As many of you already know, tomorrow is the scheduled date for the official posting of the Cataclysm Hunter class preview. Seeing the proposed changes that have been announced for some of the other classes has me quite excited (concerned…?) over what Blizzard has planned for hunters in Cataclysm. The anticipation of tomorrow’s news is not unlike the eve of the NFL Draft, for me anyway. 😉 I’m quite anxious to see what’s in store.

Some of what lies ahead has already been revealed.

We know that our resource system is changing from mana to focus. This will no doubt be the biggest change of them all, as it will have us relearning how to play our class. Instead of having a predictable pool of mana to draw from, we will have to more carefully budget our shots, as we’ll be using a more limited resource system much like what Rogues and kitty Druids have.

Agility will once again provide us with 2 points of attack power per point of agility. Agility will be thee stat for hunters in Cataclysm, just as it was in the days of old. No more theorycrafterizing and mathematicalization of stats like armor penetration. In fact…

Armor Penetration will no longer be included in gear itemization. From what I understand, Armor Pen will not be a stat placed upon gear, but will exist in talents and talent masteries.

Haste will become more important because it will directly affect how quickly we regenerate focus. All throughout WotLK haste has been at the bottom of the barrel in terms of stat weight for hunters. Not in Cataclysm however.

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So… Why didn’t I get a raid invite?

As a raid leader, part of my job is to choose who comes on a raid and who sits in Dalaran waiting in the random heroic PuG queue. At first glance, this sounds like a glamorous job that everyone should aspire to in the game of WoW. I almost always get to go on the raid. I can choose who …

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Tamarlane, Night Elf Hunter

Hey there, I’m Tamarlane of the guild Omen, from the Lightninghoof server, and I’m going to be writing the occasional article on end game raiding, with a specific focus on hunter DPS optimization. While not all of my articles will focus on this specific topic, this is my general area of interest within the game, and thus, what I’ll predominantly …

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Marksman Guide Revisited

After reviewing some thought provoking comments and doing some careful analysis (in other words, running builds through femaledwarf.com), I’ve gone back and updated my Marksman Hunter Raiding Guide.

I’ve updated my pet build slightly after one of my readers suggested I look at Wild Hunt again as opposed to Shark Attack. The DPS gain was very minor, but a gain nonetheless.

I also updated the section about armor penetration and elaborated upon things a bit. After analyzing reader feedback and testing some things for myself, I’ve concluded that armor penetration is very relevant to a majority of level 80 MM Hunters, not just the well geared end-game raiders.

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Marksman Hunter Basics

Although I haven’t posted in a few days, I assure you I have been busy working on the blog behind the scenes.

Yesterday I stealthily published my 2nd installment of Hunter raiding guides – this one being for Marksmanship. I intended to post a mention of this, but I didn’t budget my time well yesterday. I ended up going on a marathon guild raid night that included 25 man TotC, VoA and Onyxia. It was nice to return for some raiding after having missed out the past few weeks.

After that, I decided to hop on my Horde Hunter so I could complete the quest for the OP (at level 46 anyway) Rune of the Guard Captain. Once that was done, I figured I’d do a BG or two, which ended up being four or five. Good times though.

Eventually, the night passed me by and so I decided I’d just make mention of my Marksman Hunter guide today.

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