Taming Ban’thalos in Legion

Post has been updated to reflect the hunter changes in Legion. The same basic strategy as before holds true, but since we no longer have Distracting Shot, we’ll use Concussive Shot to pull Ban’thalos instead.


Taming Ban’thalos has always been a bit of a challenge. He spawns up in the sky above the Sanctuary of Malorne, so you need to be on a flying mount to engage him. Second, he’s neutral, so you need to get his attention somehow. Third, you need to not die from fall damage once you do get his attention.

At level 100, he poses another interesting challenge. How do you aggro him without killing him?

Back in Cataclysm, the taming challenge involved a strategy which was basically: tag Ban’thalos by attacking him, then tame him without dying. At level 100, however, this strat no longer works because even if you take off all of your gear and punch him, there’s a chance that could still kill him. Instead, you need to use Concussive Shot an ability which a lot of hunters may not even have on their action bars…Distracting Shot. This shot will cause Ban’thalos to get angry with you while not damaging him.

How to Tame Ban’thalos at Level 100

This process is surprisingly easy once you know what to do.

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Taming Gara

I know I’m a little late to the party here, but I gotta say…I really enjoyed the Gara taming adventure. I had so much fun with it, I put together a map with some helpful tips so that hunters who still desire to add this coveted Spirit Beast to their stable might have an easier go of it. I’ll stop …

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Adjusting to Patch 5.0.4

Alright, so today I was finally able to sit down and get myself acquainted with Patch 5.0.4. I’m still getting used to things, but overall, I’m having fun with the new hunter mechanics.

I still miss my melee weapons, but not from a practical standpoint – that’s more of a sentimental thing.

Being that I’m so programmed to try and maintain maximum range, the removal of the dead zone is taking some getting used to. It feels odd being able to use other shots besides Scatter Shot when enemies are right up on me. I keep having to remember I can shoot someone in the face with Arcane when they’re up in my grill. I’m definitely not complaining about this, however.

I’ve specced Beast Mastery, of course. It feels very good in 5.0.4. Almost too good. Things aren’t exactly balanced right now, so I won’t be holding out thinking it will stay this way.

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Patch 4.3 Hunter Buff Recap

Patch 4.3 is set to hit live servers this Tuesday. Patch 4.3 is a mondo patch chock full of new content, including: a new raid, new 5-mans, the Raid Finder, Void Storage, Transmogrification, the new Darkmoon Faire and so much more… In addition to the massive amount of content being added, there are also numerous updates and tweaks to class …

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A Simply Stunning Pet: Rex Ashil

Rex Ashil - Wasp Hunter Pet

As my baby Orc was making his way through the 50s, I decided to start thinking about a new pet choice for the 50-59 PvP bracket. I’d been using a wolf up until then, mainly for the added 5% crit, and for the fact that I just like the idea of an Orc running around with a snarly Worg. However, as you level up through the brackets, life becomes harder and harder for hunters – especially for those of us not decked out in full heirloom gear. I felt that for me to be able to deliver the pain in the manner I’m accustomed to, I’d need a new pet with some sort of utility.

After a bit of research, I settled upon the wasp.

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