No flies on me

Within 2 hours, I managed to get nearly 20% of the way through level 81. I knew leveling in Cataclysm seemed like it was going to be pretty quick, but sheesh… I chose to hit Vashj’ir first over Mount Hyjal, mainly because of Drach’s post. It just seemed like the right thing to do. I’m not crazy about having to …

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The Hot Ticket

Two years ago, hunters were frothing at the mouth – wanting to get their very own Spirit Beast. Loque’nahak was the piéce de résistance in those days.

Next was the raspberry-latté-hitting-the-screen days of Gondria. *salutes BRK*

After that, Blizzard gave us a new Heavy Metal wolf.

Nearly one year ago today, Blizz tempted us with a spectral bear Spirit Beast – AKA awesome-incarnate.

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