No UI Update This Week…

Update – December 4th: Tomber, the addon author for Raven, has contacted me regarding the couple of issues that I’d had with his addon. He is currently working with me to help sort these things out. I may have this ready sooner than later! 🙂

I am beyond frustrated with all of this UI updating business — namely the buff frames.

Apart from a couple of little annoying kinks, the only major hang-up has been getting a buff addon to configure properly. I’ve wrestled with getting my buffs dialed in for two whole days — no joke. I actually had them configured in a manner that was most pleasing only to have some problems reveal themselves after a few hours of testing. This image is an example of how it was supposed to look. I was smitten with this buff layout. (click the image to enlarge)

Gar UI with Raven handling the Buffs, Debuffs and Cooldowns
Raven was looking so pretty...

I was really quite happy with this configuration, but then I started to have problems with the background panels. The one big hitch with Raven is that it lacks Masque support, which bums me out big time. I don’t do default buff icons. A primary reason for all of this custom UI fuss is to create something tailored for ‘me’, that is both intuitive and pleasing to look at.

However, with a little tweaking, along with the implementation of the background panels, you can get something that looks really nice. It just takes some patience. Raven has some nice quick-set-up canned configurations, but the custom settings are very convoluted.

Unfortunately, the Raven background panels don’t behave properly when you set a limit for a particular buff frame. The bars and icons will display the maximum allowed buffs, but the frame continues to grow as if it thinks buffs are there. It’s quite annoying. I was riding high last night, admiring the slickness of my new interface…then this issue came along and took the wind completely out of my sails.

I had spent several hours configuring the various buff frames with my specific visual settings and filters…and let me tell you… Raven is an absolute pain in the ass when it comes to fine-tuning the appearance and layout. The config ‘test mode’ must be continually activated in order to get an idea of how it will look when configured, and the test buffs all seem to have a generic skin regardless of your appearance and layout settings.

While a little less ‘polished’ than the Raven backend, I much prefer the setup process that SatrinaBuffFrame uses. I really hope that Raven will eventually adopt something similar. It’s such a hassle to have to continually activate the test buffs — I’d much prefer the frame just display in a static mode, with the maximum amount of buffs visible.

Anyway… after this issue cropped up I started looking online for some clues on how to fix it. It was then that I found out that SatrinaBuffFrame had been taken over by a new developer, and that a new Patch 4.3 version had just been released. I was somewhat irked over this, considering I’d just dumped the addon due to it being inactive for over a year, but on the other hand I was relieved to know that my familiar favorite was updated and active again. I lost all of my previous settings and filters, but being quite familiar with the setup process, I figured I could redo things without too much trouble.

At this point it was pretty late and I was exhausted after hours and hours of fiddling with my UI, so I hit the sack and planned to resume work on it this AM. First thing this morning I downloaded the updated SBF and started to re-configure things. After about 4 hours of configuring and in-game testing…I had things just about perfect. I was pissed that I had spent so much time working with Raven, only to find it was Fubar for my needs, but I was happy to be using SBF again. Plus, this new setup was the best one I’ve created yet – both from a visual and usability standpoint.

Since SBF doesn’t handle cooldown timers I had one little thing left to configure before my updated UI comp was considered ‘done’. I was planning on using NeedToKnow to handle this chore, which I knew would be easy and hassle-free to setup.

So where are things at now…?

I’ll tell ya…

Out of the blue, WoW started freezing for me at the login screen, so now I cannot even log in…unless…

…I deactivate SatrinaBuffFrame. This game hates me right now. 🙁

Things were working fine earlier today, but a few hours later I go to log in and configure NeedToKnow and…total lockup. Today I’ve already had to perform two forced shut-downs on my Mac, which totally sucks, because then I have to run the repair utility from the startup disk, which takes about 25mins total.

Long story short… the UI looks fantastic, it plays really well, hunters will f**king love it as will probably any DPS class, but it’s not ready. I won’t upload it until I know it’s working as intended and without issues.

At this point my plan is to just wait it out. I’m hoping that an update to SBF will sort this issue out. I considered going back to Raven again, but I already have far too much time invested in this. I got SBF how I wanted it — now I’m just going to wait and hope that it unf**ks itself. If a few days go by and this problem persists, then I’ll consider going back to the more current Raven addon.

I’ll tell you what really sucks… there are very few choices available for buff addons. If you want an addon that can handle bars and icons, filters, and is highly configurable… these two are pretty much it. Bah!

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  1. I used to raid with Satrina in wrath..he quit around then so you might want to DL a new addon similar to SBF because I doubt hell continue updating the addon

    • I’ve gone full steam ahead with Raven. It’s an awesome addon – even better than SBF once you wrap your head around the config and start delving into all that it’s capable of.

  2. Cool!! Thanks alot for the update and hope all goes well!!. Yeah, it kept sending me to WordPress. Would show me logged in until I got to one of the forums like the UI one and then said you had to be logged in again. Did that a few times and what the freak? Anyways, good to hear. Thanks Much!!

  3. Not sure what is happening but your forum keeps asking me to login to post anything. I mean I login and I go to post and it says you need to be logged in. Give up on the forum. So my question is. Any new status on the new UI?

    • I think it’s an issue caused by WordPress 3.3…I’ll look into it tonight.

      I haven’t touched the UI in about a week. I’ve been way to busy with other things, but I’ll get it finished up and uploaded as soon as time permits.

      Unfortunately, due to the additional time needed to get my buffs redone, my window of opportunity closed. Good news is, I’ve made a lot of headway on that.

  4. Gar,

    you wouldn’t happen to have an FTP server set aside that could host the old setup do you? or a link perhaps? I’ve been looking all over for even your outdated copy that I think I’m going just a little bat-$h|7-crazy >.> Honestly, any help you can give me would be great man.

    Thanks again,

    (Misha – Alliance)

  5. You’re Ui is great, sadly I can’t use it since my monitor is in a 4:3 format.
    However, since you know so much about add-ons, and are a fan of battlegrounds, and a fellow BM hunter (from whom I L2P this class) , I wanted to ask you about a particular add-on that I’ve been using for the last 2 years, but isn’t updated since 2010 :

    It’s called BGMinimapPlayerTracker, addon that shows class/faction when mouse over players on the Minimap, Worldmap or Battlemap, and (very important for me) it also showed the player’s class, when mousing over them on the mini-map. You can Imagine how useful it is, to know what’s coming even before spotting the player, without having to bother remembering player’s names.
    This add-on stopped working in 4.3, witch saddens me deeply, because i couldn’t find a replacement.
    I wonder if you have any advice for me, some add-on that does the same thing, or anything.

    Thank you very much,

    • Mihai,

      I’ve taken some steps to make this version of my UI less dependent upon screen resolution and aspect ratio. You’ll likely have to move one or two of the components from the bottom to the top or side, e.g., minimap, omen or recount, but with a tiny bit of tweaking it should work out fine. I’ve married all of the buffs to their respective unit frames, so a vast majority of this layout should retain it’s ‘look’ across multiple resolutions.

      As far as your addon woes… I’ve not heard of an addon like this, but I can where it could definitely come in handy. Unfortunately, I don’t know of anything like it, but if I were you I’d consider asking this same question over in the MMO-Champion forums. Someone there may have an answer for you. 🙂

      If I happen to come across anything like it, I’ll e-mail you a link.

    • Sorry, but you have to adjust those things yourself. It’s hard enough just to prepare a comp like this for sharing – let alone configure it for various resolutions.

  6. Sorry to hear all the problems. And buff addons are hard to find. But still looking foward to finished product. Hope you get some rest and enjoy your weekend some..


    • The Raven author is being really cool in helping to get things behaving how I want them to. It’s safe to say I’ll definitely be using Raven for my buffs, etc… so the finished product should look very close to the screenshot above.

  7. hey, which addon you do use for you player unit frames, like appears the icon of the class, and the one witch makes your action bars like a black texture… i liked those alot.
    thanks, i love your website.. helps me alot..


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