Marksman Hunter Basics

Although I haven’t posted in a few days, I assure you I have been busy working on the blog behind the scenes.

Yesterday I stealthily published my 2nd installment of Hunter raiding guides – this one being for Marksmanship. I intended to post a mention of this, but I didn’t budget my time well yesterday. I ended up going on a marathon guild raid night that included 25 man TotC, VoA and Onyxia. It was nice to return for some raiding after having missed out the past few weeks.

After that, I decided to hop on my Horde Hunter so I could complete the quest for the OP (at level 46 anyway) Rune of the Guard Captain. Once that was done, I figured I’d do a BG or two, which ended up being four or five. Good times though.

Eventually, the night passed me by and so I decided I’d just make mention of my Marksman Hunter guide today.

Alright… so back to the topic at hand. Some weeks ago I mentioned my desire to post some guides detailing talent builds, glyphs, pets, shot priorities, etc… for the various Hunter specs. Moving from left to right in the talent window, I began with Beast Mastery, a few nights ago I tackled Marksmanship, and later this week I hope to post one for Survival.

The scope of these guides is to get the average player up and running in the right direction. My goal is to cover the basics:

  • Cary Elwes as Robin HoodTalent build
  • Glyph choices
  • Pet choice
  • Pet build
  • Shot Priority
  • and other various nuggets of wisdom

They’re to serve as a primer for Hunters who:

  • Just hit 80 and are about to begin raiding
  • Hunters who are interested in trying out a different spec
  • Hunters who are struggling with their DPS
  • All of the above

Anyhow, if you’re interested in raiding as a Marksman Hunter, have a look… Enjoy!

> Marksman Hunter Raiding Guide :: Talents, Glyphs, Pets, Shot Priority and More <

4 thoughts on “Marksman Hunter Basics”

  1. Thank you Garr! I am currently playing as mm too and am loving it! just like you I have leveled my second hunter , troll, to 80 through battlegrounds only — learned the class much better doing it for the second time. I hope you got the bow reward for the mara run; it owns in battlegrounds at lvl 45-48. At lvl 48, the outriders bow is slightly better. Then there is a blue bow that is easy to buy from ah, gryphone longbow I think its called. And then at lvl 54 there is a great bow from the quest in silithus: ‘Wanted Poster: Deathclasp’. After that, I had enough honor and marks to buy an epic bow from pvp rewards (crossbow is better, slower speed, but trolls get an extra 1% crit with bows). That epic lvl 60 bow was better than anything I could find in Outland, until lvl 68 in fact, when I got warsong bow from starting quests in borean tundra. All those bows, and other blue gear, make leveling through bg’s a much more fun process, especially since now there are so many people playing with op heirloom items.


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