Taming The Beast

The Beast - Core Hound Boss in UBRS

Taming The Beast from Upper Blackrock Spire is one of those huntery-type of achievements I’d been meaning to check off the list over the past few months. Last night I finally decided to tackle it.

Truth be told, it was really quite easy. Perhaps I was exceptionally lucky, but here’s how I did it…

First off, I grabbed any and all of my haste gear out of the bank, along with some Potions of Speed. Same as with attempting a King Krush solo-tame, you need to reduce the channeling time of Tame Beast to be as hasty as possible. The shorter the taming time, the greater the chance for success.

If you’re not level 80, then the haste becomes even more important, as the damage he deals will be more of an issue for undergeared players.

I basically equipped all PvP gear for the added stamina, apart from any PvE pieces that had haste on them. At the time of taming, I was at about 29K health.

My next move was to create a fancy macro to help me with the taming process…

You need to have a throw-away pet with you when you begin the taming. In order to pull off a successful tame, you need to be under the effects of The Beast Within so as to avoid The Beast’s interrupts.

/cast Bestial Wrath
/script PetAbandon()
/use 13
/use Potion of Speed
/cast Tame Beast

The macro is pretty important, as it maximizes your taming time while under the effects of The Beast Within. With one button press this macro will:

  • Cast Bestial Wrath – putting you under the effects of The Beast Within
  • Pop a Potion of Speed
  • Activate an on-use trinket (in my case, the Thorny Rose Brooch)
  • Abandon your pet

Tame Beast Will not begin simultaneously, as it takes the game a split-second to realize your pet is gone. One quick second tap will get it going, however.

I didn’t put it in there, but adding Deterrence is a good idea too, especially if your hit points are a bit low (~20K or less).

Now it was off to Blackrock Spire…

Skip this section if you know where to find The Beast

I wasn’t much of a dungeoner prior to TBC, so this instance was still pretty unfamiliar to me. I’d ventured in there maybe all of three times back in vanilla; only one of those times being the UBRS portion.

So… for the other noobs out there like me who need a little guidance…

To get into UBRS, you enter Blackrock Spire (via running up the chain opposite the direction of Blackrock Depths), then head up the stairs and to the left. You’ll enter a large hall lined with small side chambers – each one possessing a glowing rune on the floor. In order to gain access to UBRS, you need to fully clear the mobs surrounding these runes. Once you do, the door opposite the entrance will open.

Back in the day, Seal of Ascension was needed to unlock the upper portion of Blackrock Spire, but not no mo’. Now you can just slaughter your way in.

Once you get in there, you’ve got to blast your way through a few bosses in order to gain access to the Furnace, which is where The Beast is lurking. The upper portion of the instance is pretty small, so you can get to him pretty quickly. At level 80, none of the mobs present much of a challenge, so reaching The Beast is pretty smooth sailing.

If you still need your Leroy Jenkins achievement, this is a good time to knock that one out. The Rookery is just outside the chamber where the first boss is located (Pyroguard Emberseer).

Once you get past the Pyroguard, the Warchief & Gyth; it’s onto The Beast.

Tame The Beast in the corner, behind the hay

The only positioning strategy involved with taming this guy is to skooch yourself into the far corner on the left, just behind the pile of hay. Taming him from this location prevents his knockbacks, and apparently is also supposed to help against his fear. Regardless, it’s recommended, so that’s what I did.

Taming The Beast in UBRS

A lot of players suggest pulling him with Scorpid Sting, so as to reduce his hit chance. I didn’t bother with this, but used my pet to pull him instead. I targeted him, positioned myself behind the hay, then sent my pet in. Once he was within range, I hit my macro and began the tame.

My first attempt failed about 3/4 of the way through.

Some suggest having a few throw-away pets at your disposal, to allow for some failed attempts. Otherwise, you have to run back outside and tame another one real quick, which is just what I did. I had cleared most of the mobs on the way in, so I just booked out into the LBRS portion and tamed one of the Scarshield Worgs.

For my second attempt I let my pet beat on him for several seconds, allowing me to get a feel for when he’d cast his interrupts. Anyway, what ended up working for me is starting the tame immediately following one of his Fireball casts.

The second attempt was textbook.

During the taming, he took me down to about 50% health (starting at 29K) during a 14.5 second hasted cast time on Tame Beast.

Well, what’s so cool about The Beast..?

Well, for starters, Core Hounds are among the top Beast Mastery PvP pets, especially for arena. In Cataclysm, Core Hounds will also be an optimal pet for PvE, due to their new Ancient Hysteria buff (i.e., Heroism/Bloodlust).

The Beast Core Hound BossApart from The Beast, the only other Core Hounds that share his awesome red model are the ones found in Molten Core. What makes The Beast so special though, is that he still retains his ?? Boss status once tamed.

The Beast is a perfect compliment to the Core Hound Pup… or is it the other way around..? Either way, they look really cool together. πŸ˜‰

Solo-taming The Beast is a fun challenge, especially for hunters who are not yet level 80. If you’re looking for something fun to try, or have a hankerin’ for pets that are a bit more unusual and unique (just as I do…), then why not go out and try to tame The Beast…

The Beast Hunter Pet

The Beast and Core Hound Pup

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  1. I just tamed him before reading the comments and learning that they took the boss tag away. I was so proud of myself, and now it seems it was a waste. Well at least I know it’s cool, even if no one else will. πŸ™

    • I did the same thing. I’m so pissed now. It sucks. Took me 2 tries, the second, i cleared the room before him, and tried to see if the fire’s would stop him and it didn’t, soo…. I had to dismiss my little spidey, feign death, wait for him to start heading back, call spidey again, cast aspect of the pack, run to the bail of hay, aspect of the hawk, and tried to use the macro, but he interrupted it, so i then had to “Tame Beast” 3 times afterwards to get him.

      I was so excited the whole way getting to him, when i was taming him my heart was pounding like crazy, and as soon as i tamed, i checked is tag, and all i had to say was WTF. Came on here, checked the comment’s. and ………… /facepalm. :/

  2. The latest patch has “fixed” the level ?? and Boss skull on the tamed Beast. Mine is now just a run of the mill level 80 core hound.

    Thanks a bunch, Blizz, for eliminating the only trophy we BM hunters received for this special boss tame – I’m talking about a SOLO tame BEFORE the 50% reduction in tame time that came with version 4.0. It seems to be a whole lot easier now, and hardly worth the trophy, so we all lose it.

    Anyone who claims that Gar’s technique “doesn’t work” or is “not necessary” is a) ignoring the simple fact that it DID work and WAS necessary for a SOLO tame, and b) making the usual mistake of thinking the game is the same now as it was when this was posted.

  3. Hi all. I just got him today. No macros,no pots,no extra pet. Just waited til he walked by and hit the button while behind the hay. Took 3 or 4 tries but it worked. No boss tag though. Just says level 77. Weak… lol.

  4. Any word on if he might keep his boss tag after cata … Or maybe just ones tamed prior to cata get to keep the tag ? Hopeing it stays i havent had him that long yet …

    Thanks for the great strat Guide worked like a charm

  5. Going to start taming this bad boy tomorrow. Was BM, switched to Surv in Cata…now I’m gonna duel-spec. Why? This guy deserves his own spec! And yes, I already have haste gear, haste food, haste pot, speed pot, and scroll of stam (tamed Arcturis a long time ago).

  6. Hello everyone,

    Thought I’d throw my two cents in here. I was able to particpate twice in the last two days in acquiring this BEAST (Red Core Hound). Well, I already have the white one and green one — so I had to have the Red one. I am a Beast Master (BM) Hunter, Level 71. I went out with a Level 80 Hunter BM friend. We went to Blackrock Spire, located in Burning Steppes. We went to the upper level and blasted our way through the dungeon. Using this site and some others, I created a macro, which included “deterrence” and “abandon pet”, along with acquiring 10 potions of speed to hasten the taming process. Needless to say, I failed at acquiring the hound. Once I died a few times and ran out of potion, my lvl 80 friend tried about 5 times and finally got him. On one occasion, the BEAST actually looked as if the Taming was complete but he actually broke it at the very last second. However, at least one of us walked out on with the beast.

    I then went and did more research, because I simply believed there had to be a way for me to get this wonderful combat pet. Here’s what I learned from the first night. First of all, the macro is simply not necessary. Second, the “abandon pet” literally got rid of all my pets (this is after patch 4.0.1 where you can carry up to 4 pets; at my level of 71). So by using that macro, I had to later go back and get all my pets back — NOT FUN!! Therefore, here’s what I discovered — I had to get help. Here’s how I acquired the Red Core Hound Beast. I asked to of my friends to help. I brought with me 3 lvl 80 friends … it helps to clear the dungeon quicker. From my research, I learned to ask my Priest friend to change their specs to “Holy Priest”. Here’s why — if you bring someone to HEAL you while taming the BEAST — the taming process breaks. Therefore, I place myself in the far right hand corner of the area where the BEAST is (IN THE CORNER — so when he kicks you, you don’t go anywhere). The Holy Priest then let the BEAST kill them and they went into Spirit of Redemption form so they could heal me while I tamed. This keeps the taming process from being broke. I used Potion of Speed and Deterrence. My other lvl 80 friend was able to RES us as we both died about 5 times. Finally, on the sixth try, it WORKED! So, please do not give up. Thank you to those of you who posted the idea of using a Holy Priest to HEAL in spirit form. If you’re lower level like I am (below 80) — this is absolutely necessary. The BEAST does not fool around. He kicks you into the air and across the room — so stay in the CORNER…he also uses FEAR. He also breaks the taming process…so keep hitting the TAME BEAST — and you will eventually do it. However, it is nearly impossible without a Spirit of Redemption Heal from a Holy Spirit. Now, my level 80 BM Hunter friend had done it, but used a racial spell. Otherwise, it is very difficult. Oh — and forget these macros — they simply don’t work well. Plus, freeze traps, concussive, and etc DO NOT WORK on this LEVEL ?? BEAST ELITE. Ok, so I know everyone has a method — but we did it twice. It CAN be done. Best of luck and feel free to ask questions. I will be happy to answer. (oh — one last night — the BEAST took my health and gear down — I was all RED. I started with 9.7 HP and ended up with about 5.5 HP after 5 tries…but doesn’t matter as long as you have that Holy Priest healing you from in spirit form).

    Take care.

  7. I answered my own question….I failed to switch to BM spec. I’m rightly annoyed with myself. All that trouble to do something so dumb.

  8. I tried to tame The Beast today, and got the message that he’s not tameable. I was way bummed. I guess this must have changed in the last few days?

    Anybody know for sure?

  9. Found this site and had to tame The Beast! The hardest part was getting lost once inside the instance but, I was able to tame him easy (no special gear/pots). I’m now the proud owner of a Skull Leveled Corehound…. I named him: Bst

    Thanks so much for the guide! XD

  10. I tamed him today with no special haste gear, and no pet, so no Beast Within. It took several tries and I was holding my breath thru the last few seconds of the successful attempt – and I was down to 52 hp . . . when tada! He was mine πŸ™‚ This is the third attempt in the past two years and all the advice here about the knock back and all really helped. I used the wall behind the haystack. Thanks for it all. It would be great if they never fixed that glitch, him showing up as a Boss ?? is awesome. I have the Corehound Pup also and they look great together πŸ™‚ Thanks for all the help!

  11. Hi Guys,

    I tamed the beast yesterday on my first try, thanks to Gar’s macro and advice (your help, Gar, on this and all kinds of huntery stuff has been tremendous). The beast does indeed retain its boss tag. I noticed however that on the Talents/Pets page, it is shown as level 1, which cannot be true!! as I am lvl 80, does it start at lvl 77 like other pets, and, in this case, how can I know when it moves up a level?


  12. Hi Garwulf!

    Since patch 4.0.1 is live, taming the beast is very simple. I think the channeling time of tame beast is much shorter now. I channeled it about 8 seconds with your macro and the potion of speed.


  13. Also got the Boss today, used my pet target to send a wolf to keep him from me and beat him awhile. After he cast fire a dismissed the wolf not abandon, drank haste while he dismissed and then cast tame from corner. Boom got him! Been trying on and off since I heard he would be gone in Cat. Thanks to you Gar I kept trying..

  14. Just out of curiousity as i got this awesome boss today, Will the tag still remain when cataclysm launch or will it be removed like the rumours say or will it remain?

  15. I spent hours up to the end on the night before patch trying to get the beast. I had to give up and go to bed thinking I missed out. Wednesday after patch I read your note that it was still possible gave me hope. Got him on the first try. Now I don’t have to rage quit WOW πŸ˜€ Anyway thanks for the info Garwulf. I enjoy your site. I might see you around Dal sometime, my hunter is on KT also.

  16. Found the problem, not sure if it’s a bug or something that just happened to me. The macro that uses Bestial Wrath and then abandons the pet didn’t work for me in 4.0.1. I had to use the Call Pet skill and select an empty pet slot for the tame to work. However with all ARP converted to haste the taming only took about 7 seconds.

  17. For some reason this seems horrible bugged. I tamed him about 5 times now and he won’t appear as my pet. The cast bar is finished and he kept attacking me. And no I did not get interupted at the last second.. 5 times..

    What’s going on?

  18. Just tamed him in 4.0.1, took 5 attempts… mostly my fault for being too lazy to go get a pet after 1st died (did end up taming throwaway for 4th and 5th attempt).

    Funny thing is… when I finally managed to tame him it was after beastial wrath had expired and yeah i just got lucky.

    Such a rush =p

  19. Great guide Gar, I tamed him in March of this year. I’ve always been kind of particular about my pets, my oldest is Adalicia a Frostsaber Pride Watcher, I got her when I was lvl 60 and grinding for the Winterspring Frostsaber mount, Adalicia wasn’t an elite, but she matched my mount. Yeah I know. Then came Zizzi, Ironhide from Un’goro, I actually tamed Tyrant first, but really wanted the black one just to show you how particular I can be. I stayed mostly BM till I got to lvl 80, then dual spec’d to MM, I then tamed FenrisΓΊlfr, he’s Oloh from the Son’s of Hodir.

    I never was interested in a core hound, but one day I was in Shadowmoon Valley, and happened across Uvuros, managed to tame him, and started to lvl him. I could never really get into the green corehound, and I always had The Beast in back of my mind. I checked and found he was tameable, and like I often do I only read that he was tameable. I headed off to UBRS, do it just like taming an elite, freeze him, tame him, feed him. Yeah right! After several deadwalks, I enlisted the help of healers, resulting in more deadwalks. Finally my better sense got to me, and I decided I had to have a plan for this guy. By now it was a mission.

    I read all the articles I could find, and the base of advice was use as much haste as you could find, The Beast Within, and a macro. I couldn’t find a macro at the time like you posted, so I got little bits here and there and wrote my own. I ended up with two, cause like you said it stopped after abandon pet. I made a set of Revenant’s Treads which added 66 haste and Revenant’s Breastplate for 89 more haste. Imperial Manta Steak gave me another 40 haste, and Elixir of Lightning Speed provided anotherd 45 haste, plus with the help of a guildmate, I had another 23 haste with Enchant Cloak – Greater Speed. That gave me 301 haste, and with Potion of Speed, I was going to be at 801 for 15 seconds, lower than I had seen suggested, but best I could do right then. I was still mostly in starter 80 gear, so I used Heavy Borean Armor Kits to increase my health to 21k. Do or die, I was gonna try.

    I had a throw away pet, but used my Devilsaur to get to the room before The Beast. I only cleared enough for me to get in, and one end of that last room, which was almost a mistake as you’ll see later. I stabled Zizzi and got my throw away pet, changed my gear for the haste gear, and entered the room, and walked to the middle. As soon as I saw him start out, I headed for the corner, but I stood on the hay instead of getting all the way in the corner. That was a mistake because it gave him room to cast his knockback, and broke my tame beast spell. I feigned death, and quickly ran out of the room, and out of instance to get another pet.

    I found a worg on the Burning Stepps side, and headed back in before everything could respawn. I managed to get back in, and only had to fight one dragonkin with an unhappy, unspeced pet. Back in the room I saw The Beast start to move, and ran for the hay stack. This time I managed to get all the way back in the corner, and left clicked on The Beast and hit my first macro. When The Beast comes into the room, he heads to the opposite corner from where he stays, and for just a second he’s out of range. My mistake this time was letting him get too far away, and out of range of my Scorpid Sting. He turned and auto shot got him before I could get out of the room, time for feign death again, but he resisted. I ran to the next room, and he almost followed me, but he knocked me into the steps leading out of that room. Saved my butt.

    I headed to the Searing Gorge side this time, and tamed a spider. I headed back in as quick as I could, and had to fight one three man mob of Blackhand with the spider, again unhappy and not spec’d. This time I made sure all my cooldowns were off, and headed back in. I hit the corner when he moved, but this time I waited till he turned before hitting my first macro. Everything worked as expected, and I quickly hit my second macro. He’s dotting me up with his Lava Breath, and I’m watching my buffs and channeling. I was hoping to keep The Beast Within up till I had less than 5 seconds, but I still had 7 seconds when it disappated. I thought it’s going to be time for FD again. My health was half gone, and he hadn’t hit me with his knockback, and as those last 7 seconds clicked off I kept waiting for something to break my spell casting.

    It never came. I saw the heart icons, and couldn’t believe it. I think it’s an awesome achievement, and can’t even begin to describe the feeling you get.

    Like has been posted, with the changes to BW it’s going to be almost impossible now, but here’s the macros I came up with.

    /cast Scorpid Sting
    /cast Bestial Wrath
    /script PetAbandon()

    /cast Deterrence
    /use Potion of Speed
    /cast !Tame Beast

  20. Hey,
    I’m new at this can you tell me how to set up a macro???
    Where do you type it???
    How do you activate it???


    • Hi giant1
      It’s very simple…
      1. Type /macro in chat to open the macro window.
      2. Click New, type in a name for the macro, and choose an icon from the list, then click Save.
      3. Back in the main macro window, type the macro text into the text box.
      4. Drag the macro button (above the text box) onto an unused action bar button.
      5. Ideally, have a keyboard key bound to the action bar button, so you don’t have to mouse click it.

      Close the macro window. Done.

      Either clicking the action bar button or pressing the bound keyboard key will start the macro. Test it with a trash tame before heading to UBRS. The smallest typing error could change this macro from a song of love into your death warrant!

  21. Hey Gar, everyone,

    I just got The Beast. My approach was quite crazy. I was able to bring a druid (who knew UBRS well). We were in in a few minutes.

    I only had 20 Potions of Speed with me and used the macro above. I admit I didn’t read through the whole post which caused several failures. I thought:

    – the druid could tank and I could tame.
    – I could keep on taming while The Beast was attacking.
    – we could do healing-while-taming.

    So, I went back here and read half of the post and attempted to tame again. Trash pets were the worgs (plus potions of speed, and my tier 10 set). After about 2 more tries, I had him.

    Back at Dalaran, I read the entire post. I didn’t know about the taming corner at all. I was attempting to tame at the center (where I was tossed all over the place) and at his cave entrance (that’s a cave right?) — where I eventually tamed him.

    Sure the haste and trinket buffs would make things a lot easier but here’s proof that the stare-down-his-faces-like-a-tank approach could also work. Crazy, but works.

  22. Seven tries, but I got him! Thanks for the awesome guide πŸ™‚

    @asarden: I messed up on the thorny broach (vendored it ages ago >.>), so here’s what I used instead:
    – spellweave gloves (cheap on AH, 65 haste) + engineering hyperspeed accelerators (340 haste on use)
    – Foresight’s Anticipation trinket (quest reward from Dragonblight that I’d not done, 40 haste + 148 on use)
    – all the normal stuff (Herkumi war token, random haste gear)
    – Elixir of Lightning Speed (+45)
    – potion of speed (+500)
    – I also swapped out my normal weapons for some with haste on, including Orb of the Eastern Kingdoms as a filler

    That came out to 1463 haste (-340 if you’re not an engineer), but it still took a lot of tries. I followed Gar’s advice on going straight after a fireball, but it was a close call when I finally got him – another fireball was just going off.

  23. Wow, you are my hero!
    first try and i got it!
    i was very excited and my heart dance tango πŸ™‚ but it worked!!

    thank you soo much!

  24. hey gar ive been trying to tame this beast but i cant tame fast enough because i dont have throney rose brooch are there any other items that increase haste ??

  25. I have this little monster as well as King Krush they where both fun to tame and I love the boss tags on The Beast, however I hear that Blizz are removing the tags in Cata anybody else have any info about this ? .

  26. Well, this puppy was certainly not a walk in the park after all. Seven attempts and five deaths – but now he’s mine… The following notes might come in handy for others.

    First of all, make sure you clear all the moving mobs (and those close to your route) on the way in, while it’s easy. You don’t want to run into a mob by mistake (as I did) at low health, with no pet, and wearing just an evening gown. Them orcs’n’dragons ain’t for charming with fancy dresses, however low cut and slitty-thighed they might be.

    I geared mainly for haste, and used a Flask of Stoneblood (persists through death) and Stamina Scrolls to increase my health to just over 25k.

    I had a fully buffed haste rating of 1411 (around 43%):- 506 base, 30 from Baked Manta Ray, 375 from the trinket, and 500 from the Potion of Speed. Even so, I found that my tame was being interrupted with a few seconds left on the clock (such a slow clock!).

    It seemed that TBW was finishing just a bit too soon in his jolt cycle, so on my final attempt I waited until I saw (and felt) him bump me up against the wall (the screen jumps a bit), then counted three or four seconds, and only then started the tame. That worked first time.

    I found the quickest and easiest way to get new throw-away pets was to pop out into Searing Gorge and tame one of the spiders right near the ramp.

    One final point – once you have him, you’ll probably find that you want to keep him tucked away most of the time. Why? I’ll let you find out for yourself!

  27. Great guide! Thanks a lot. I had tried to tame him about a month ago with no luck after trying for a couple of hours. The macro really helped out a lot. Keeping the trash pet and abandoning him was the winner for me.

    However after I tamed him I forgot to remove my macro from my action bar and accidentally clicked it and abandoned my newly tamed pet!! >.< I had to go back and tame him a second time, but it was worth it. Thanks again. πŸ˜€

  28. Okay, Loremaster is so not top priority any more until I have this puppy in my stable. Thanks for the spanner, Gar, you’re a real pal.
    (By the way, does anyone know if Loremaster is still going to be an achievement in Cat? I’m assuming not).
    The one thing that bugs me about doing this is losing my Devilsaur. But no way am I abandoning one of my SBs… too much time invested in each one of them!
    So I’m gearing up for The Beast now. (Well, not right at this moment – I’m at work). I hope to be back to tell how I geared, and how many times I died before the tame.

    • Good luck Felinin. He’s an awesome pet for sure, and the taming process makes him even that much more prestigious.

      Anyone can grab the Kurken or even Uvuros, but it takes a real hunter to tame The Beast… πŸ˜‰

    • @ Felinin

      Yes Loremaster will still be an achievement in Cataclysm. It will be changing some though. Instead of completing 700 quests in Eastern Kingdoms and 700 in Kalimdor, it will be more like the BC counterpart. You will have to complete ‘X’ amount of quests in each zone of Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. Also it should be easier with more quests being counted toward the final goal, since they will be making sure quests are tagged to count properly. Good luck! πŸ™‚

      • Thanks for the information, Killskillz – I can relax about Loremaster now. I have the Kalimdor and EK achievements – just some mopping up to do in Blade’s Edge, Netherstorm, Storm Peaks and Icecrown. A mere 96 quests!

        I adjusted my taming outfit to give me about 530 base haste rating, although only 22.5k health. I’ll top up with a Stamina scroll to be on the safe side. A few WG battles and I also picked up the +375haste/20s Platinum Disks of Swiftness trinket for 25 WG Marks of Honor.

        This puppy ought to be a walk in the park…

        • Comments like this are part of the reason I love coming to this site. Although I have been smart about holding onto haste gear that comes from quests on my second hunter (my first hunter looked at haste gear with vendor dollar signs in his eyes….oops), I would never have thought of getting the Platinum Disks trinket from WG. I am sure that one will come in handy when the mighty Krush and I finally cross paths!

  29. Thanks Garwulf for another great inspiring article.. Got me to head of to UBRS and after a few attempts I am now a proud Beast owner….

  30. Nice work Gar! You’re harrowing account makes me want to go after him too! I’ll need more def bonuses though probably since I’m at 71 though, but I loves me a challenge and the boss icon is just bad-a, let’s all be honest here!

  31. I lucked into taming this bad boy about a week before the article. Once I had read about how he kept the skull icon and ?? Boss text I knew he must be mine. I already had a red core hound because I wasn’t sure that they were still going to be available come Cata.

    I fought my way to him and triggered his pat pathing, then moved into the corner to plan the tame. One thing I noticed is that he didnt come close enough for me to pull him without moving from the corner. After he went back to his den I walked out a bit and kept inching forward to get an idea of how close i needed to be and how i was going to go about getting him back to the corner.

    Well as things tend to go for me, I accidently fired off a distracting shot while I was standing out in the middle of the room. Blind panic set in as my current core hound charged him. No calmly running back to the corner and then calling my pet back before hitting my macros. Oh no. That would have made it too easy. I hit my macros WHILE STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROOM!!! Great, I thought to myself. I just burned the one pet I was ok with losing and no I’m sitting out in the open, easy picking for a knockback.

    I luck out as I see him cast Terrifying Roar while Im still immune. COME ON, BABY!! I thought to myself, dodge that Flamebreak. Just as my tame bar was reaching the end, he starts to cast Flamebreak. I’m frantically watching his bar rise and my bar fall. I’m literally hollering at my scream “HURRY!! HURRY!!!” My wife comes running into the room thinking I’ve somehow managed to hurt myself or that something is wrong with one of the kids (they play Wii in the same room). Just as he starts to shrink from the successful tame I get knocked in the air from the Flamebreak. I turn to my wife and I’m like “HOT DAMN! DID YOU SEE THAT!!” She was not as excited as I was. Not by a longshot. I got down to the business of re-naming him, making him happy and excitedly bragging to my guildmates that I tamed him in one shot despite taming him like an idiot. As my wife had been reading what I was typing (being curious as to what all the commotion was about and why I was typing so furiously), she tells me as she walks away “You can tell them that I sure agree with that…you ARE an idiot.” Wives are so sweet. =P

    • LOL… great story lawman. I especially liked this bit:

      I turn to my wife and I’m like β€œHOT DAMN! DID YOU SEE THAT!!” She was not as excited as I was. Not by a longshot.

      Not sure if your wife plays, but I’ve pretty much given up trying to express to mine the joy of in-game conquests, achievements, etc… She quit playing several months ago and is quite “over it”.

      I waved her over to show her my new Chopper one night and her response was…

      “Oh brother”… then walks away.

      They just don’t get how cool we are… πŸ˜‰

      • At least your wife gave it a go. My wife just likes to be all “video games are for kids” blah, blah, blah…=P
        In the grand scheme of funny things, though, the way the whole scenario played out was far funnier than if she would have shared my enthusiasm and not been confused by how excited I got. One of my 8 year old daughters, however, noticed the skull circle and asked me why this doggie has a skull instead of a number. I asked her to give me her best guess. She gave The Beast a measured look and replied “because he just looks THAT cool.”

  32. Thanks Gar!

    Just tamed the beast after 9 attempts or so. I didn’t have the haste trinket, so I after first 6 attempts failed I regemmed for haste my old gear, bought some caster cloth gear with haste on it, and haste food and elixir, so that my haste before the potion was 450, then managed to tame him on the first try, he looks awesome!!! Thanks!!!!

    • The Beast has the same stats as all other Core Hounds once tamed, but he’s a frickin’ BOSS..!

      When players look at his nameplate they see a skull rather than his level – – that’s just plain awesome.

  33. I got a question why not just tame the corehount in violet hold on normal mode?? i think he is even much easier to tame ??? and no difference right??

    but still a cool pet gz gar πŸ˜‰

    • As far as I know, The Beast is the only Core Hound that retains the skull icon, Boss tag, and ?? level on his nameplate once tamed. In fact, I think he may be the only pet that does, period.

      I’m into kooky stuff like that, so I don’t mind the added trouble. πŸ˜‰

  34. Thanks for this guide, I have now successfully tamed this awesome core hound.

    The macro you gave did not work for me, it did not dismiss my own pet at all so I had to manually click each step in the macro, took me a few attempts in all and I will now have to retame and train some raid pets now but that is a very small price to pay.


    • That was probably my bad… I typed the macro from memory, but it was actually a tiny bit different from the one I used. The PetAbandon command was actually immediately following Bestial Wrath. Not sure if it’ll make a difference, but the macro listed now is the exact one I used.

      Grats on getting him btw! πŸ™‚


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