I’ve compiled a listing of my favorite World of Warcraft, and in particular, hunter related sites on the web.

WoW Related Sites and Resources


A community of PvPers gathered together to share strategies, offer advice, discuss arena comps and more. ArenaJunkies is the place to go if you’re eager to find ways to step up your arena game or seek answers to PvP related questions. AJ also has a current listing of all the top ranking teams across the globe. Be sure to check out the AJ Hunter Forum for class specific information and discussion.


As the name suggests, this site is a gathering place for the WoW elite. Not everyone on the site is a jerk however. ๐Ÿ˜‰ If you’re looking for advice on things like shot priorities, stat itemization and finite build specific information, ElitistJerks is the place. The EJ Forums are the authority on leading edge information for all classes. Never mind those other classes though… Hunter information is what we’re after. ๐Ÿ™‚

MMO ChampionMMO Champion

Hands down, the best place to find breaking WoW news and rumors. MMO Champion provides the most timely and comprehensive listing of WoW related news, blue posts, PTR build notes and more. If something WoW-related is going down, you can bet MMO Champion will have the scoop on ย it before anyone else. MMO Champion also has a pretty good hunter class forum which covers a broad range of topics.


The premier WoW general interest blog and host to the hunter column Scattered Shots. is home to the largest World of Warcraft fan community on the web. Updated several times daily, is continually serving up entertaining and informative articles, hosting contests and giveaways, and showcasing some of the most up-to-the-minute WoW-related news.

The end all, be all of WoW databases. The site also features Talent Calculators, a Hunter Pet Talent Calculator, an Item Comparison Tool, Forums, and even their own World of Warcraft blog.

Hunter Resource Sites

Zehera’s online spreadsheet is an incredible tool for analyzing how changes to talents, glyphs, gear, shot priority, pet choice, etc… affect your hunter in terms of DPS. If you haven’t used this site yet, do yourself a favor and bookmark it. is also an invaluable tool for evaluating your game play and finding out if you’re getting the most from your hunter’s DPS potential.


Easily one of my favorite hunter sites on the web… ever. Petopia is hands down the most comprehensive website on hunter pets, and one of the most important fan sites on the web. No hunter’s journey is complete without periodic research on Petopia. I’ve been visiting this site going on four years now, and I still continue to frequent it to this day.

Hunter Blogs

Mania's ArcaniaMania’s Arcania

The site of Hunter pet enthusiast and proprietor of Petopia, Mania. Her blog is a must read for hunter pet fanatics such as myself. If there is some breaking news or recent discovery concerning World of Warcraft hunter pets, rest assured mania will be all over it. If it weren’t for the great info at Mania’s Arcania, I probably would’ve never acquired my Grimtotem Spirit Guide. This is the blog for all those players out there who loves ’em some pets.

Euripides has his finger on the pulse when it comes to trends in the world of Hunter DPS. He’s also got an uncanny ability to cram massive amounts of goodness into concise and easy to follow posts. Although the primary scope of the site is to discuss and educate ways to maximize hunter DPS, he and his contributors cover a variety of hunter related topics including: PvP, soloing content, and other hunter related musings.

Warcraft Hunters UnionWarcraft Hunter’s Union

Web home to Frostheim of Scattered Shots fame. The site contains a wealth of information, including many informative posts, videos and guides that will put you on the fast track to topping damage meters. The site features a comprehensive collection of hunter guides designed to help players of all skill levels and experience — from the person just trying the class for the first time, to the progressive raider looking to squeeze out just a few more ounces of precious DPS.

WoW Hunter's HallWoW Hunter’s Hall

WoW Hunter’s Hall is Frostheim’s community-driven project, which provides hunters with a place to easily view the most recent updates from across the WoW hunter blogosphere. The site features excerpts from the latest posts from some of the top hunter blogs, weekly hunter forum recaps, exclusive articles and more.

Other Hunter Blogs I Like

The Brew Hall

Wulf’s Blog

If there is a WoW fan site or hunter blog you’d like to suggest for inclusion on this page, please send me a note. If I see something of value in the site, I’ll consider adding it to this page.

Other Blogs

Ancient Avenger
Diablo 3 NewsThis is a site I established for the purpose of posting Diablo 3 news, rumors and what not. I’m a huge fan of the Diablo series, so it stands to reason that I’d want to create a site about the upcoming sequel. For now, it’s mainly a hub for news, blue posts and so forth, but I may eventually shift it more towards a class-specific site. I’ve got a penchant for the Barbarian class you see…