King Krush Solo-Tame Made Easy

King KrushWith all of this Shattering business going on in the old world, now’s the ideal time to go after some of the once hard-to-get pets from the WotLK expansion. Northrend is fairly quiet these days compared to how it was just a few weeks ago, so it’s time to get while the gettin’s good.

Just to give you an idea of how ripe the pickins’ are these days, HuntsmansLodge muse, Celika, tamed all four Spirit Beasts within a sixteen hour period this past week. Now granted she was pretty lucky, but still… all four in less than a day..?!

At any rate, the pet I want to talk about this evening is King Krush. For those of you who don’t know who King Krush is, well… he’s a rare green Devilsaur who lurks in Sholazar Basin. He’s been a prized trophy sought by hunters due to his unique skin, along with the sense of accomplishment that a hunter can derive from successfully solo-taming him.

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Hunters… Get Your Tame On!

Hunter pets

With Deathwing preparing to tear Azeroth asunder in just a few short weeks, now is a great time to venture out and snatch up any rare pets you’ve been thinking about taming. Once Cataclysm hits, it’s possible some of them may not be around anymore. Certain one-of-a-kind pets like Araga and Strider Clutchmother may be on the verge of extinction, as well as quite a few other unusual and/or rare spawn pets.

The other thing to keep in mind is that the world of Azeroth as we know it will be changing forever. The next few weeks can be a nice opportunity to take it easy, go hunting for some pets, and see the world. We’ve got two dozen available slots now and a lot of new special pet abilities to play with… go have some fun.

The screenshot at the top of this post was sent in by a long-time reader, Semilac. I have to say… that is one impressive stable, not to mention a very cool WoW Hunter pet montage. All four Spirit Beasts, King Krush, Nuramoc, Uhk’loc, … very well done!

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Last Call

New information has filtered in via one of my readers (thanks Newa) – – Tame Beast will be on a much shorter 10 second cast timer (down from 20 sec.) after Patch 4.0.1, thus canceling out the issue of fear vulnerability. So… carry on… nothing to see here. 😉

One of my long-time readers pointed out to me that come Tuesday (provided the patch goes live as planned), solo-taming King Krush and/or The Beast will be all but impossible.

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Taming The Beast

Taming The Beast from Upper Blackrock Spire is one of those huntery-type of achievements I’d been meaning to check off the list over the past few months. Last night I finally decided to tackle it. Truth be told, it was really quite easy. Perhaps I was exceptionally lucky, but here’s how I did it… First off, I grabbed any and …

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It was bound to happen

…sooner or later. Last week I saw for the first time ever… another hunter with King Krush. Apart from mine, as a hunter pet, he only existed in screenshots as far as I was concerned. In the 16 months since I solo-tamed the big green Devilsaur, I have never seen him even in my battlegroup, let alone on my server. …

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