Needing a break from Vashj’ir, I decided to make Mount Hyjal my home base during the past couple of days. Vashj’ir started out pretty fun, but by day three I’d had all I could take.

Day one in Vashj’ir: “Ooohhh… Aaahhh… how fun!”
Day two in Vashj’ir: “Well this has been interesting, but I’m ready to get back on land and play my hunter.”
Day three in Vashj’ir: “I swear… if I have to do one more Naga vehicle quest I’m gonna lose my mind!”
Day four in Vashj’ir: “Finally… a submarine charter out of this accursed place… Wha..?! We’re not done yet..?! I’m F**KIN OUTTA HERE!!!”

*hops Seahorse to nearest island and heads for the mainland*

I guess you could say I was in need of a change of scenery. πŸ˜‰

I headed to Mount Hyjal to not only check out the zone, but to also try and track down the new hotness (no pun intended… well, not really… it was intended) as far as hunter pets are concerned. The hotness I speak of is known as:


Terrorpene is probably the most sought after hunter pet right now. This is due to a couple of things…

For one, he’s incredibly cool looking. Second… he is tamable in any hunter spec – not just Beast Mastery. Third… he is available for taming at level 81. Although… I’m not sure how much success a level 81 hunter could expect to have should they decide to tangle with this guy. He carries around with him a very large can of whoop-ass.

At level 82, I wasn’t entirely sure I’d be abe to successfully pull off a tame, but nonetheless, I was far too curious and eager. So, I headed over to Mount Hyjal in search of the infamous Lava Turtle.

I began my tour there by questing, but found myself getting kind of tired of the quest grind. Also, I didn’t want to stray too far from Terrorpene’s stompin’ ground in the event I’d miss him if he spawned. So, I ended up just hanging out in the Throne of Flame for a few days and queueing BGs. After each BG, I’d perform a quick sweep of the area and slay a few molten giant guys until my next BG popped.

While to some this may sound like a boring way to level, I found it quite refreshing and enjoyable. Much to my delight, I’ve found Beast Mastery to be most successful in BGs. Not sure how it is at 85, but for now… I’m loving it.

At any rate… I spent three whole evenings just doing BGs, gathering some honor, experience, and having a splendid time. During this time, I encountered dozens of hunters patrolling and camping the area – all with the same goal… to tame Terrorpene.

One such hunter was incredibly helpful and congenial. We chatted for a bit and and they even gave me a Potion of Speed and Prismatic Elixir to aid me in my plight. I was quite appreciative of this kind gesture and he assured me that I’m going to need them.

I was quite pleased with such a fine demonstration of fellowship, but I really didn’t think those were needed. Now being a sturdy level 83, I thought… it was really nice of that hunter to give me those potions, but I doubt I’ll use them.

Let me tell ya… drink ’em if ya got ’em.

So, last night I entered what was to be my final BG of the evening. Wouldn’t you know, it had to be Isle of Conquest. >_<

Ugh… I’m gonna be in here for half an hour… maybe I should just log. Nah… I’ll man up, knock out one more then call it a night.

As soon as the BG was over and I returned to Hyjal… guess who I see wading through the lava not 20 yards in front of me..?!

It was just my time… It was just my time.


Because of all the fierce competition for this guy, I knew I had to strike fast. I hopped off my mount, called Skoll so that I could dismiss him, called my Core Hound, popped Ancient Hysteria;Β then by that time I had to mount up again and fly to within range of Terrorpene to start the tame.

I didn’t bother with the potion or elixir that the other hunter gave me, because, well… those are fine for noobs, but I know what I’m doing. I’m Garwulf *puffs chest*. πŸ˜‰

Har, Har…

I got within range and hit my macro:

/cast Deterrence
/cast tame Beast

I began the tame with just over 60K health.

I finished at 656. Terrorpene took me down to nearly 1%.


He is not to be trifled with.

For those of you out there aspiring to add this awesome new pet to your stable, here are some tips:

  • Terrorpene hangs out in the Throne of Flame, where he patrols the eastern portion of the lava moat.
  • He is believed to be on a 9 hour spawn timer.
  • He has an attack called Burning Hatred, which will no doubt shoot your jam session down if you’re not ready for it. It hits for 10K every second.
  • Fire resistance is most advisable when preparing for this guy. Swill down a Prismatic Elixir before you start taming.
  • Stacking stamina and haste is a very good idea as well.
  • If you’re a Beast Master, make sure to have a Core Hound at the ready. Buff yourself with Ancient Hysteria then dismiss your CH before you begin the tame. The added haste from the buff will make things a lot easier.

Lastly… once you’ve put on your daddypants and are set to begin taming, use this macro:

/use Potion of Speed
/cast Deterrence
/cast Tame Beast

You can also add an on-use haste trinket in there if you have one. If so, add this line to your macro:

/use 13 (or 14 if it’s equipped in the bottom slot)

His attack does 10K damage per second, which means the key to success is lowering the cast time on Tame Beast (through added haste), while also having enough resistance and health to withstand the blows.

Here’s a map showing the area where Terrorpene hangs out. You can use either NPCScan to detect him, or just fly around tapping your /target Terrorpene macro, as I had done.

Terrorpene Spawn Location Map

Map courtesy of the fine folks at WoWHead.

Every little advantage helps. If he kills you during the tame, then it’s likely another wanton hunter will capitalize on your failure. Approach it as if you only have one shot, so make it count. πŸ˜‰

Best of luck to those of you looking to obtain this highly coveted pet. πŸ˜€


Update: 01/17/11 – lawman30 posted some great information on how to succeed at taming this awesome pet, especially if you’re level 81 or 82 and a bit short on hit points. With some well thought out preparation, he managed to tame Terrorpene at level 81, while only sustaining a 40% blow to his health! Check out his post in the Hunter Pets Forum.

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  1. You, sir, are good luck. I just read your article and at 2:45pm on Staghelm, at level 85, I managed to catch this magnificent turtle! I decided on your tactic; hang in the area and run some dungeons. I ran half of one dungeon, and came out with npcscan blaring at me! Terrorpene! My heart skipped a beat as I frantically searched to see if it was a pet, or a corpse: neither!! He floated through the lava in all his glory and I swooped in for the capture! There was nobody else in the area; the capture went off without a hitch and I find myself standing here today with my very own Terrorpene, lovingly nicknamed Inferno. πŸ™‚

  2. I just wanted to come back and thank you for the info and macro. I got this bad boy at 7:13AM on Trollbane as a lvl 81. I died twice, thinking my taming glyph would reduce the time enough, and I wasn’t fast enough clicking Deterrence and Tame, so I reopened this article, copied the macro, and tamed him with about 33% health left. Thanks! I got a stable full of pets, but this guy is the coolest of them all…

  3. I just wanted to try out my luck, I Searched in Google how long until he spawns, i came to this website read all the stuff about lucky things, i flew from Orgrimmar to Throne of Flames and thought im gonna get some snacks for this one, and then he just spawned in front of me πŸ˜›

  4. Just wanted to add that i tamed him at 2:15 realm time on Argent Dawn πŸ™‚ lvl 85 beast master hunter, all i did was chug a haste pot and he was mine! i waited a week to nab this one up, so excited!

  5. I just wanted to say that the “show yourself now” buff must exist.
    I went to sulfurions spire this morning at around 9:40am ST on Frostmourne oceanic and saw him wading around with all his swag.
    I immediately freaked out, dropped out of the sky losing 20k hp.
    keeping in mind, I only had 80k so I waited untill it regenerated. (risky)

    I tried to fight him but I used arcane shot and he pretty much owned me own to 10% hp + lava damage, but I survived.

    Popping a food piece, I regenerated my hp and tried again, this time, popping my speed potion and just cutting him off.
    I managed to catch him at 10% hp, confirming he only hits around 70k.

    All you Frostmourne Hunters, the next one will in 6-9hrs give or take.
    Good Luck!

  6. Friday, June 8, 2011 -Tamed Terropene at 9:35 am server time on Bleeding Hollow. Found him at 3:00 am on Shu’Halo with my mage. Someone had killed him so thought I would try the 6 hour respawn for kills. Looks like it works. Had 109k Health and did very little damage. Also spotted Magria about 5 minutes before and tried to tame her but got the message she wasn’t tameable. Had tried in the afternoon about 5 pm or so the day before.

  7. I tamed Teerorpene today after camping for probably 12 hours. I must say though after reading all the hype, I am a little disappointed at how easy he was to tame. I am a level 85 hunter with beast meastery, and I used a charm for an extra 7000 health expecting a big fight. There was none! He never fought back. No attack of any type. I lost no health at all. Maybe I was just lucky, but I have never had an easier tame. All said and done though, this is by far my coolest pet now. Good hunting guys. I think the 12 hour spawn time for this guy is right on.

  8. Level 83 hunter. Died the first time so I planned it a bit better. Actually died right as the tame finished, literally saw him disappear in front of me as I died. Anxiously ran back to my corpse and checked my pets. Low and behold there he was! I got Gondria the day before so I count myself a lucky hunter so far.

  9. thx alot for your guide just tamed it on hellfire πŸ˜€
    lvl 81, had only 4000 hp left then got him, he looks super awsome πŸ˜€

  10. Just got my terrorpene and i love it!!! took me 8-9 hours huntcamping ^^ just 5mins before i tamed him i was about to take a 10min break, to smoke and get a drink, lucky me i didnt coz just seconds after he spawned and i tamed him came a another hunter to check if terrorpene was there. I could been afk when terrorpene spawned and then he would tame it and take 9 hours of my life for nothing(i was pretty alone camping all the 9 hours) πŸ˜€ and i maybe would have stayed there for 2-3 hours more coz i didnt knew a hunter came to tame it while i was gone

  11. Well, I heard about this turtle a while ago, thought i would try taming it. So i decided to set about camping it, flew around east of the spire, for about 6 hours. My friend came over to do a quick trade with me as i did not want to leave the area, and, luckily for me, my friend starts screaming that he was right there, as i got closer, npc scan went off, so i popped prismatic and speed potion (i am 85 with 107k health, but i did not want to take any chances) and started taming the bitch, and got him losing only about 20k health.

    Good luck to all other hunters out there πŸ™‚

  12. Congratulations on the tame LOL, it seems to me that this little monster is very hard to get, I stayed alert until 4:00am last night and asked my friend to wait there…I got a call 5 minutes later saying this guy finally emerged, then I rushed into the game only found another hunter was taming it…shot!
    this was really a shame…at this point I came to the realization that my friend was not wise enough to pretending tame it at the first place!!!!!! which might gave me enough time to log in the game and tame this little man…

    In terms of the spawn time, There are many versions I have no idea which to believe, someone said 9hrs still other saying there is no route to follow, is there anyone who can give me an affirmative answer to this question?????thanks.

  13. Hello! I just tamed Terrorpene today, about 4-5 hours ago. I wasn’t even camping him, I was farming volatile fires from the lava pools. I totally freaked out when I saw that he was a rare, as I’ve pretty much resigned myself to never getting a very unique pet. Boy, am I wrong!

    It was a very nerving-wracking tame. I launched a freezing trap, but my patrol-freezing abilities have much to be desired so it didn’t even activate. So, without any help (i.e. Deterrence or pots) I started taming it. I currently have about 160k/165k HP, and I was left with a very small amount when I was done (didn’t check how much).

    I look forward to using my pet (which I plan to name Nemesis) in my quests! ^.^ Happy huntings for the other campers!

  14. Aman’Thul, Oceanic server. I left my 85 hunter there the night before woke up and decided to log on before I left for work – got dressed while he sat there staring into the flames.

    Oh well, 8am rolls past, nothing, so I get ready to log off and BAM, silverdragon and NPC both scare the $%^&e out of me and there he is. 85 hunter, my ilvl is only 315, No buffs or anything, 100K health, tamed without even losing a quarter of my health. I guess he’d just woken up too. πŸ˜€
    Damn he’s impressive. Called him DΓ³iteΓ‘n, which is Gaelic for “Blaze”

  15. Lol. I tamed it at level 80. Just use ur ice trp on him and tame it. Plus I got 2 healers with me. lol easy tame. I am know showing off my new pet. And that day I got Terrorpene SKoll and The Ghost bear at Greezly hills. I am so happy. Makes me play wow even more!

  16. i went looken for this rare pet, after waiting a few minutes i googled this website and sat here for about half hour reading the whole thing and the comments, after i was done i minimized it and went back to my WoW game and BAM there he was lol

  17. Tamed Terrorpene at 9:30am LightBringer server time on Friday the 13th getting on randomly before I had to take off for the weekend…Was pretty excited when I jumped on and my screen started flashing immediately. Did it at 85, so didn’t bother with any potions, had just over 100k hp

  18. I tamed Terrorpene at 9:15am Dath’ Remar Server with just plain lvl 84 tame beast and also with the help of NPCScan Addon. I wish all hunters who wishes to tame one good luck! dont give up!

  19. I just flew down there and he was right there waiting for me. I am a lvl 85 and he took me down to about half health from 103k.

  20. well, i sat out there all night. had everything all set up.. dozed off for about an hour.. woke up the damn turtle was dead and had whispers from a shaman saying “Woops! i just killed the rarespawn, I didnt see you there.” x.x gah!!! to say the least I couldnt fall back asleep :P…so ill be giving it another go tonight! congrats to all of you who have managed to snag him c:. im doing this a little late in the game.. but hey… the place isnt swarming with other hunters so its good!

  21. I caught Terrorpene on my second day trying…as well as a spirit beast…my lucky day! Woke up early, popped on, and there he was. I was stoked to catch him at level 81. I had <50k health to start and made it out with <1k health. He is a hard hitter like Garwulf said. My buddy caught him at lvl 85 on a low pop. server, so I was stoked since I'm on a pretty high pop. server (Kel'Thuzad). At my buddy's recommendation I used a haste food, Elixir of Mighty Speed, and Prismatic Elixir (wouldn't have been able to do it without it). Wish I had read this post and thought about the core hound buff too. Anyway, he looks awesome and is an incredible tank for solo leveling! Good luck and happy hunting!

  22. Terror spawned @ 23:27 server time on Mok’Nathal US 31March11 – He spawned in the most Eastern protrution of the lave pool on the map above (“his hood”). Hit me for a total of 60K damage (of 98K) but tamed him with no buffs / potions. Now the tankin’ tortoise is me best friend. I was sitting on the rock directly beside him gathering herbs when NPC scan went off, a couple of seconds before he actually became visible. Love the rares. Happy Hunting!

  23. After about a week of on and off camping, I was just about to log off my toon to get some much needed rest early this morning. Since I had no love with Loque or Sambas my frustrated Goblin decided to port to Hyjal to do one last sweep for Terrorpene. I flew across the npc scan outline and started to become sad since I was almost to the bottom of the pattern with no luck. Suddenly, my NPC Scan went off and I saw the sexy beast in front of me. I quickly dismounted and dismissed my pet. Like a n00b, I hit a Runic Health Potion (Not even sure why I have any of these) but luckily was at full health. I found and quickly hit my Potion of Speed and was off to taming. I was extremely close to him so he immediately hit me with his fire spell and my health started dropping fast. I was able to tame him with 15k health left at level 84. I am now the proud owner of Bowser πŸ™‚ I tamed him at 1:00am PST time on Kul Tiras (I believe 3am ST) so happy hunting to all my fellow Kul Tiren hunters.

  24. I’ve been trying to get this bad boy for about the last 10 days. Today, while pulling mucho spouse aggro, I decided to go look one last time before logging. Here on Tortheldrin there’s always at least 2 or 3 hunters camping for him. Not today! I port into Hyjal and fly towards his spawning area. Ipopped open the map and made a bee line toward the NPC scan spawn points…nothing at point 1. Moved on to point 2 and landed on a rock, was thinking about popping a pot or eating some buff food, and low and behold he crawls by!!! Quick dismount, and fire off a freeze trap…missed!!! (or he’s immune). Do or die moment, I start casting tame and another hunter flys in and hovers over us (Horde thank God..PVP server here). The other hunter lands and starts bandaging me lol! I’m at 85 SV so he didn’t nail me too badly, named him Gnarly! Now off to do the honey do lists! Have a good one guys!

  25. Okay what is it about lvl 85’s dying trying to tame this turtle, caused it happen to me twice. Last night Terror spawns around 2201 on Eonar. I was waiting around and getting ready to head off and do a heroic with some guildies. As I started to fly back to SW, I just happen to glance at the map and notice two NPC spot instead of one on the south side. I mouse over the map and Terrorpene name showed up. Wow, what luck! By the way, NPC Scan did not go off because I didn’t clear the cache, but I thought I did before logging on. So I land on the west side landing, I’m lvl 85 with 105K hp my haste is at 24% in my SV gear swag a Potion of Speed, hit Terror with an Arcane shot to get his attention, hit Deterrence and started taming, thinking ok I got this. Next thing I knew I was dead, what!
    An lvl 85 BE hunter was right next to me and when he saw that I’d expired, he started and he went down faster than I did. We both returned to our bodies and quickly rez, trying to do a quick heal with the bandage but the both of us saw that there was another hunter starting tame Terror. So, it was too late for both of us. Okay, I can live with that, it was a first try.

    So I read up on the possible next time he/she might spawn and figured the earliest would be about 8 hrs later and the latest would be when I’m at work. I took the chance to get up early this morning at 5:00 am CST, Eonar on EST and waited. This time I made sure the cache was clear. About 45 minutes later, I went to get a refill of morning coffee and when I came back, NPC Scan went off! woot! Now where is he? I quickly flew around and found him on the north side track, quickly landed, downed a Speed Potion, Arcane shot, then Deterrence and then Tame, watching my health taking chunks out and it happen again, dead. ugggh!

    I quickly returned, rez and healed as fast as I could, worrying about not being able to tame this thing. I saw that he/she was heading to the east wall and I hoped on one of the rocks nearby. I wasn’t quite at full health about 80%. Deterrence been used up, couldn’t use another speed potion, still in the waiting period, so I figured what the heck just hit Tame.

    Sure enough he did it to me again. But this time he despawned! By this time about every hunter that was up this morning in Hyjal came swooping down looking for Terrorpene. Sorry guys he despawn after two trys, wierd after last night.

    I’m going to try one more time getting this pet, I love going after the unique pets for hunters but this one is driving me bonkers! At one time, I had all of Spirtbeasts but had to release two of them for raiding during WotLK. Now that we have more stable slots I need to redo those two plus the new ones.
    Oh the life of a Huntard! I’s its one! πŸ™‚

    • quick correction Haste is @ 6.23% not 24% as stated in PVE my Crit was @ 23.65% in PVE, was looking at the wrong item on my iPhone app. πŸ™‚

    • Well, I stand corrected again, after this morning, I thought Terrorpene had de-spawn when actually I tame him/her, remember I died a second time this morning. Thinking oh well, I’ll try again later tonight when I get home from work, my wife had other plans. So when we finally got home and I returned to logged on what did my eyes see next to me was Terrorpene? Huh?, what the! Holy Bejeeze, I tamed the big thing! How did I do that? I guess with my camera location, and with all the damage he/she had done on me I figured I didn’t tame him/her but actually I did, WoW.
      I named him/her MedRare since my wife and I went to some friends house for dinner and we had steaks tonights and he reminded me of the grill we used (I live in TX so it’s not that cold). Good Luck to all the other Hunters out there and remember if you died while trying to tame a pet, please recheck to see if you may / may not have tame the pet. You never know.

      Cheers and Good Luck

      Galorfinor, 85 NE Hunter, Eonar SV/BM

  26. BOOM! I waited last night for like 4 hours between 12-4am waiting for him cuz i was really pumped. I came on today and he wasn’t there so i went to town to get the Pristmatic Elixer(magic resist increased by 90), and I already had some Potion of Speed (+500haste). I came back, he wasn’t there, so I did some questing. Kinda figured I would never see him but kept checking occasionally. At about 8:40 est I saw him. I am a level 81 hunter with high hopes and only 39.8k hp. I couldn’t let this opportunity pass, even though I basically had given up because I assumed he would own me. Well, I manually popped my prismatic elixer, started chasing him, in the lava because I had no choice as I saw it. Then as I got close I clicked Scatter Shot(not sure if it took), then I clicked my potion of speed and began taming. I successfully tamed him first attempt with about 300hp left. Note: If you jump while running through the lava, it does not hurt you, or at least not as bad. I was in the middle of lava with about 500hp, then I jump skipped to a nearby ledge, and was able to heal my 300hp. The level 85’s who die to him….. You’re doing something wrong….. I bought 5 prismatic elixers for 30g, and had potions of speed. That was all it took to get this bad boy, and some waiting depending on the scenario. Good luck to all who want him!

      • That’s the way to do it. I’ve had the most success that way myself, plus you don’t end up getting aggravated like you do when you spend countless hours waiting.

  27. I DID IT!!!!!!!!!! I’m still shaking! Level 85 and he killed me 3 times. Talk about stress! Hunters were camping here and there throughout the day, but none around when he spawned. He was at the southern most area in his spawn points looking gorgeous and badass! He is just awesome! So happy!

  28. Logged in this morning, found Terrorpene dead πŸ™ Absolutely heartbroken. I have been camping his area for a solid 11 hours…….nothing yet…….

  29. Well, I decided I had to have this sweet looking turtle so I headed over to his spot. I watched a little tv while jumping every once in a while to keep from going afk. After about 15 minutes I got bored and decided to fly around a bit, and low and behold he spawned on the south side of his “hood”. I named him fluffy, cuz as a girl I like fluffy things πŸ™‚ Can’t believe I had no competition either! It was sweet. Spawn time was 9:45 pm, on Gilneas.

  30. Managed to get him yesterday at 81 (35k health). I piled on tons of haste gear (see The Beast post), popped deterrence, blew all haste cooldowns and items and just managed to tame him as I died! (well, on the 4th time I died..)

  31. really upset πŸ™ terrorpene spawns right in front of me as i get to his “hood” dismiss loque. pop rapid fire. just about to tame when another horde hunter comes along and tames him. terrorpene didnt even attack him. by the time i killed the hunter i was 0.5 second to slow πŸ™

  32. He spawned today @52.82… Been sitting there for 3 days when he finally spawned for me. I saw him once before, but he was killed by the other faction. By the time I got all the pots off, he moved almost on top of me – he is very fast in the lava.

    The competition was very intense for Terrorpene today – lots of Horde creating chaos on my PVP server – plus all my Ally buddies waiting their turn. This last week had lots of Ally on Ally ganking. I think the Cataclysm has ruined some good men’s minds!

    So once I tamed him, I dropped into Shadowmeld near the spawn point and set Terrorpene running around from rock to rock. 2 out of 3 hordes took the bait – those two were hunters. However, the blood elf rogue sensed something was wrong and took off just when I marked him. I think the competition had allowed the horde hunters to drop their guard in an effort to get their first. That might be why the rogue was more cautious. I must admit, I too suffered from this panic.

    For the Alliance!

  33. Finally, after many weeks of checking I finally got Terrorpene. I camped today for 3 hours and he spawned. NPCScan told me he was there. I had no problem taming him at 85. I just dismissed Regulus, my black lion, and clicked tame. Thanks Huntsmans Lodge ;?)

    ~grats to all who have tamed him and I wish low spawn times to those still trying

  34. Grats on the new turtle. He was the one I camped after getting Ghostcrawler (which took toooo long in that water…). There was a lot of competition for this pet and still is on Blackhand. I ended up getting lucky because someone died while taming it. I felt bad and talked to the person and he was glad I got it and happy to at least know the spawn time.

    So far I’ve gotten all the rares I want from Cata (I think): GC, Jadefang, Karoma, Terrorpene, and umm I think that may be it. I’m not really looking for Sambas, but if I happen upon him I’ll go for it, same with Madexx.

  35. Grats on the “Hottest” pet on wow πŸ˜€ I love mine to death, and yes, he did kill me a few times when I tamed him at 83 >> thankfully no other hunters were around so I mailed myself my speed pots, stopped at the stable for some Chromaggus buffage and tried again, got him that time with no trouble. Did I mention this pet is hot? πŸ˜›

  36. Gratz Gar! The fiery turtle is most badazz! I FINALLY got aroung to leveling my hunter and the original plan was to power to 85 and THEN get my tame on with all the fine rare beasties that this xpac has to offer. However something about your post has inspired me. I read your post and thought to myself, “Self…what would be better than taming Terrorpene? That’s right….LEVELING with him!” I dinged 81 last night in Vash’Jir (dead skinnable creatures as far as the eye can see for a skinner/LW like myself) and you have inspired me to do this at 81! This will probably be something on par difficulty wise with solo taming Krush when LK came out, but dammit…tha’s what I’m gonna do! I will keep you posted.

  37. Grats on Terrorpene.
    not one to boast but now have in stable Terropene, Sambas, Karoma, Ghostcrawler, Ashtail and winners kitten from new content to go with Skoll and loque and my big green corehound from shadowmoon, also tamed a Darkwood Lurker for a bit of pvp

    • Huntsman’s Lodge grants us a Rayr Beastie Show Urself Nao buff whenever we visit the main page or the forums. You won’t see the buff in-game but many swear it’s there and it works.

      Good luck!

  38. Way to go man, I’ve still yet to go after him, but after your story I’ve got a fever…and the only cure is more Terrorpene.

  39. tamed him the first week or 2 that i was 85 along with all the other cataclysm rares that early on when no one was looking for them or new where to look so it was easy pickings terrorpenne, ghostcrawler, karoma, jadefang, the blue version of madexx, sambas, ashtail, harakis the infestor, ainamiss the hive queen, and evan chromaggus from black wing lair are all mine currently working on aeonaxx in deepholm for a mount but so far its been way to easy to get em for me at least

  40. I tamed this baby at lvl 85 myself (at which point there is no need for any preparation btw, it’s easycakes) and already he has tanked several heroic bosses and saved some wipe-situations on trash. This pet has earned so much respect in the guild that he is sometimes requested to tank instead of the tank.

    Terrorpene, fear it, love it, respect it.


  41. LOL… i left a note on loque’nahak page just days ago saying how lucky this website has been for me.. so i decided to camp terrorpene tonight starting at 8:00 PM server time (deathwing) and of course i had to see what huntsman lodge had to say about terrorpene.. and of course 10 min later my NPC_Scan goes off and luckily the 4 other hunters are all afk so i got the tame
    Lvl: 84
    72k health
    so again i just want to say this website is super lucky!!!!!
    *think i might make you my homepage.. lol*

  42. Ugghh! I wish I had your luck. I’ve been sitting in Hyjal for three days, too paranoid I’m gonna miss him to do much else. I remember looking for Loque for over three months before I gave up – then of course with a stroke of luck found him at random. Anyway, Congrats on your catch, and hopefully I’ll get the same luck as alot of other hunters…Eventually.


  43. Ahh! Congratulations on your tame! With how he was there after your BG, seems like he was waiting for you to play with him in the lava! πŸ˜‰ There’s A LOOOOT of competition for him on my server too (Nathrezim). Every time I went to look for him there were usually a few ally hunters looking. One JERK would constantly pop down to the ground and let his Terrorpene run around. I use npcscan, so it would set off false alarms. He had a guildie that he looked to be helping find it. I guess they both just used their eyes and macros to look for it. UGH…it was SO annoying. I was just hovering over, minding my own business. I’d only log off to delete my cache every so often because I didn’t want it to be obvious that I had npcscan and he was messing me up…I figure that’s what why he was doing it. He’d make dumb emotes at me too. -_-

    I didn’t get him ’til my two other guildies did. We tamed him back to back to back. First one hunter, the next person came back after some hours then hung around ’til he showed, then I came for him. I think the spawn time went 12 hours after the first then 14 hours after the second. Those jerks from earlier were still hanging around most of that time too…just glad we got it before his friend did. πŸ™‚


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