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Update: Unfortunately, I was unable to get a successful test install completed today. I only had time to give it one go, and some of the profile info didn’t update. I’ll try again tomorrow. I’m very serious when I say I have had very little time to get this out. It was only through herculean effort that I was able …

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During one of today’s Wintergrasp battles, where we got our asses handed to us as we often do, there was one particular scene that struck me as comical. Now I’ll often have 5-6 Horde chase me down for the kill in Warsong Gulch or Arathi Basin, but I usually don’t have a whole posse on my trail.

With my four stacks of Tenacity, I charged over to the east workshop ready for business. This battle was particularly laggy at first, so before I could ascertain what sort of numbers we were facing, I was being Death Gripped down onto the road from out of nowhere. I fought my way back up to higher ground, then made a break for safety, hoping to regroup and plan another assault.

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The Eve of Battle

Drackmire, Dwarf MarksmanGarwulf sighed. It had been a long time since he last stood within the great ridges of the Ironforge Mountains. A chill breeze haunted the evening, and Garwulf shivered a bit. “I wonder what he is up to…,” he muttered, trailing off.

Turning back to head down the slopes, he whistled into the crisp air, beckoning his trusty companion. With a deafening growl, and a piercing howl, Loque’nahak appeared right next to him, as if out of thin air. “’Atta boy,” Garwulf said as he patted Loque’nahak on the head, giving him a scratch behind the ears. “I miss him as well.”

The two managed to get down the rocky crags with relative ease, using knowledge passed on to them in the past on how to watch for loose rocks, and find the hidden trails that one would normally not be able to see. The path before them led east, toward the great city in the mountain. Garwulf hopped on his mount, and strode at a blistering pace, navigating the winding trail that led to the city’s main gates. Passing the guards, giving them a slight nod, he continued on toward the center near The Great Forge, where the Gryphon Master stood, ever ready to provide transportation for those in need.

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Boz’s Entry

Boz took a deep breath as he stepped out of the portal and into the fresh air of Dalaran, taking a moment to rest on a bench near the central fountain. He stretched his arms wide across the bench and slid down, flopping his head back to look skyward, taking a long, deep breath. It felt good to clear his lungs of the rot that permeated Icecrown Citadel and the warm air felt wonderful on his skin as the ice melted from his spaulders. Though Sindragosa would no longer threaten the world, the Frost Dragon’s effects were not so easy to dismiss from his exhausted body so soon.

It was then Boz saw it descend and light upon the grass of the park: A steed woven with stars. They twisted and swirled inside its body, which seemed bound by the very essence of the universe. He rubbed his eyes with his thumb and forefinger, but there was no disputing the image before him, and its soft whinny confirmed what his eyes told him. On its back rode – of all things – the filth of the Horde. The same Horde that had that very day attempted to prevent his assault on Icecrown Citadel. Their pettiness in the face of obliteration was disgusting. How did they not see that the Alliance was trying to save everyone, Horde and Alliance alike?

The star pony seemed to agree with Boz, as it buckled under the weight of the fat Tauren stressing its spine. At least, he imagined it had a spine, or possibly a constellation. It was difficult to say, but he imagined briefly the pony’s cry for release; to be free. Where had it come from? What was it, exactly? His heart ached to help the poor animal. Cows were not meant to ride horses, let alone such a majestic creature!

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Patchy Goodness

Well, what do you guys think of the patch so far? I don’t have too much to report. My evening consisted mostly of battlegrounds, including a rough series of games in which the Alliance acted as if Warsong Gulch was a new BG introduced in 3.2. It wasn’t until my fifth WSG that I finally got into a game where …

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