During one of today’s Wintergrasp battles, where we got our asses handed to us as we often do, there was one particular scene that struck me as comical. Now I’ll often have 5-6 Horde chase me down for the kill in Warsong Gulch or Arathi Basin, but I usually don’t have a whole posse on my trail.

With my four stacks of Tenacity, I charged over to the east workshop ready for business. This battle was particularly laggy at first, so before I could ascertain what sort of numbers we were facing, I was being Death Gripped down onto the road from out of nowhere. I fought my way back up to higher ground, then made a break for safety, hoping to regroup and plan another assault.

As I’m booking across the snow covered plain, I see the whole freaking workshop defense on my tail. It seemed like closer to twenty of them, with all of the pets and minions, but it was really only about ten. At any rate, I was Disengaging, Frost Trapping, Masters Calling, jump shotting, Conc Shotting, Scatter Shotting and basically pulling whatever I could out of my ass to get away, cracking up as this small army of horde was hot on my heels.

Just as I’m thinking I’m about to pull off this harrowing escape… YANK! I’m Death Gripped from behind once again, then Chains of Iced, then treated like a new cellmate by nearly a dozen horde. Anyhow, looking at my corpse surrounded by all those enemy players made me chuckle, so I screenshotted it.

Now while this isn’t really that exciting in its own right, and I’m sure many of you have similar stories, what happened later was kinda funny…

The horde started advancing towards our graveyard, and instead of teleporting over to the other workshop, I decided to stay and help stave them off. After thinning them out a bit, I started heading south towards the towers, hoping to defend so as to lengthen the battle and give us a chance. No sooner do I mount up, then.. YANK! Death Gripped again, snared, then beaten without mercy by another group of horde.

The battle eventually ends, so I mount up and head over to Sholazar to visit my Oracle buddies and buy another serving of Aged Yolk off of them.

On the way there… one of my fellow guildies, who also happens to be my arena partner and a pretty good WoW buddy, logs in to say hello. Right after we exchange pleasantries, the first thing I get out of him is, “I just made your life hell in WG”.

I sat puzzled for a second, then remembered he’d been planning to transfer over a horde DK from another server so that he and I could start a 2v2 with my Druid.

“Did you transfer your Death Knight..?!”, I asked.

“Yep”, he said.

“Don’t tell me you were the DK who Death Gripped me back into the angry mob as I was fleeing the workshop..?!”

“Yep, that was me… I was also the guy who kept spamming Chains of Ice on you”.

Wintergrasp Battle

All I could do was laugh… As if Death Knights aren’t enough of an irritant, I’ve got my own guildie and arena partner hunting me down.

Anyway, I’m planning on joining the ranks of the horde at some point myself. Not with Garwulf of course, but with my Druid. I quite enjoyed playing him back in TBC, but he’s been much neglected since WotLK came out. I’m thinking it will be a fun diversion while I’m waiting for Cataclysm, plus I really want to learn the dynamics of Resto Druid/DK. That is one of our most feared counter-combos.

So… how many of you out there have characters of opposing factions on the same server? Do you purposely single out and target friends and/or members of your other faction’s guild?

Apart from my baby Orc Hunter on another server, I’ve been a loyal member of the Alliance for 4 1/2 years. However… torturing my guildies in WG now again sounds like it could be fun. šŸ˜ˆ

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  1. ‘Iā€™m Death Gripped from behind once again, then Chains of Iced, then treated like a new cellmate by nearly a dozen horde. ‘

    Hillarious post! Of all the hunter columnists, BRK, Frost, etc you, Gar, is certainly the most manly one.

    I’ve been killed too many time by ally to consider playing their side, though I would love to have human racials for my rogue.

    What are your thoughts about coming rated battlegrounds? I am hesitant to join a raiding guild now ( would be nice to get ICC25 lvl gear ) because my love is with PVP and I hope there will be some PVP oriented guilds in Cata…



    • Oh man… I can’t wait for rated battlegrounds!!! That is my element. I do alright in arena, but hunters are the rulers of BGs. Hopefully Blizz doesn’t hamper our BG prowess too much in Cataclysm. :-\

      I absolutely loved doing premade 19 WSGs a few years ago on my all-star twink. I’d love to get that going in end-game.

      I’m thinking PvP guilds will be popping up all over, so I doubt you’ll have trouble finding one.

  2. Hey Gar!

    Great post…lol…my son and I regularly meet up in the BGs…..he plays a Tauren Drood on a battlegroup server…..I play my Hoomon Warrior or Spacegoat Hunter on another of the battlegroup servers…..and gleefully kill him….and laugh accross the hallway at him!!! šŸ™‚ Then of course he gets several other hordies and gangs me……..I just spread the word in chat for everybody to kill him on sight! lol…always good fun!

    Keep up the great work!

    Grimwind 80 NE Hunter

  3. In some ways I LOVE it when a DK Deathgrips you into a huge group of enemies.

    My macro solution to DKs (and rogues, and in general one of my favorite PVP macros):

    /use (your trinket, and you can add a shift modifier so it’s only when necessary)
    /cast deterrence
    /cast !aspect of the dragonhawk
    /cast explosive trap

    They pull you into the center of the group, but can’t hurt you, and they all get burned. Drop a Frost trap so they’re all stuck in the fire for a while. Disengage away if you have it off cooldown, Feign death or Shadowmeld if you have them available to break targetting, and Master’s call or Bestial Wrath to get rid of slows and run away while kiting again.

    You may not live long after Deterrence wears off (although I have often escaped with this), but you can laugh maniacally as they all run around in your fire and frost, courtesy of the DK who brought you in to drop bombs in their midst.

  4. Since I started playing WoW almost 3 years ago, I’ve been Alliance all the way. My hunter is a Dwarf and my warrior and DK are Gnomes (as soon as Blizz lets Gnomes be hunters they will make $25 for a race change so fast it will make their head spin).

    That being said…I rolled an Orc hunter on my server because of WG. On my server, Alliance are HORRIBLY outnumbered in WG to the point where they only manage to control VoA 1 or 2 times a week while I’m on. So I went with the old addage…”If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” And O M G is it everything I dreamed of and more. In the first 24 hours after my hunter dinged 78 and could participate in WG he had 27 WG marks. It took my hunter 3 months to get that many. I bought the ilvl 251 shoulders BEFORE I CAN EVEN EQUIP THEM! I have enough honor that I will have my pick of Furious gear when I ding 80. I average about 3500 honor per WG battle, which usually take only 15 minutes or so because the horde absolutely roll the towers, cut the time of the battle in half and then camp the GY and start farming honor.

    It makes me feel like a need a shower each time I collect my 3 marks and gobs of honor, but its like an addiction….I’ve been part of the picked on for sooooo long that running with the bullies makes me feel tough. I think I need professional help! =P

  5. Gar, that’s just kind of funny man. I know I’ve been in a Battlegroup with people I know from other servers and we would queue at the same time to try and get in the same BG but never had any luck.

    I just read the post you made on tenacity, I guess that explains your 43k health. I had not clue they implemented that….ridiculous.:)

  6. I have a Troll hunter on another server just so I could scope out the Horde cities. Our guild has a number of guys with toons of both factions…..I think we try to avoid killing our buddies

  7. While my hunter and pally are on alliance, I recently switched my raiding shaman over to horde out of boredom. Wierdest thing ever is running ICC and then riding on the Horde ship after months on the skybreaker. I don’t pvp on either faction much, but I think my friends or guildies would rip me to shreds XD

  8. Hey, i was just watching the screenshot again and i see you got 8k gold, can you make a post or vid or a helping guide on making fast and quik money? i got jc and lw and making money isnt going to great??

    how do you handle it?

    • Hi Shahin,

      Most of my gold is earned from selling epic gems on the auction house. I purchase Cardinal Rubies for 10K honor each, cut them into Delicate Cardinal Rubies on my wife’s toon, then flip them on the auction house for around 180-200G ea. I’m not sure what the market is like on other servers, but this has been a huge cash cow for me. I can pretty easily rake in about 1.5K – 2K G per week doing this.

      Provided you like PvP, this is an easy way to earn some extra gold, especially for you since you’re a JC.

  9. ahahahha Gar, epic story i hafe the same story as you once xD

    i like to swtich to horde cause on our server ally sucks at pvping and it seems horde has the upperhand here, but it hurts me to pay 25 euro to get a faction change :'(

  10. I have tried to like playing Alliance but all the ones I roll don’t get very far. I am not sure I would single out people I know in a BG, I haven’t even been able to bring myself to run a BG as Alliance. It just feels so dirty.


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