This was the first time I’d put in the effort to earn the Brewmaster title and I have to say it was one of the most satisfying meta achievements I’ve earned. And I unlocked it on my dwarf hunter which is quite fitting, in my opinion.

But that’s not all… The moment I dinged 65 I joined a group for the Direbrew daily and I won the Swift Brewfest Ram! This was easily one of my most coveted mounts in WoW retail and yet I’d never seen it drop, so you can imagine my delight when I not only saw it drop but then won the roll!

What’s even crazier is that both mounts dropped on the same kill! Our entire group needed on both – with me rolling a 13 on the Swift Brewfest Kodo and a winning 94 on the ram. It simply was meant to be.

After all these years, I still get a lot of satisfaction from this game.

5 thoughts on “Fantastic!”

  1. Good to see you’re still posting Garwulf! I always think about this blog whenever I think about being a hunter in WoW. I’ve been having a blast in Classic Hardcore, have you tried it? Truly a rewarding experience.

  2. Really warms my heart that you are still here! Kind regards from Venezuela. This site always pops out in my head every six months or so. I was the one who grabbed that sparkly pony you gave away one Christmas.

    Wish you the best!

  3. First thing,congrats!!Very happy you are still around and it could not be more fitting indeed to get this mount on a dwarf.
    Are you playing on WOTLK classic by any chance?Such a nostalgia trip to read your guides once again.Lost count how many times I read them back in the days and looking forward to do it again!Cheers and thank you Gar!

    • Thanks, Broxibar! I am going pretty hard on WotLK classic and will say that I haven’t enjoyed WoW this much in years. Considering this site was born out of enthusiasm for the game just in advance of Wrath, that same level of enthusiasm still applies today. The one key difference between then and now is that my motivation for playing is purely driven by fun and enjoyment now, whereas back in the day I was perhaps a bit more competitive.

      A prime example would be things like the Brewmaster title and mount. In the first go around I wouldn’t have broke from organized PvP or PvE content long enough to pursue those sorts of things. And although I’ve always enjoyed writing guides and sharing tips & research, maintaining this site added a “work” element to my game play years ago which eventually resulted in periodic burnout.

      Right now I approach the game with a similar sense of wonder that I had when I first started playing and I’m actually re-reading a lot of the content I wrote years ago and had since forgotten. Along with contemporary YouTube content, I’m also referring back to my past articles to inform how I look at builds, priority, and other mechanics now. It’s kind of nuts for me to look back and realize how much I put into this all those years ago.

      Anyway, in short…it’s still fun for me and in some ways more enjoyable now since there’s less responsibility – both in-game and out! That said, I do intend to share a few updates when I get around to it and I also want to better curate some of the old wrath content on here as now it’s highly relevant.


      • Good to see you back Garwulf, my main WoW character is a Hunter beastmaster named Klaussambo and I am still enjoying your site, and especially the macro part of it. So, keep’m coming, your updates, and please don’t alter your website too much, I just love it’s look and feel.
        Stay healthy and safe!
        Warm regards, Luuk


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