Taming of the Beasts: Patch 4.2 Hunter Pet Taming Challenge Gallery


Major props to Dashkz of Drakkari for rounding up 7 of the new rares in under two days! Dashkz managed to tame all of the rare lava spiders, plus Skarr and Karkin — all within about 36 hours!

Like… holy s**t… that’s freaking amazing! Not to mention, Drakkari is a medium pop., PvP server.

Here are some nice shots of Skarr sent in by Zanbon of Ner’zhul.


I’ve received plenty of screenshots at this point, so please refer to the forums for any additional screenshot postings or taming tales.

Thanks everyone for sending in so many wonderful pics, along with your great stories and helpful tips!

Ankha Tamed


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A Briefing on the Rare Pets in Patch 4.2

As many of you know… Patch 4.2 hits live servers today (06/28/11). The following guide serves as a rundown of the new beasties — where to find them and how to successfully tame them.

There are 10 new taming challenge pets in all. 3 new Spirit Beasts, 5 rare Lava Spiders, and 2 extremely badass looking metallic type pets — Karkin, a liquid metal crab, and Skarr, an obsidian cat. This is sure to keep pet happy hunters busy for some time… I know I’ll be on the hunt for a few of these myself. 🙂

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Anthriss - Rare Lava Spider in Patch 4.2

See my Patch 4.2 Rare Pet Briefing Post for an updated guide on how to tame Anthriss, as well as the other 9 Patch 4.2 Taming Challenge pets.

Anthriss is a rare yellow lava spider that’s being added in Patch 4.2. Anthriss is part of the… yawn… excuse me… rare beast taming challenges… yawn… oh, pardon me… that will be a part of Patch 4.2.

All of these taming challenges require some sort of unique strategy in order to pull them off.

The trick with Anthriss is that you need to: dismount, dismiss your current pet, be awake, get within 30 yards to start the tame, and… you need to click your Tame Beast spell.

Yes folks, this one is brutal…

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