll be quite pleased. When I first stepped up to a 24″ monitor, WoW was breathtaking. Now I’m used to it and would hate to step down to anything smaller.


  142. Hey gar loved your UI, i only didnt liked the chatframe, so i went and delted the addon of chatframe which was chatter? but then when i reloged bk on i had my own usual wow chatter but it was very small?? like the reso got f&cked up ? you know how i can fix that

  143. I changed the map’s size, and now I can’t seem to figure out how to adjust the tracking button; I like having it, but I want to move it. How would I go about doing that? I found the method to move the text from kgpanels, but not the button itself.

    • /sbf options

      That will highlight and unlock the buff frames. Grab the little tracking icon and place it where you want, then close the config screen.

      That’s it. πŸ˜€

      • Yay! Thanks for the quick response. I’m afraid I’m going to keep pestering you for a bit, this is the first time I’ve really messed around with a lot of these addons. Usually I just use stuff out of the box.

        • Would you perhaps have a screenshot of your UI with most of the bars, addons, etc. showing on the layout? I keep enlarging bars and such only to find out they’re on top of something else, but I was going blind squinting at tiny text before.


        • No sweat. I spent a lot of time working with the various addons, so hopefully I’ll be able to answer most of your questions without too much trouble.

  144. OK, i also having problem wiht setting up focus. How u usually change the focus? Right click on the target frame and select set focus…but with right click, there is no menu to change focus…weird.

    • I use a keybind for setting focus. You might want to go that route. Setting a focus target often has to be performed on-the-fly, so a keybind would be a better option in my opinion.

      • I am having the same issue as dooky, i just started using your UI, and cannot set focus now to use with my MD macro.

        How do i setup a keybind for setting focus?


        • Open up the default Blizzard Key Bindings interface, scroll down to targeting Functions, scroll down to Focus Target, click the big red tab to the right of it, hit the desired key bind and then click Okay.

          You may want to set a Target Focus key bind as well, so that you can immediately retarget your focus if needed.

  145. I’m using a laptop with fairly low resolution and with a few tweaks this has worked beautifully. I’m having trouble getting one last thing working – when looking at a quest reward, if it is near the left edge of the screen, the tool tip of the reward item overlaps the one of the item already equipped – like this: The already equipped tooltip follows the mouse cursor – so if it far enough from the edge of the screen it’s OK – like this: I haven’t been able to find where to configure this behavior – any suggestions?

    Once again – thanks for taking the trouble to put all this together. Once I have this last issue sorted out, I’ll be a happy troll.

    • I’d linked to a couple of screenshots – showing the problem – looks like the links were stripped out.

      • I saw ’em in the comment e-mail.

        Type in /tip, then play with either Anchors or Mouse, or both. I have the item tooltips set to a mouse anchor. You may want to either reposition them or just add additional spacing.

        Let me know if that works for ya. πŸ™‚

        • Thanks – I thought it might be in that addon somewhere. Changing Anchor -> Frame Tip Type from mouse anchor to normal anchor did the trick!

  146. another thing for chatter config. the chatbox shows below the frame when typing. so you can’t see what you’re typing at all. couldnt find the option to config that.

  147. great work on the UI. I get a problem after loading the ui is that it show my frame and pets in the middle of nowhere. it’s draggable but once i do that another stays behind. with 3 overlapping. Was trying to track down which addon it is, pb4 or suf? then somehow 5 more popped up and into configuration mode. with focus target myself, pet, skull, triangle, star. etc etc.

    • That’s Shadowed Unit Frames. /suf

      I have the following enabled:

      target of target
      focus target
      party targets

      • that seems right but there’s 1 fixed unit and 3 moveable unit frames when i target myself plus my pets’. they disappear when i have no target, pet stays. when i uncheck everything they all disappear . i just want the fixed one to stay. does it sound like i have the default and your config overlapping?

        • I’m going to upload a new file which contains a more recent version of my WTF folder. If you manage to get things sorted out, then cool. If not, you may want to d/l the new package.

          I’m also planning a brief video overview of the UI, so people can understand the methods to my madness, and to also aid in troubleshooting if manual adjustments need to be made. I worked on it for awhile today, but I was hasty again and tried to attempt it without any sort of script.

          Tomorrow hopefully.

  148. Hey Gar, I’m still struggling with not having a focus target for my misdirect and a few other things. Is there a setting that’s keeping me from using that function, or is it just part of one of the addons you used for your UI?

    • I have no idea why it’s not letting you set a focus target. That is bizarre. I use focus all the time, plus it’s worked fine on all of the test installs I’ve done.

  149. It worked thanks for that. Just to make it easier, can you please share your NTK settings as well?

  150. hey my max resolution i can have with my monitor is 1680×1050 and i didnt downloaded cause i still got some unanswered Q, but will it work with that resolutionn?

    ty man for all you hard work

    • It will work. You’ll probably have to play around with the UI slider in-game and maybe move a few things like Recount, omen and the raid frame, but it should adapt.

  151. Ok, there are things which aren’t clear now:
    – How can I get back the dungeon finder and other buttons from minimap?
    – How can I check the happiness level of my pet? It shows only when goes unhappy.

    THe other parts are looking brilliant, but still testing it!:)

    • dooky,

      To put some of the icons back on your minimap, right click on it to open the Chinchilla config screen. Click on the ShowHide option to the left, then check the icons you want to put back on the minimap. You can them reposition them by clicking the MoveButtons option, and dragginf the sliders to get the buttons where you want them.

      I have my unit frames to fade when I’m at full health & mana, and not busy. Same goes for the pet. If you want to make the pet’s unit frame (or yours) always visible, then do this:

      Type: /suf
      Got to: Unit Configuration > Global > check Player & Pet > General > uncheck Enable Combat Fader

      Another option is to drag the inactive alpha slider so that the unit frames fade, but are still always visible.

      Hope that helps. πŸ™‚

      • Nice! Thanks for the help, it works as it supposed to do:) I love your work dude, it seems like you worked pretty hard on it:)

      • I’ve got my unit frames to stay visible (both me and my pet), as well as the pet happiness indicator, but the indicator always says my pet is unhappy even tho when I right-click and select Pet Details, the icon says he’s happy.

        Any help on this would be wonderful, as I can’t seem to find a solution on Curse or WOWInterface.

        • That is really odd. My happiness indicator works fine. I would try deactivating it, reloading the UI, reactivating it, then reloading again. Also, make sure you’re using the most recent version of the addon.

  152. The post is very good, I just miss something:
    Is there a way to map different keymappings for the secondary talent (within the same char)?

    • All you need to do is reapply the keybinds using /kb. Make it so that all of the action bars are visible, then start going across the rows, adding the keybinds.

  153. Hi Gar, I’ve just downloaded your UI and so far I’m loving the look of it. I’m trying to reconfigure some things to fit my monitor, and I can’t seem to move the objectives list. Any suggestions?

    • A Google search told me that the objectives list’s position was fixed a patch or two ago. In other words, it seems to be immovable unless you can find an addon that allows you to move it.

      It seems to mesh with my layout quite well. Is it interfering with the action bar on the right maybe?

      • Yes, I decided I wanted to keep my action bar on the right visible, because I’m used to it being there, but it gets in the way of the objectives. Sorry to make you do a Google search, I could have sworn it was movable but I guess that’s out of date.

        • No worries. It wasn’t an issue I was aware of, so I wanted to look into it.

          Does the default Blizz action bar on the right play nicely with the objectives list?

          • Yep, I have both right action bars up on my regular UI, and it conveniently pushes the objectives list over so that it doesn’t interfere.

            On a separate topic, is there a way to get it to let me set a focus target? I use focus to make misdirect stupid easy for most fights, and your UI won’t let me set focus.

            • Yes, I am aware this is a severely out-dated reply but I thought I might as well post just in case anyone else encounters the same concern.

              Chinchilla actually covers the “Objectives List” and a number of other displays like the World State, Vehicle Seats, Durability, Boss Frames, Capture Frame (whatever that is), and a couple others I think. It’s been available since WotLK, if my memory serves correctly.

              Anyway, just type /chinchilla to open the config interface then select Quest Tracking from the list of modules on the left, you can adjust the Objectives list size here to your liking. When you’re happy, select Positioning from the modules list and make sure that the Enabled box is checked, then scroll down and look for the Quest Tracking & Achievements options box and check Movable, you’ll be able to drag-and-drop the orange box on-screen that represents the Objectives List, or if you’re like me and have a fetish for point-by-point precision then you can use the provided X-Y sliders.

              Regarding the setting of Focus Target, it seems that Blizzard has actually disabled the editing a number of in-game options so as to prevent addon developers from creating “hack-like” addons. So you’ll have to work it manually, type /focus to set your current target as your Focus and then type /clearfocus to remove focus. A simple Macro can easily fix this concern (provided you still have button space, of course), like so:

              /clearfocus [mod:ctrl] [btn:2]

  154. When I was testing out the UI on a target dummy, NeedtoKnow just all of a sudden reset. And now I cant get it back to you’re config. πŸ™ Is there a profile setting or something for NtK?

  155. Taking the UI for a spin to see if I like it. Everything work as you said until I logged in and had the “panic” page. Typed the /reflux switch GarUI but nothing happened. Any helpful insiders?

    thanks for all the work

    • Branin,

      I forgot to mention… make sure you check “Load Out of Date Addons” on the addons screen before you log in on your character. I’m guessing that’s probably the issue.

      • I’m getting the same problem here. I reach the “panic page” and type in /reflux switch GarUI. However it only changes a few of the addons. I doubled checked and i do have “Load out of Date Addons” checked. Seems as though some of the profiles aren’t saved or something.

        Thanks for all your work and the help.

        • Aurok,

          One addon that I did notice to be acting strangely is NeedToKnow. I installed the UI on one of my wife’s toons right now, following the exact same procedures I’ve outlined in my instructions. It worked flawlessly.

          However, now I’m noticing on my machine that NTK is having trouble remembering what it’s supposed to be doing. Beyond that, all other addons seem to switch over just fine.

          Which addons are misbehaving by the way?

          • I think for people NTK is having issues because you only set it up for the primary spec. I configured it for my MM spec, then switched specs to do the same for SV and it was already there.

            • I didn’t think that NTK had support for dual specs. I figured users would just change my buffs to theirs, or whatever else they wanted shown in there.

              I’ll check into that though and see if NTK supports multiple configs for dual specs.

                • Did you update all of the addons prior to installation? Make sure you have the most recent versions of all the addons in the package.

                  I use the Curse Client for the majority of them, and the MMO UI Minion for the ones that Curse doesn’t catch.

                  I just installed this for another toon as recent as last week and it worked fine.

                  As long as the addons are all up-to-date, enabled, and the directions followed… you should be fine.

                  Let me know if the addon update sorts things out.

                  • Updated all adds but when i type /reflux switch GarUI it stays jumbled up (updating just got rid of the errors). Ive tried doing everything manualy but it still doesnt come out like your UI. Id really be greatful if u could help me troubleshoot this coz this is the UI i want its perfect for me. If u cant help with the /reflux switch GarUI, could u help me get rid of the discription of everything my mouse goes over because it comes right in the middle of my screen and also i have the, social thing letting me know guildies, friends online,amour, how much gold i have Fps, mail, arena, honorpoints ect i just want my powa auras in the middle but that i can sort. but would really like to get /reflux switch to work. sorry for the trouble.

                    • If Reflux isn’t working, you should still at least be able to manually select my profile within each addon’s config area. Have you given that a shot?

                      The tooltip addon is called Tiptac, and can be accessed by typing in: /tip

                      Got to Anchors and reposition the tooltips where you want them.

                      Did you try a /reload..?

                      If Reflux isn’t working, there’s not much i can do to help with that. Best advice I can give is to either try a fresh re-install or manually configure my profile for each addon (what I would do).

                    • I love the UI , been using for some time now. I have been re-arranging some stuff and for the life of me I cant figure out which addon is displaying the auto shot timer and how to move it around the screen , please help

                    • Thought I would try again. My character will not load. The status bar goes complete full and then the game just locks up before getting logged in.

                    • You may want to sit tight for a few days, until i can get an updated version ready. Sounds like you may still have some out-of-date addons in there and/or are in a problem spot. There are issues with certain zones in the game right now, which may be exacerbating your problem.

                      Once I have this thing dialed-in, I’ll submit an update to WoWInterface and then you can try it.

                    • First off great UI, I love it. One issue I’m having is that I cannot click on my character in the viewport to select myself. Is this an option with one of the above addons? I’ve poured through the default interface and all of the addon options. Im either simply missing it or it is a bug.

                      I have multiple postings here, pls ignore the previous comments. I’m apparently new to the internets! πŸ˜€

                    • To be honest, I don’t recall ever using that option to select myself. I always remember using either a keybind or clicking my portrait if I needed to do this.

                      Just to be sure, I disabled all of my addons and logged in to check. I can confirm I wasn’t able to select myself any other way. If there’s a setting that allows you to click on your toon itself to to select yourself – I don’t know about it. πŸ˜‰

                      Let me know what it is you need to select your toon for, and maybe I can help you out with options. As a hunter I cannot think of any situations where I’d need to do this, personally.

                    • Hmm that seems very odd, maybe I’m remembering old functionality or something, but I could have swore I previously was able to do so. I personally like selecting my character better than clicking a portrait or having to have one more additional hotkey. If I’m out of combat and I want to change a dungeon to heroic mode for example, then I would need to hit said hotkey then rt click on my portrait. Id personally just like to click on my character then rt click my portrait.

                      I could always just my portrait visible i guess, but I don’t really want that. I have plently of options for hotkeying via my nostromo or g510 keyboard. I just like being able to select myself with the cursor. /shrugs

                      Thanks for the help though!

                    • F1 by default targets your toon.

                      Thanks for the UI Gar. Unfortunately I’m not elite enough to use the UI in it’s entirety. I took bits and pieces that I liked to make it fit me better. Maybe one day I will be Garlike ;?)

                    • Garlike… Sheesh… that’s funny though. πŸ˜‰

                      I can see how the UI may seem a bit overwhelming to many, but keep in mind that it’s the result of 2-3 years of tinkering. It’s a lot to bite off at once, but you’ve got the right idea… baby steps.

    • Hey Branin,

      I encountered the same error while test to make sure his directions was correct. The GarUI profile was not saved to the reflux. type /reflux show and if it is saved it will show you. If you need his layout I have worked it out and saved the profile I can send you.

  156. Hey Gar,

    Along with everyone else, and being a loyal Gar UI user for my various toons, I’m anxiously awaiting this release. However going over your last UI related posts, SexyCooldown is notably absent from the list. Surprising, given you just recently reviewed it….

    Did it not play well with others? or did you elect something better?

    • Yea, that was kind of a last minute decision, and one I’m going to go over in a post.

      Long story short… SexyCooldown looks great and looks…well… sexy, but after using it for several weeks I decided to boot it.

      I found myself not paying attention to it much apart from when I wasn’t busy fighting. So, I elected to revisit NTK and configure only an ICD timer. It has a much smaller footprint and is easier to monitor during the chaos of a raid.

      I still think SexyCooldown is an awesome addon and I’ll likely use it on some of my alts.

    • Hey,
      I absolutely love the ui and think it is the beezneez, with so much room to see what your playing but what about the dbuf uptimes? i noticed that i couldnt see when i had serpent sting, black arrow, and explosive shot on. is there a way to customize the ui to include this debuff counter?



      • It seems that perhaps NTK isn’t playing nicely for some of you. That is the addon I’m using to track Serpent Sting, as well as Explosive Shot. I don’t track my BA dots, but rather just have a Power Aura to notify me when it’s available to cast.

        My NTK bars for the DoT timers are placed in the space between my unit frame and my target’s.

    • the spellprep bars are stuck in the center of the screen, which UI do i need to adjust? I can’t figure it out. Also, the list of arena, honor, mail, fps, guild, armor and all those stats are stuck in the center too. How do I move them? /reflux switch GarUI didn’t work but I’ve got everything else the way I want it.

      • The cast bars can be fixed by typing:


        Then go to Profiles and Load GarUI. That will load my UI profile for AzCastBar.

        The stats are configured by typing: /sldt

        Look for Profiles down on the left side, select GarUI from the drop-down. That should fix things.

    • Hi Gar,
      Absolutely great work on the UI and website. Quick question. I love everything about the UI, except for the fact that everytime I scroll over anyone or anything, it displays smack in the center of the screen. Which addon should I be looking at to fix this?

      • @AZN

        Sorry man… I could have sworn I’d replied to this weeks ago, but I don’t see it here in the comments, so I guess I missed you. Sorry…

        If you’re still wondering about this, TinyTip is the addon you need to adjust. /tip will get you into the config area. Click on the Anchor button, then drag it to where you want it.

        Alternatively, you can click on the Anchors option in the list and set the Frame Unit and World Unit to mouse or parent anchor.

        Hope that helps… and if I’m too late, then hopefully it at least helps someone else. πŸ˜‰

      • Yeah I totally wanna know I went to the /suf options but didnt allow the possiblity to make the portrait like urs i get 2d 3d and class icon how do u get the portrait like the ones in your pics

        • /suf

          Click the frame you want to add the portrait to, or select Global Configuration and select multiple frames.

          Go to the General tab and click Enable Portrait. Next, click the Widget Size tab and where it says Portrait, click Show as bar. Drag the Order slider to position it and drag the Height slider to increase the size.

          That should do it. πŸ™‚


    • Hey i would like to know, which are the addons i should get if i ONLY want the spell bar here? I tried ButtonFacade, ButtonFacade:Apathy and Bartender4, but thoose 3 don’t seem to be it…. So which is it i need?

        • Btw, how come theres nothing inside the config panels when i do /kgpanels config? It’s totally empty on all the bars.

    • Hey i tried downloading your Ui i did everything but when i log in i reach the panic mode because all the bars most of the bars are huge in the center of the screen and my main bars are locked in place with the normal blizzard ui even after i type in the /reflux thing any ideas why?

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