Trapping for Dummies

…by a Dummy. 😉

One of the awesome things about Cataclysm, is that we Hunters are being asked more and more to do something we are very good at, and have been good at for some time. But… it just hasn’t been as necessary. What I speak of is Crowd Control (CC)! You could say we’re kind of like bouncers — we only allow those we want to into the battle, and all others get iced!

CC is a very important and vital aspect of running dungeons in the new expansion. It’s also something that not many of us may be familiar with, as we were brought up in the ways of huntering during the Lich King era. Back then, trapping was something you did to bring some dinner home to the family, and had no necessity in dungeons, but that’s not the case anymore.

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Last night I portaled over to Deepholm to finish up a couple quests while I waited for BG queues. No sooner do I step outside the temple, then guess who whooshes on by..?


Number one, I really was not aware of this creature. Seemed like I’d heard mention of it at some point, but needless to say… it never once occurred to me that there was a rare elite dragon who spawns in Deepholm every so often. I’ve been totally preoccupied the past few months, which has caused me to miss a lot of the non-hunter-related patch notes.

So anyway… I’m standing there outside the temple, just about to cauterize the stone dwarf’s wounds, fumbling through my pack looking for the quest item… then NPCScan goes off.

Those of you with the addon know how exciting it is when it sounds the alarm. 😀

At that point I’m thinking… “Oh..! A rare! How cool..! Where is it?!”

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What is this Dual Spec you speak of?

Hunter Dual Spec

So I’ve managed to go my entire WoW career and never dual spec. Yea that’s right. I never saw any benefit in it really. I’ve been a BM (Bad Mofo) ever since I’ve started playing, and I have loved every minute of it. I truly never thought there was any reason for me to choose another spec.

And then Cata happens…

I’d managed to keep up my damage really well all throughout the dungeons I would run. It was not a big deal – I never really valued being the “top of the charts” DPS guy anyway. I love my pets, and am a BM at heart and always will be.

So some of you are asking, Drach, why are you going on about all this… we know you’re a Bad Mofo, what are you trying to tell us..?”

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Needing a break from Vashj’ir, I decided to make Mount Hyjal my home base during the past couple of days. Vashj’ir started out pretty fun, but by day three I’d had all I could take.

Day one in Vashj’ir: “Ooohhh… Aaahhh… how fun!”
Day two in Vashj’ir: “Well this has been interesting, but I’m ready to get back on land and play my hunter.”
Day three in Vashj’ir: “I swear… if I have to do one more Naga vehicle quest I’m gonna lose my mind!”
Day four in Vashj’ir: “Finally… a submarine charter out of this accursed place… Wha..?! We’re not done yet..?! I’m F**KIN OUTTA HERE!!!”

*hops Seahorse to nearest island and heads for the mainland*

I guess you could say I was in need of a change of scenery. 😉

I headed to Mount Hyjal to not only check out the zone, but to also try and track down the new hotness (no pun intended… well, not really… it was intended) as far as hunter pets are concerned. The hotness I speak of is known as:


Terrorpene is probably the most sought after hunter pet right now. This is due to a couple of things…

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