Tamarlane, Night Elf Hunter

Night Elf Hunter with Worg

Hey there, I’m Tamarlane of the guild Omen, from the Lightninghoof server, and I’m going to be writing the occasional article on end game raiding, with a specific focus on hunter DPS optimization. While not all of my articles will focus on this specific topic, this is my general area of interest within the game, and thus, what I’ll predominantly be writing about.

I have been playing a hunter for about a year, I started playing WoW at the beginning of WoTLK, and am a complete addict, as evidenced by the fact that I’m now (attempting) to write articles about the massive sleep drain that is, in fact, this game.

I plan to write articles from primarily a Survival spec perspective, tho I reserve my right to occasionally dabble in MM and BM, as I enjoy those specs as well. 😉 I do plan an article (possibly a series of them) about attempting to use the methods I’ve seen from Kripparrian in his videos to maximize MM DPS, specifically things like rolling Serpent Sting on multiple targets. In the meantime, I have 2 and sometimes 3 MM hunters in my typical guild 25 man, and find that using their TSA with my SV talents is a bigger buff to my DPS than going MM myself, at this point in time.

I am not writing to preach about the right and wrong ways to hunter, nor am I holding myself forth as an expert on theorycrafting beyond using common sense and practical understanding of specific encounters. I’m not going to “maths” you to death, simply because I lack the interest (and frankly, education) to do so. I will express opinions you may or may not agree with, and I’ll be thrilled to receive feedback that’s constructive and to the point.

Beyond that, I’m happy to to be working with Garwulf, and look forward to churning out some (hopefullly) interesting and timely “stuffs” for you to consider.

– Tamarlane

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