So I fell off the wagon

Alcohol Abuse…the WoW sabbatical wagon, that is.

The other day I was commenting on my 2 week absence from Azeroth and how nice it was to divert that time and attention to other things. Well… last night I couldn’t resist the urge to queue for some arena matches. I mean, after all… I didn’t want my partner to start worrying about me. 😉

It’s funny just how long two short weeks can be in WoW time. It took me two matches to remember I was MM, and another two to remember where all my skills were. BM is hard coded into 4 1/2 years of WoW muscle memory, but MM is not. 😉

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I generally don’t like crossbows

…but this one was just too badass to pass up. Look at it..!

Wrathful Gladiator's Crossbow

…and another

Wrathful Gladiator's Crossbow

After 2 weeks of pounding my head against the wall, we finally broke the 1800 rating gear threshold in 2v2 the other night.

My partner and I joke that the arena match making system is actually just a couple of Blizz devs, who are sitting around drinking beers and controlling our fate. How else do you explain being within one game of breaking through 1800, only to have them throw a 2100 MMR Unholy DK/Holy Pally team at us to crush our hopes and dreams. This happens far too often to be purely coincidence… at least I think. 😉

What a job that would be though, eh… I can just picture these guys…

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Meet Lehyton, aka Lehypally

Lehypally, Prot Paladin

My name is Lehyton, and I am honored to have the opportunity to contribute to my favorite go-to place for Hunter info. Garwulf has seen something in my WoW background and experience that might be useful to a few of you, and I just hope that he is correct about that!

First, a little about me. I am a raid leader for the Alliance daytime raiding guild, VoG on the Muradin server (a medium population PvE realm). I have been playing WoW for around 2 years, and did not start raiding until a short while after WotLK had been released. I now have a number of 80s, all Alliance and all on the Muradin server, including a Prot/Ret Paladin, a Resto/Feral Druid, and a Frost DK.

My hunter, Lehyton, was my first 80 and is my favored DPS class, though I have recently classified my Pally as my “main” and am tanking more and more. I also have a Warrior and a Shaman in the 70s and, when I am devoid of anything else to do (which is a rare occurrence), I spend a bit of time leveling them.

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Back to BM

Even though I’d just plunked 45G down for a Glyph of Explosive Shot the day before, I respecced back to BM as quick as you please. My experience in week one of arena taught me that if our Ret Paladin/Hunter combo is to work, I’m gonna have to return to my beloved tree. Initially, I was going to try a …

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