BM Battle Bug: Harakiss the Infestor

Harakiss the Infestor - Rare Silithid

After taming The Razza and letting him spread his wings in a few BGs, I was off to Tanaris to gather my next PvP pet experiment. My target… Harakiss the Infestor.

I decided to go after Harakiss the Infestor because he’s rare and unusual looking. Harakiss shares the blue ‘brain bug’ model with only one other tamable Silithid in the game – Princess Yauj in Ahn’Qiraj.

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Boz’s Entry

Boz took a deep breath as he stepped out of the portal and into the fresh air of Dalaran, taking a moment to rest on a bench near the central fountain. He stretched his arms wide across the bench and slid down, flopping his head back to look skyward, taking a long, deep breath. It felt good to clear his lungs of the rot that permeated Icecrown Citadel and the warm air felt wonderful on his skin as the ice melted from his spaulders. Though Sindragosa would no longer threaten the world, the Frost Dragon’s effects were not so easy to dismiss from his exhausted body so soon.

It was then Boz saw it descend and light upon the grass of the park: A steed woven with stars. They twisted and swirled inside its body, which seemed bound by the very essence of the universe. He rubbed his eyes with his thumb and forefinger, but there was no disputing the image before him, and its soft whinny confirmed what his eyes told him. On its back rode – of all things – the filth of the Horde. The same Horde that had that very day attempted to prevent his assault on Icecrown Citadel. Their pettiness in the face of obliteration was disgusting. How did they not see that the Alliance was trying to save everyone, Horde and Alliance alike?

The star pony seemed to agree with Boz, as it buckled under the weight of the fat Tauren stressing its spine. At least, he imagined it had a spine, or possibly a constellation. It was difficult to say, but he imagined briefly the pony’s cry for release; to be free. Where had it come from? What was it, exactly? His heart ached to help the poor animal. Cows were not meant to ride horses, let alone such a majestic creature!

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I generally don’t like crossbows

…but this one was just too badass to pass up. Look at it..!

Wrathful Gladiator's Crossbow

…and another

Wrathful Gladiator's Crossbow

After 2 weeks of pounding my head against the wall, we finally broke the 1800 rating gear threshold in 2v2 the other night.

My partner and I joke that the arena match making system is actually just a couple of Blizz devs, who are sitting around drinking beers and controlling our fate. How else do you explain being within one game of breaking through 1800, only to have them throw a 2100 MMR Unholy DK/Holy Pally team at us to crush our hopes and dreams. This happens far too often to be purely coincidence… at least I think. 😉

What a job that would be though, eh… I can just picture these guys…

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A new post!

I’ve nothing terribly exciting to report, but I figured I’d better post something since it’s been kinda quiet around here.

First, my son got sick, then I got sick, so between having to take care of he and I, I’ve fallen a bit behind on the work front. Anyway… as soon as I get caught up on other matters, I’ll try to get back to postin’ as soon as possible.

I did however manage to squeeze a raid in last week and finally got my 2nd piece of T10! That was a pretty exciting milestone for this guy.

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BM PvP Guide – Part Two: Pets

Chimaera for Beast Mastery PvP

In part two of my Beast Mastery PvP guide, I’m going to discuss BM PvP pets and ways to spec them. Here we go…

Beast Mastery PvP Pets

Part of the benefit to investing 51 points into the Beast Mastery tree is the ability to tame exotic pets. Although currently they’re so-so for PvE, the PvP benefits of an exotic pet are fantastic in my opinion.

First off, Beast Mastery grants us access to arguably the most overpowered pet of them all, the Chimaera.


Chimaeras are great for a variety of reasons. First off, they have what I consider to be the best all-around special of any pet. This is of course, Froststorm Breath.

Froststorm Breath

  • 30 yard range.
  • applies a 50% movement speed decrease for 5 seconds.
  • is on a 7 second cooldown (with 3/3 Longevity), which can conceivably allow for over 70% uptime on the movement speed debuff.
  • cannot be dispelled.
  • does non-armor mitigated nature damage.

Froststorm Breath owns. Period. It is a great spell for both offensive and defensive purposes. It not only makes kiting melee easier, but it’s also a great tool to slow down casters, making it harder for them to LoS you.

Next, Chimaeras are part of the Cunning family of pets. Cunning pets have a variety of tools available to them that are very useful for PvP.

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