Molten Front Rare Pet Overlook

After spending a few days hunting down the rares in Molten Front, I came up with a convenient strategy that may prove helpful – or at least convenient – for those of you on the hunt.

There is a location I found on the NE edge of The Furnace that is a great lookout point for all 7 of the Molten Front rares. Standing in this one spot, you can check all of the spawn locations in under a minute.

Lookout Point on the Furnace

I was continuing to use NPCScan while out hunting, but I found it to be largely unreliable, as most the time it was sending false alarms after having detected a hunter pet version of a rare.

Rather than clear the NPCScan cache every couple minutes, or ride around trying to target them, I found using Eagle Eye is a pretty efficient way to hunt for all of the rares at once.

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