UI update coming soon

I promise. Hopefully those of you still using my UI comp have been able to keep the addons updated and things running smoothly, but for those of you waiting on me to update things so you can try it out, I’m getting close to uploading it. There were some annoyances I needed to smooth out, addons to replace, etc…but I …

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GarUI: Some misc notes and fixes

This latest version of my user interface was created with an emphasis on PvP. I removed the internal cooldown timers, as well as some of the other DPS min/maxing buff and target debuff notifications.

The information I added this time around is specifically geared towards monitoring buffs and debuffs during PvP play. I also tried to minimize things even further to create a larger field of view.

That said, it’s still quite viable for raiding, but it’s not tailored for it.

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It’s ready

Gar UI Updated

I still need to update my screenshots and description, but I didn’t want to keep you waiting any longer. Click on the image above to go directly to the download page.

Be sure to open the ReadMe.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please post them in the comments below.

Quick and Easy Install Instructions

  1. Download the package from WoWInterface and extract it to your desktop.
  2. Navigate to your WoW directory.
  3. * * * IMPORTANT * * * Drag your existing WTF and Interface folders out onto your desktop. This step allows you to keep a backup of your existing UI.
  4. Copy and Paste or simply drag the contents of the GarUI package into your WoW directory. I recommend copy/paste just in case you need to start over for any reason.
  5. Open your WTF backup folder and copy/paste or drag/drop your Config.wtf into the GarUI WTF folder. This isn’t abolutely necessary, but it allows you to retain many of your in-game settings (e.g., camera distance, mouse settings, etc…).
  6. Drill down through the contents of the WTF folder, renaming the generic folder labels as you go.
  7. Log into your WoW account.
  8. Click on the AddOns tab on the character screen, then make sure Load Out of Date AddOns is checked.
  9. Log in with the character who’s going to try on my UI.
  10. type in: /reflux switch GarUI

A couple of install screenshots to further illustrate…

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I’m ever the tinkerer

I swear I thought I was done updating my UI a few nights ago, but it just wasn’t quite there.

I’m happy to announce that it is finally complete…

Garwulf Hunter UI

Not only is it f**king beautiful, but it works brilliantly. I’ve added some exciting new features to this version. Best part is… it occupies even less screen real estate than before. It’s still pretty lean on resources too. With my gathering and auction addons turned off, it usually sits at around 13-14MB.

Here’s a look under the hood…

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Progress report

It seems the natives are getting restless, so I figured an update on my UI compilation was in order. I’m almost done with a 4.0.1 compatible version… almost.

Here’s a glimpse of what I’ve got going on now…

Garwulf Hunter UI

The reasons this has taken so long to finish:

A) My play-time has taken a shot to the jewels. In a week’s time I may only have 1-2 opportunities to get on (maybe…) – for perhaps an hour or two. It’s been that way for several weeks now. No cause for alarm… I’ve just been busy with other things.

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