UI update coming soon

I promise. Hopefully those of you still using my UI comp have been able to keep the addons updated and things running smoothly, but for those of you waiting on me to update things so you can try it out, I’m getting close to uploading it. There were some annoyances I needed to smooth out, addons to replace, etc…but I …

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Gar UI Compilation Update

…is on its way! Expansions are usually a time to vet addons since they often determine who’s keeping a project alive and who is not. A few of my core addons went stale, so I had to make a few changes, but I’ve got things just about situated and error-free. Right before the opening of the portal I switched back …

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Q & A: My Key Bindings

First off, if you’ve sent me an email that I never replied to, please do not take offense. I receive a decent amount of email now and again – mostly pertaining to my UI – and it gets very difficult for me to devote time to detailed responses, especially when things are crazy around here. I wish I could respond to each and every one of you, but unfortunately my role as WoW blogger has dropped a few rungs in terms of priority and importance in my life.

However, once in awhile someone catches me during a good time where I’m able to provide a thorough reply. The following was an answer to a question sent in by David, in which he asked how I configured my UI and keybinds – most importantly, how I use my action bars. Those of you who’ve seen my UI know that most of my abilities are hidden from view, so David wanted to know where I stuck my skills and how I clicked on them, or if I had everything bound.

Before we continue, here’s a look at how I have my UI configured. (additional images can be seen here)

Gar Hunter UI Updated for Patch 5.4
Click to enlargify

In the image you only see 2 action bars, plus a tiny 4-slotter which has my traps. All others bars are hidden; however, I do set them to display in the very rare case that I am dabbling with an alt (i.e., lesser class). If you’re thinking of going to a setup like mine, it’s a good idea to have all of your abilities viewable on screen until you get the hangs of things. I have all of my skills committed to memory so I like to hide everything, with nothing showing but mainly the cooldowns I want to monitor.

Some of you may benefit from this response as well, so I figured I’d share it with everyone!

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Gar UI Ready for 5.4

I recently updated my UI compilation for 5.4! You can download it from WoWInterface if you’re interested. I made a lot of minor changes here and there, but all of the core addons remain consistent with the previous version from last year. I’ll try to post a more in-depth look at how I have the UI configured, but here’s a …

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Garwulf Hunter UI Ready for 5.0.4

I’ve uploaded my updated UI compilation to WoWInterface. The changes… Power Auras is still being updated for 5.0.4, so I’ve elected to go with WeakAuras for the time being. The name is deceiving because WeakAuras is actually quite powerful and highly customizable. In fact, unless Power Auras comes out with some cool additional features then I’ll probably just stick with WeakAuras. …

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