Hunter PvP Basics: Pets

PvP Hunter Pets: Cataclysm Edition (Accurate as of Patch 4.3)

PvP Hunter PetsThe care and feeding of PvP Hunter Pets

Keep ’em on a short leash

All three specs, not just Beast Masters, should exercise very careful control over their pets in PvP. If you’re serious about PvP, then you’re no doubt bringing a pet with you into battle that provides some sort of PvP utility. Obviously, should your pet die, you’d lose this ability, its talented pet family abilities, along with some added DPS. That’s no good.

In addition to the fundamental practice of keeping your pet alive, you also want to keep them relatively close. Don’t send your pet off willy nilly, chasing after some fleeing player, while you sit there blasting away at attackers, oblivious to where Fido’s headed. You absolutely need to have your pet nearby in the event you need Master’s Call. This is one of our greatest escape buttons, so be sure to keep your pet within a reasonable distance so that you can access it quickly when needed.

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