Last Call

New information has filtered in via one of my readers (thanks Newa) – – Tame Beast will be on a much shorter 10 second cast timer (down from 20 sec.) after Patch 4.0.1, thus canceling out the issue of fear vulnerability. So… carry on… nothing to see here. 😉

One of my long-time readers pointed out to me that come Tuesday (provided the patch goes live as planned), solo-taming King Krush and/or The Beast will be all but impossible.

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Taming The Beast

Taming The Beast from Upper Blackrock Spire is one of those huntery-type of achievements I’d been meaning to check off the list over the past few months. Last night I finally decided to tackle it. Truth be told, it was really quite easy. Perhaps I was exceptionally lucky, but here’s how I did it… First off, I grabbed any and …

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