During one of today’s Wintergrasp battles, where we got our asses handed to us as we often do, there was one particular scene that struck me as comical. Now I’ll often have 5-6 Horde chase me down for the kill in Warsong Gulch or Arathi Basin, but I usually don’t have a whole posse on my trail.

With my four stacks of Tenacity, I charged over to the east workshop ready for business. This battle was particularly laggy at first, so before I could ascertain what sort of numbers we were facing, I was being Death Gripped down onto the road from out of nowhere. I fought my way back up to higher ground, then made a break for safety, hoping to regroup and plan another assault.

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Hell Hath Frozen Over

I officially have two characters at max level now. Thank goodness for BoA items. 🙂 As BRK would have put it, I managed to level a Death Knigget to 80. …and you know what, they’re pretty f**king fun to play. Of course, what imbalanced “hero class” wouldn’t be fun to play. 😉 I’m still learning the DK resource system, but …

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Death Knights

Without any time to raid over the past week or so, my play time has mainly consisted of a few BGs, an occasional Skoll patrol on the PTR, and some quiet time on my unguilded Death Knight. Yes, that’s right… I’ve forsaken the Hunter community by playing a lesser class – and a Death Knight at that! Fear not though… …

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