Hunter PvP Glyphs

WoW Hunter PvP Glyphs

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Using the right glyphs is a pretty important part of the hunter pvp formula. Here is what I recommend for level 80 hunters:

Essential Hunter PvP Glyphs

The following glyphs are a key component to any hunter PvP build.

Glyph of Aimed Shot – This glyph reduces our Aimed Shot cooldown by 20%, which is huge. Apart from Kill Shot, Aimed Shot is our #1 shot in PvP. The 2 second cushion (i.e., reduced cooldown) that this glyph provides helps us to maintain the healing debuff uptime.

It also gives us 2 seconds quicker access to one of our insta-cast shots – another huge plus.

Glyph of Disengage – Disengage is a key tactical move for positioning and one of our primary escape abilities. Having access to Disengage every 20 seconds, as opposed to 25, is a tremendous advantage. Survival hunters have it even better… with this glyph and 2/2 Survival Tactics, SV hunters can pop Disengage every 16 seconds. Now that’s what I call slippery!

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Miscellaneous Cataclysm Musings

Now that I’ve had a chance to savor and digest all of the juicy Cataclysm hunter updates that were released last week (while I was on vacation), here are a few miscellaneous thoughts and comments of mine…

Aimed Shot

I like the older style mechanic of Aimed Shot making its return in Cataclysm. While it’s definitely nice having another instant cast shot in our arsenal, having Aimed Shot be an instant just never made sense to me. I like how it’s becoming a high damage shot once again, even with the long cast time. There was something so joyfully sinister about seeing your enemy hopelessly stuck within your Freezing Trap while you slowly drew your bow or aimed your rifle, preparing to rattle them with a mammoth Aimed Shot crit. 😈

Widow Venom

Along with Aimed Shot’s 2 second cast time and increased damage, the other thing that’s changing is its mortal Strike effect is going bye-bye. Hunters in Cataclysm will now be using a shot called Widow Venom in order to apply an MS effect.

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BM PvP Guide – Part 3: Shot priority and other ponderings


Welcome to the long overdue latest installment of my series on BM PvP. This post was actually scratched out in December, but never quite finished. Anyway, I revisited it, added a couple things, groomed it a little bit, and voila! A new post! 🙂

So, without further ado… let’s get to it.

While not as cut and dry as PvE shot priorities for hunters, there are some basic fundamentals to the best PvP shot selection. This of course varies, depending upon the encounter, but there are some basic rules of thumb that I want to go over in this post.

My intention here is just to examine the shots available to us BM hunters, and to demonstrate how important and useful they are in PvP situations. There is no “magic kill rotation”, so decisions on which shots to use need to be made on the fly. Hopefully my post will help shed some light on those choices.

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MM Talents Overview: Tier 3

Go for the Throat 2 Point Talent Description: Your ranged critical hits cause your pet to generate 25/50 Focus. Overview Go for the Throat fuels your pet’s focus every time you have a ranged critical strike. Pets use focus for their special attacks and abilities. This talent helps prevent them from becoming focus starved, therefore enabling them to cause more …

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