A Charmingly Disarming Pet: Olm the Wise

Olm the Wise - Bird of Prey

Last I checked in, I was singing the praises of the wasp for lowbie hunter PvP. Well, I’m happy to say I’ve found an even better companion to take along on my battleground adventures — at least for now. These days I’m accompanied by a badass battle birdie, who was formerly known as Olm the Wise.

Olm the Wise is a spectral owl who can be found meandering about in NE Feralas. This one-of-a-kind bird of prey model is really cool looking, as it’s somewhat like Ban’thalos – only toned down a bit. Olm doesn’t have the cool misty aura surrounding him, but he’s still really awesome – especially considering he’s available to lower level hunters (48 and up).

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Molten Front Rare Pet Overlook

After spending a few days hunting down the rares in Molten Front, I came up with a convenient strategy that may prove helpful – or at least convenient – for those of you on the hunt.

There is a location I found on the NE edge of The Furnace that is a great lookout point for all 7 of the Molten Front rares. Standing in this one spot, you can check all of the spawn locations in under a minute.

Lookout Point on the Furnace

I was continuing to use NPCScan while out hunting, but I found it to be largely unreliable, as most the time it was sending false alarms after having detected a hunter pet version of a rare.

Rather than clear the NPCScan cache every couple minutes, or ride around trying to target them, I found using Eagle Eye is a pretty efficient way to hunt for all of the rares at once.

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Getting Skitterflame to Chill


After waiting several weeks to break into the Molten Front, I’ve found the rare pet hunting to be quite fruitful. I suppose I avoided much of the early competition. 😉

As I’d previously mentioned in my post about Karkin… as I was heading over to tame the metallic crab, Skitterflame popped up as well. Karkin was a bit higher on my list of priorities, so I went after him first.

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How I Broke Deth’tilac’s Will


Deth’tilac provides a pretty suspenseful hunter pet taming challenge if performed solo. I definitely had some fun trying to tame this guy.

Truth be told, Deth’tilac was the first of the rare taming challenge pets that I’d come across after entering the Molten Front for the first time. My initial patrol past his spawn area and BAM… There he was. However, fortune wasn’t smiling upon me that evening.

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No way man… he looks too badass and he’s my only crab pet. 😉

On my way to grab Karkin, NPCScan went off a second time, signaling the presence of Skitterflame. After taming Karkin, I headed over to Skitterflame’s spawn area and sure enough… she was soaking her eight legs in some lava just waitin’ for me. 🙂

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