While queueing for some BGs last week, I decided to head over to Vash’jir to see if I could spot the new crustaceanal apparition variety Spirit Beast, ie: Ghostcrawler.

Now being level 85, I was kind of excited over the prospect of adding this new beastie to my stable. Oddly enough, I’ve seen very few hunters running around with Ghostcrawler since I’ve been active in Cataclysm. maybe they’re out murdering him, I dunno… 😉

At any rate, I figured that searching for him in between BGs while waiting for queues to pop was a good strategy. My days of marathon camps are very far behind me. Nowadays, if they happen to be around great… if not, well I can just come back another time.

Alright, so I portal into Vashj’ir, then hop my sea-horsey and head to the Abyssal Depths. As soon as I entered the Abandoned Reef I began tapping my rare pet target macro. Must’ve been my lucky day because lo and behold, his portrait popped up — he was there waiting for me!

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No flies on me

Within 2 hours, I managed to get nearly 20% of the way through level 81. I knew leveling in Cataclysm seemed like it was going to be pretty quick, but sheesh… I chose to hit Vashj’ir first over Mount Hyjal, mainly because of Drach’s post. It just seemed like the right thing to do. I’m not crazy about having to …

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Epic Gear, I Hardly Knew Ye…

Drach, Draenei HunterSo, I hope you all are still enjoying the expansion. It has been a wild ride for sure. I wanted to check in with everyone and see if you all are grieving the loss of your epic items that we all worked so hard on?

I understand it, don’t get me wrong, we are upgrading. That’s part of the allure of games like this; improving our characters and getting them better gear…it’s what we do.

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Undah Da Sea!

Drach, Draenei Beast MasterLike many of you, I’ve started out the Cataclysm by touring a lot of the new areas and checking things out. I hope that you all are having as much fun as I am! Blizzard has done a great job with all of the new areas. My favorite has got to be the undersea world of Vashj’ir. It’s like being a toy in some gigantic aquarium, and if that’s wrong, I don’t wanna be right!

Once you’re there, the first few quests that you do in the area will make you able to walk and swim faster, as well as be able to breathe underwater. This is a really cool area, with lots of fishies for you to beat up on as you quest. Blizz seems to have taken into account the huge rush of people wanting to level as the respawn rate on all of these new area monsters is crazy fast. Be careful that you don’t bite off more than you can chew, or you can find yourself overwhelmed quite quickly.

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