About HuntsmansLodge.com

HuntsmansLodge.com is a World of Warcraft blog aimed at the hunter class. I mean really… is there any other class worth blogging about..? I think not. I kid… the other classes are cute and somewhat amusing in their own ways. 😉

The purpose of this blog is to share insight, information, advice, and to provide a mecca for hunters of all skill and experience levels to commune and commiserate with one another. My goal is to enhance others’ enjoyment and satisfaction of playing the hunter class by offering instruction, tips, and suggestions, which hopefully will add to the WoW huntering experience.

The site focuses on a myriad of topics, including PvP, end game, leveling, and especially pets. I enjoy every single aspect of the game as a hunter, so I typically cover a little bit of everything.

When I began the site back in October of 2008, my intent was to share the knowledge and experience I’d gained from nearly three years spent playing a hunter in World of Warcraft. I don’t tout myself as an absolute authority on all facets of the game, or even any area for that matter, but I am generally pretty knowledgeable about all things as they pertain to the hunter class.

What I strive to teach here is simply fun. My goal is not to dazzle you with maths and theorycrafting, but more so to share ideas and tips that will benefit the casual and “hardcore casual” WoW players out there. I’m just a normal guy with a wife, kid, a business, a house, and two cats. When I log on I simply want to enjoy myself. It’s not about a race for gear or some other false status for me, it’s about enjoying myself during the time that I’m in Azeroth. That’s what I try to sell here.

So sit back, relax, grab a beverage of choice, and peruse the archives, leave a comment, or post in the forums. There’s a wealth of info contained within this site if you have the time. Feel free to leave a comment or question, or a post in the forums. I’d be glad to hear from you, or assist if needed. 🙂

About Me

I’ve been playing a hunter since the first day I installed WoW, back in February of 2006. It remains far and above my favorite class still to this day. I’ve taken two additional classes to max level and have tried a few others, but no other class that I’ve tried thus far provides me with the level of enjoyment I get from playing a hunter.

I’ll have more “about me” later, so stay tuned…

For sentimental reasons, I’ve saved my original “about” info from when I launched this site back in late ’08. Little did I know I’d be revisiting this page nearly 400 posts later, after having been host to millions of people worldwide. I’m so proud of this little scene I’ve created here. 🙂

Garwulf of Kul Tiras

Garwulf is the very first character I’d ever created in World of Warcraft. I was torn between a Night Elf Hunter or a Tauren Shaman. Well, I opted for the Night Elf mainly because I had a feeling my wife might start playing too (which she did) and she probably wouldn’t roll horde. In another life perhaps I’d be writing a Shaman blog. Hmmm…

I’ve yet to try out any other class that I enjoy as much as the Hunter. First off, I prefer killing stuff as opposed to tanking or healing. Secondly, it’s kind of like having two characters for the price of one. One of the biggest selling points for me is the ability to tame and have pets. I’ve got a thing for the rares in the game, so I’ve managed to tame quite a few of them.

At around level 37 I discovered the joys of Battlegrounds. Since that time, my primary focus has been on PvP. Before The Burning Crusade expansion, I grinded my way to Lieutenant Commander and obtained my blue PvP armor set. Boy did I think I was hot stuff…lol. Though the problem was, by the time I finally got my gear I was about ready to give up on battlegrounds for awhile. The new system is not without its flaws, but it sure beats that old honor grind.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog. My intention is to offer up some of the knowledge I’ve gained from playing the class over the past couple years, so that I may help to put “Huntards” on the endangered list.

Well, that’s all for now… time to start writing!