Still Around

I enjoyed the initial leveling experience in BFA and I think the zones look great, but after the first few months of this expansion I didn’t have much desire to log in anymore. I am still hopping on every few weeks for a few BGs, brawls and to see some new content (WSG and AB refreshes look fantastic), but I gotta be honest…

I’ve been disengaged the past few years. Legion was good forward progress in this era of accessible WoW, but BFA has been a complete poop show. I love the aesthetics, soundtrack and ambiance, but the game play and replayability (or lack thereof) is as the kids would say… trash.

Classic cannot come soon enough! More to come…

4 thoughts on “Still Around”

  1. I’m glad you’re still around. I just found your blog and I look forward to seeing more of your posts in the future, should you decide to keep posting. Thanks for all of the great hunter content!

  2. Well, classic has been out for a while now. What are your thoughts? Been following you since WoLTK, still occasionally visit this site.

  3. WoW Classic will feel refreshing, but the old systems require far more time and grinding than anything that’s out these days. There are a lot of modern conveniences and quality of life improvements that players will surely miss.

    I hope you are doing well Garwulf.

  4. I hated Legion because of what was done to Hunter Specifically SV. I played more Demon Hunter, Druid and Mage than Hunter.

    I haven’t played much BfA. I have been unsubbed for several months after about 12 years of having a continuous subscription.

    Tried the classic demo that came with the BlizzCon virtual pass… I don’t know ?????, I may not be able to go back to doggy doo graphics.


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