Targeting Macros for ICC

The following entry is a reader submitted article sent in by PingHansen. I don’t use targeting macros all that often, but I felt that this post would be of value to many of my readers out there. Well done Ping!

Sussisane, Night Elf HunterRaiding ICC can be a bit overwhelming at times. In order to cut down on the number of things we hunters (and other ranged DPS) have to handle simultaneously, I have put together a set of targeting macros that handles the targeting priority for us. The emphasis is on the hunter perspective, but they should work for any ranged DPS. I have found that the use of macros for targeting has improved my reaction time significantly. But don’t rely too heavily on the macros – there may be situations that are best handled the old fashioned way, aka manual targeting.

In order to keep the macros simple, most of the macros below rely on setting the tank as your focus. The focus can easily be changed during the encounters, if necessary. This also works hand-in-hand when misdirecting to the tank. See the tools for that at the end of this article.

And now for the targeting macros…

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Anariell returns

Anariell, Blood Elf HunterThe cat came back….

Well, not really…but in a way? Yes…

But we’ll get to that in a moment.

After a series of unfortunate events I was left without WoW for a good…oh, three months. Yeah, heart breaking I know. I bet you feel my pain.

It wasn’t just that though… As well as having a laptop up and die on me after only having it for 6 months, which by the way…was downright depressing, I also moved. Now when I say moved, I don’t mean like a couple hours or even a state away… I made a HUGE move. I moved to Australia. Been happily living in the Land Down Under for a month now and still going.

Three months without WoW left me rather far behind, and cost me my spot within my rather large and rapidly progressing raiding guild. Worst part is, the GM wouldn’t listen to why I was gone and refused to take me back into the guild. So over the next short span…I did some guild hopping and was rather dismayed by the lack of “raiding” guilds on my server.

We’ll go back to this one later…or I am just going to go on a rant that ends up with a bunch of $^&$%$*&^% all across the screen, and really…I just don’t need that right about now. I have an image to uphold.

Even if it’s a bit fuzzy :/

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Hunter Tanking ICC: Darnavan

Solaryn, Hunter tankWell we’re back and we’re randomly tanking things in ICC today. For those who have had the opportunity to do most of the weekly ICC quests, arguably the most annoying one is Lady Deathwhisper’s. Done in a conventional way, you remove an entire player from your team to go OT/babysit Darnavan, to keep him alive without letting him slaughter your raid. Fortunately your raid has a hunter with a properly specced Tenacity pet! Or at least it should.

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Hunter Tanking ICC: Prince Keleseth

Hunter TankAhh… ICC is a marvelous thing, every encounter a new mechanic, every encounter a different way for a hunter to shine!

Today I’ll be talking about one of the ideal bosses to plop a hunter on as tank, Prince Keleseth.

Prince Keleseth is one of the three Blood Princes, and the only one that doesn’t need a conventional tank. A hunter is an excellent choice for him for a variety of reasons. We have several instant ranged abilities and Kill Shot, which is a fantastic ability to generate a lot of initial threat upon him.

This guide is going to presume you have a basic understanding of the encounter. We’ll be focusing on the role of a ranged tank exclusively.

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Hit Rating

Hit Rating overdoneThis is a topic I’ve covered many times in the past, but I feel compelled to revisit it today. Why, you ask..?

It’s been brought to my attention that many hunters these days are grossly exceeding the hit cap, and therefore are wasting precious DPS. I figure this is due to a few reasons…

  1. The misunderstanding of what hit rating is, and being unaware of how much is actually needed.
  2. The allure of higher ilvl shinies.

Hit rating increases your chances of “not missing” when attacking enemy mobs or players. All players have a built in mechanic which causes them to miss 5% of the time when facing mobs or opponents of the same level. This “miss chance” is increased by one percent for each level beyond that. Therefore, level 83 raid bosses have an 8% chance to be missed when attacked by a hunter with a ranged ability.

So how do we combat this chance to miss, and ensure that we’re always hitting with our shots..?

Hit rating.

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