Tame Skarr… Check!


One taming challenge conquered!

After having just gained access to the Molten front last night, I’m finally partaking of the Patch 4.2 taming challenges.

Between RL kicking my ass with work, etc… and all but skipping Hyjal on my way to 85, it’d taken me awhile to knock down enough of the prerequisite quests in order to unlock the new areas. Yesterday evening I finally settled in and took care of business — gaining access to the Molten Front late last night.

While making my rounds through there today, I saw a lone hunter perched on Fireplume Peak, directly across from where Skarr spawns. On one of the floating rocks in front of him I saw the tiny silhouette of a cat — it was Skarr! As I got closer, I could see that the hunter already had his own previously tamed Skarr, and had no intention of going after the one I’d just spotted.

I dismissed Ghostcrawler, switched to my MM PvP spec (which I just added today), got within Tame Beast range, then began the tame. It really wasn’t much of a challenge to be honest. I interrupted his cast with Silencing Shot, popped my Tame Beast / Deterrence macro, and a few seconds later… I was the proud owner of the new cat hotness.

On a side note… while taking a few screenshots of my successful tame, an Orc Elemental Shaman came up and started beating the snot out of me. I was totally zoomed in with my UI hidden, so I didn’t realize I was being attacked by a horde player until I started hearing explosions and then saw Garwulf reeling. By the time I readied myself, I was already at half health. We duked it out for about a minute or so, but he ended up dropping me.

After I res’d, I switched to my BM spec immediately and we went at it again. I was already at low health, but I had him on the ropes when we both got blown up by one of the updrafts. We went sailing up in the air, flying off the ledge — leaving him falling to his death. I Disengaged back onto Fireplume Peak and laughed at his misfortune.

It’s good to b a hunter. 🙂

I’ve noticed that the Molten Front offers up some good PvP fun for those of us who are into that sort of thing. 😉

10 thoughts on “Tame Skarr… Check!”

  1. Finally switched to Marksman from SV to tame Skarr after dying a handful of times. Tame beast -> Silencing Shot -> Deterrence -> Tame again. Made the tame with about 10% health.

    Unfortunately, when I went to rename my new pet, a dialog popped up telling me the name “Voltron” was reserved. Not sure if this has to do with the rumored NPC that may or may not be added sometime in the future, but disappointing to say the least.

    Oh well. At least it let me name Ashtail “Mulder.”

  2. The weird thing about Skarr was that I just went in and tamed him with the ol’ tame+deterrence approach. It worked and I got him on the first attempt. However, I needed several attempts for Karkin.

    Grats Gar!!!

  3. Gratz Gar! I’ve had little luck with getting Skarr. The one time I did see him spawn, someone beat me to the tame. His spawn area is still heavily camped on my server.

  4. Grats on the tame, like you I thought it was very easy as well, Kirix was more of a challenge than Skarr, but he looks great.


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