No way man… he looks too badass and he’s my only crab pet. 😉

On my way to grab Karkin, NPCScan went off a second time, signaling the presence of Skitterflame. After taming Karkin, I headed over to Skitterflame’s spawn area and sure enough… she was soaking her eight legs in some lava just waitin’ for me. 🙂


Only problem… my stable was now full. I still had Skarr with me, I’d just tamed Deth’tilac, Jadefang was in another slot, and no way I’m abandoning GC… I was thinking I was least likely to use the crab, but no way was I going to release the Karkin for a red lava spider. So, I boogied it back to the stable master, dropped off a few of the children, then headed back into the Molten Front in hopes that Skitter would still be there waiting for me.

Well she was. More on that later.
Now back to Karkin… I tamed him using pretty much the same method as Skarr. I silenced him halfway through his casting of Fieroclast Barrage, then I hit my Deterrence / Tame Beast macro. I also activated an on-use haste trinket for a little added insurance.

My first attempt went wonky and I failed the tame. He broke the taming process and was drilling me with fireballs. The only thing I’d done different on my first attempt was to draw aggro by firing at him, rather than starting with Tame Beast, as I was trying to get an additional haste proc from the trinket I had on. It seemed like maybe he used a different attack pattern when I began the tame in that way.

At any rate, the second attempt was textbook, so that’s what I recommend. Tame Beast for a few secs, then break his cast with Silencing Shot, immediately followed by Tame Beast + Deterrence. By the time he gets off his second cast, your Deterrence will deflect it. You can’t go wrong with this strategy.

Good luck to those of you looking to add this little crabby to your stables!


More first-hand taming stories and tips on the way…

7 thoughts on “RELEASE THE KARKIN..?!”

  1. Just to add, Deterrence will not deflect Fieroclast Barrage, just his regular Fireballs, but they won’t break the Tame Beast cast and they don’t do too much damage. Silencing Shot will prevent him from casting for 3 seconds, so interrupting his Fieroclast Barrage will give you ample time to tame before he even gets to cast his main damaging ability.

  2. Actually an easier method, but only if Skaar/Karkin spawns topside of Fireplume Peak, is as BM with Corehound’s Hysteria, Convalescence of Winds buff and Potion of Speed. I tamed both of them in one day. I always camp the lower spawn point, checking the top one with Eagle Eye. As soon as one of them was up I made my way across the floating rocks and picked up the Convalescence of Winds buff provided by certain updrafts located around Fireplume Peak. I activated Hysteria, released my Corehound, drank potion and hit tame beast. At first it looks like Fieroclast Barrage would go off first but then the haste kicks in and the tame is successful way before the mega-damage fireball.

    • I have to agree with the Convalescence of Winds buff. I was camping the bottom spawn on both Karkin and Skarr, and got the buff as I made my way up the rocks to the top spawn point. I had a haste pot with me, but both tames went off with the cast bar only halfway done. Both times I thought that the tame had fizzled somehow, only to see the rare teleport next to me and gain the name, ‘spirit beast.’ No need to pop ancient hysteria for me.

  3. This is why I always only have 4 pets with me, hehe!

    Congrats, he looks awesome. Still hoping for Skarr myself… on my server it’s much less crowded these days. A guildy got him the other day.

  4. The second attempt’s process is actually the heart of many taming attempts with the new pets. Deterrence is key.

    Grats Gar… and where’s the Skitter story?!

  5. Boy you have been busy…Grats!! Karkin spawned while I was camping for Skarr so I figured why the hell not, and grabbed him. Looks pretty badass, tho I never had any desire for a crab before…


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