Legion is Really Quite Good


Despite the less than welcomed hunter changes Blizzard force fed us for Legion, I am really enjoying this expansion so far. I mean…I am really, REALLY enjoying it.

Although I was up in arms over our shattered class, after some debate and soul-searching, I decided that starting this expansion on any class other than hunter would just feel…well…


The hunter is strong in me. I still can’t bring myself to enjoy Blizzard’s melee hunter class fantasy or their Tarzan spec, but I am experiencing some satisfaction as a Marksman. While not terribly complicated to play, it is a frenetic spec with a bit of a skill cap, and when played correctly, the damage is oh-so-nice.

I do miss my traps, however.

And Master’s Call.

But I am learning to adapt.

I’m still feeling a wee bit squishy, though not as bad as before, and MM is maybe a little bit too cleave-happy, but it’ll be my spec of choice until Blizzard revisits Beast Mastery and makes it into a spec I can enjoy once again.

I love, love, love the artifact weapon system. I had my doubts at first, but wow…they did a bang-up job with this, IMO. Weapon progression has that rewarding feel that I haven’t experienced for some time, and treasure-hunting for that sweet, sweet artifact power is a blast.

And my god, is this game pretty now. The detail which was added to the environments, and the little things like the current actually moving you when you’re in a rapidly moving stream, adds a whole new layer of depth.


Also, the artwork and quest lore is far superior to anything I’ve seen from this game in some time. The questing experience has been truly immersive.

I’d say that apart their disappointing approach to “reinventing” the hunter class, Blizz knocked it out of the park with this expansion, from a leveling standpoint anyway. I have been enjoying the leveling experience so much, that I’ve been taking my time – making sure that I stop to smell the roses. So much so, in fact, that I still haven’t hit max level.

I’ve also been overhauling my UI, which has slowed me down as well, but with all of these changes, I’ve found it necessary to adapt my interface to the new and simpler, yet proc-happy play-style.

All in all, Legion has been a sheer pleasure so far and I’m hopeful that Blizzard will listen to our cries and work towards a compromise with the hunter community – introducing updates and changes that will help to fix some of what they’ve wronged. Until then, I am going to…


How are you guys enjoying Legion? Which spec have you found to be most pleasing? Let us know in the comments.

13 thoughts on “Legion is Really Quite Good”

    • I’ve heard from a reliable source that Garr got mixed up in a lawsuit with some celebrity adult movie start, names something like Stormy DSomething… So he has no time for posting on this site for now 🙁

      • Oh that explains it. I thought that the orange glow on the guys face in his lawsuit with Stormy Daniels remind me of Garr, and of course that wasn’t a coincidence.

        But really, Garr, wow people are about to bring back Vanilla Classic, so wtf, are you not going to leave your oval twitter account and come back to this blog of yours?

  1. Hi boss! Still playing WoW? I’m unsubbed since February 2017 but I keep coming to your blog from time to time. I suspect you’re frozen too, aren’t you? 🙂

  2. Took 2 years off and decided to give it another go… where is the first place I go to start understanding the mechanics and insight? Here.

    Glad to see you’re still putting out great content! Thank you.

  3. I just came back to give Legion a shot this week. I didn’t play a whole lot of WoD and didn’t raid at all to me it was a pretty bland experience. I kept reading how good Legion was so I decided to give it a try. I’ve been impressed so far just hit 104 the quest experience has been great I can feel the nostalgia of it all. The quest and zones have a flavor of what made WoW great. Sometimes it feels like Vanilla and others it feels like TBC or Wraith Blizz did a great job with it putting this together. Still getting use to all the hunter changes some I like others I don’t. Not sure if I’ll raid seriously but I’ll do some LFR . I’m excited to see where it goes from here.

  4. I’m glad you have decided to play your hunter again 🙂 I was quite upset with all the changes too, with many aspects they took away from the BM spec (thankfully at least fetch we could learn!). But I like my trusty Loque’nahak by my side. I’m not enjoying hunter as much as previously but I can’t see myself liking any other class above my hunter. I have leveled all types in the past (and deleted – minus priest for professions) – and hunter is still my favourite.

    The expansion has been quite amazing, so beautiful and the quests are so engaging. Also love all the little fun quest they throw around here and there – I find myself saying this is the BEST QUEST EVER, only to be trumped by another cuter / quirkier quest.

    Still have so much to do – which is awesome! Being a casual LFR’er, its great to take it easy and enjoy the content without having to rush everything.

  5. After some more huntarding I’m getting used to this MM spec and I’m actually starting to feel the love again!!

    Best WoW experiences since Mulgore in february 2005! =D

  6. I’m digging it, and still playing a BM even!

    It’s physically beautiful. The lore is tight. I don’t quite know what to do to spec my weapon (and kind of hate the BM weapon is a gun).

    I’m about to hit 105.


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