Catching Kirix


Of the six Patch 4.2 rares that I’ve tamed, Kirix posed the greatest challenge… for me anyway.

Rather than go the easy route of taming him from one of the nearby floating rocks – safely out of melee range, I decided to go with the intended and more challenging approach… standing toe to toe with him while taming.

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Hunter PvP Basics: Pets

PvP Hunter Pets: Cataclysm Edition (Accurate as of Patch 4.3)

PvP Hunter PetsThe care and feeding of PvP Hunter Pets

Keep ’em on a short leash

All three specs, not just Beast Masters, should exercise very careful control over their pets in PvP. If you’re serious about PvP, then you’re no doubt bringing a pet with you into battle that provides some sort of PvP utility. Obviously, should your pet die, you’d lose this ability, its talented pet family abilities, along with some added DPS. That’s no good.

In addition to the fundamental practice of keeping your pet alive, you also want to keep them relatively close. Don’t send your pet off willy nilly, chasing after some fleeing player, while you sit there blasting away at attackers, oblivious to where Fido’s headed. You absolutely need to have your pet nearby in the event you need Master’s Call. This is one of our greatest escape buttons, so be sure to keep your pet within a reasonable distance so that you can access it quickly when needed.

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Needing a break from Vashj’ir, I decided to make Mount Hyjal my home base during the past couple of days. Vashj’ir started out pretty fun, but by day three I’d had all I could take.

Day one in Vashj’ir: “Ooohhh… Aaahhh… how fun!”
Day two in Vashj’ir: “Well this has been interesting, but I’m ready to get back on land and play my hunter.”
Day three in Vashj’ir: “I swear… if I have to do one more Naga vehicle quest I’m gonna lose my mind!”
Day four in Vashj’ir: “Finally… a submarine charter out of this accursed place… Wha..?! We’re not done yet..?! I’m F**KIN OUTTA HERE!!!”

*hops Seahorse to nearest island and heads for the mainland*

I guess you could say I was in need of a change of scenery. 😉

I headed to Mount Hyjal to not only check out the zone, but to also try and track down the new hotness (no pun intended… well, not really… it was intended) as far as hunter pets are concerned. The hotness I speak of is known as:


Terrorpene is probably the most sought after hunter pet right now. This is due to a couple of things…

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Getting Battle-Ready: More BM PvP notes

Hunter PvP in 4.0.1

This past weekend I finally felt ready to swallow some pride and go get my ass handed to me in some BGs. The result… I didn’t fare as bad as I thought I would. While I was by no means a “force” in the BGs, I didn’t feel like a punching bag either.

Although I’m still stumbling around trying to find my way, I feel like I’m headed in the right direction. The following are some tips and suggestions which I’d like to offer up, in hopes that they may help some of you overcome difficulties or trepidation. Albeit a humbling experience right now, competing in BGs is a great way to learn the 4.0.1 hunter and find out what your weaknesses are.

As I’ve mentioned, a lot of this info is subject to change in the coming weeks, but I’ll try to update as it does. In the meantime, these posts will be more like notes & progress reports, rather than guides.

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Taming The Beast

Taming The Beast from Upper Blackrock Spire is one of those huntery-type of achievements I’d been meaning to check off the list over the past few months. Last night I finally decided to tackle it. Truth be told, it was really quite easy. Perhaps I was exceptionally lucky, but here’s how I did it… First off, I grabbed any and …

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