So I fell off the wagon

Alcohol Abuse…the WoW sabbatical wagon, that is.

The other day I was commenting on my 2 week absence from Azeroth and how nice it was to divert that time and attention to other things. Well… last night I couldn’t resist the urge to queue for some arena matches. I mean, after all… I didn’t want my partner to start worrying about me. 😉

It’s funny just how long two short weeks can be in WoW time. It took me two matches to remember I was MM, and another two to remember where all my skills were. BM is hard coded into 4 1/2 years of WoW muscle memory, but MM is not. 😉

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An old friend


Last week I went to the cave at Fungal Rock in Un’Goro Crater to reunite with an old friend. Uhk,Loc, or Mongo as I refer to him, was not there when I arrived. The next day however, I found him waiting patiently right as I logged in. 🙂

He’s been one of my all-time favorite pets, with this being the fourth timed I’ve tamed him over the years. Each time I’ve let him go it’s been a tough decision, but I always do so with the notion that I’ll probably be back to call upon him again at some point.

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New possible pet families in Cataclysm

BlizzChat hosted an open dev chat on Twitter this past Friday. A couple of hunter related questions were fielded by BlizzChat. Here’s a quick transcript: Q. Will there be any new pet families added, or will we simply see more additions to existing ones? A: We’re not sure yet whether we’re adding new pet families or not. It’s possible. Expect …

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Cataclysm Hunter Class Preview

Here’s the official list of Cataclysm hunter class changes that Blizz posted today. Below some of the announcements I’ve included a few notes of my own. In a little bit, I’ll bust out a follow-up post to this one with some additional comments.

With the upcoming World of Warcraft: Cataclysm many game elements will be changing, and each class will be receiving a number of tweaks. Here, we will explore the changes that are being made to the gun-wielding, pet-training hunter. The information you’re about to read is certainly not complete, and is only meant to act as a preview of some of the exciting new things to come. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the new hunter abilities!

Here we go… *holds breath*

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