A couple changes: SexyCooldown is out, NeedToKnow is in

The other night I made mention of a few changes to my UI. Well here they are… NeedToKnow After using SexyCooldown for several weeks, it ended up I just couldn’t justify keeping it. Apart from looking really cool it just wasn’t doing all that much for me. I think it’s a great addon, but it was a bit overkill for …

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Hunter Basics: Explosive Shot

Explosive Shot

Explosive Shot is the signature ability of the survival tree. However, I often find that many hunters are unaware of how and when to properly use it, especially in the event of a Lock and Load proc.

Until Kill Shot becomes available (once the kill target is at or below 20% health), Explosive Shot is the number one priority shot. In other words, its cast should not be delayed for anything. Many players have the wrong impression, thinking that Black Arrow and/or Serpent Sting should be applied first in order to further buff the shot. This is incorrect. Delaying Explosive Shot for any shot besides Kill Shot results in a DPS loss.

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