Molten Front Rare Pet Overlook

After spending a few days hunting down the rares in Molten Front, I came up with a convenient strategy that may prove helpful – or at least convenient – for those of you on the hunt.

There is a location I found on the NE edge of The Furnace that is a great lookout point for all 7 of the Molten Front rares. Standing in this one spot, you can check all of the spawn locations in under a minute.

Lookout Point on the Furnace

I was continuing to use NPCScan while out hunting, but I found it to be largely unreliable, as most the time it was sending false alarms after having detected a hunter pet version of a rare.

Rather than clear the NPCScan cache every couple minutes, or ride around trying to target them, I found using Eagle Eye is a pretty efficient way to hunt for all of the rares at once.

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Catching Kirix


Of the six Patch 4.2 rares that I’ve tamed, Kirix posed the greatest challenge… for me anyway.

Rather than go the easy route of taming him from one of the nearby floating rocks – safely out of melee range, I decided to go with the intended and more challenging approach… standing toe to toe with him while taming.

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Bringing Down Ban’thalos

Legion-era hunters who want to tame Ban’thalos, see this post instead.


The rare pet hunting has continued to be successful for me since I landed Skarr the other night — the first of the rares I’d tamed since entering the Molten Front earlier this week.

Yesterday I nabbed Ban’thalos, making him the fifth Patch 4.2 rare pet I’ve acquired since Tuesday. The procedure I used for taming this new Spirit Beast was as follows…

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Patch 4.2 Taming Challenge Gallery now complete

I’ve added the remaining screenshot submissions to the Taming Challenge Gallery. Thanks everyone, for sending those in! The screenshots are fantastic, and the taming experiences you’ve shared provide valuable info for others looking to tame these awesome new beasts. For additional screenshot postings, taming tales or tips, I ask that you please add them in the forums. I’m crazy-busy right …

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Taming of the Beasts: Patch 4.2 Hunter Pet Taming Challenge Gallery


Major props to Dashkz of Drakkari for rounding up 7 of the new rares in under two days! Dashkz managed to tame all of the rare lava spiders, plus Skarr and Karkin — all within about 36 hours!

Like… holy s**t… that’s freaking amazing! Not to mention, Drakkari is a medium pop., PvP server.

Here are some nice shots of Skarr sent in by Zanbon of Ner’zhul.


I’ve received plenty of screenshots at this point, so please refer to the forums for any additional screenshot postings or taming tales.

Thanks everyone for sending in so many wonderful pics, along with your great stories and helpful tips!

Ankha Tamed


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