Patchy Goodness

Well, what do you guys think of the patch so far?

I don’t have too much to report. My evening consisted mostly of battlegrounds, including a rough series of games in which the Alliance acted as if Warsong Gulch was a new BG introduced in 3.2. It wasn’t until my fifth WSG that I finally got into a game where players understood the objective.

On one hand, the 20 minuted timed WSGs are nice for honor gain, but on the other hand it saddens me to know there won’t be any more epic slugfests in there. One of my greatest WoW memories was a level 19 WSG premade I was in a few years ago that lasted nearly three hours. I’ve had some great battles at 80 too, but that one will go down in history.

The change to Arathi Basin I think I like. Those games can drag on forever, which is especially painful if you know defeat is imminent. 1600 resources as opposed to 2000 for the win still makes for an exciting game, but it keeps things moving which is nice. Plus, it’ll make getting my tabard a little easier. 😉

I found that Rets were easier to kill last night. Even without my cooldowns I was able to escape them most of the time. That was a welcome change, aside from the fact that my 2v2 partners are Rets. 🙁 It’s going to be a little harder to run this setup for 2v2 in Season 7.

Aside from some BG’ing, I did a little dinosaur pet hunting. I was sort of hoping that maybe everyone would be busy with the new instances, BG, and Children’s Week, and that I’d have little competition for the rare dinosaur pet drops.


I flew to Wetlands first to try and get the pet off of the Razormaw Matriarch. All I saw when I got there were corpses of dead dinos strewn about.

Next I headed off to Un’Goro in hopes of finding the Ravasaur Matriarch. Same story. That’s actually the pet I really want since it will compliment Krush quite nicely. There were three Horde players there patrolling the area with undoubtedly the same intentions. That’s when I called it a night.

I did get a nice gear upgrade, for PvP at least. I picked up a pair of those fancy new ilvl 232 drawers from the Wintergrasp Quartermaster and tossed in a couple of the new epic gems. I’m hoping to get the new ring today.

Well there’s my report from the first day of 3.2. Pretty boring, I know. I’ll probably hit up Isle of Conquest tonight and see what that’s all about, then maybe check out Trial of the Champion tonight or tomorrow. Fun stuff.

In case you’re wondering why I didn’t mention Skoll… I suppose I’m over it. He eluded me on the PTR just as Gondria did, which made me think I’d have to get him on live, but I’m gonna wait and see if Blizz gives us more slots in a future patch. My stable is about perfect right now and I hate to disrupt it. I already have one Spirit Beast in there taking up a valuable stable slot, so I definitely don’t need another until we get a designated Spirit Beast stable. 😛

I’m also considering a radical change to Survival, and going BM/SV dual PvP specs. If I do that, then I may need a new non-exotic pet anyway. I’d hate to chase down Skoll, only to be forced with the tough decision of abandoning him shortly thereafter. The only reason I still have Loque’nahak is because I really don’t want to ever have to go through that taming process again. That, and he is the most attractive of the Spirit Beasts in my opinion. 😉

For those Hunters that were lucky enough to nab this new Spirit Beast, link me your screenshots and send me the coordinates. In the spirit of Hunter fellowship, I’d like to get an accurate and updated map so to help others in their taming adventures. Plus, since I won’t be going out to tame him just yet, it’ll give me a chance to “hunt” vicariously through my site visitors so to speak.

What did you do, and how are you liking 3.2 so far?

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  1. Thanks for the explanation of your choice of talents. I’ve been avoiding crit-trigger talents like cobra strikes because of the reduced crit chance against players with resilience, but perhaps when my crit gets high enough I’ll respec to drop Catlike Reflexes and take Cobra strikes and Invigoration.

  2. I have long used the Catlike Reflexes talent in BM PVP for the damage mitigation for me an my pet. With patch 3.2, it now also provides DPS via greatly increased frequency of Kill Command. Do you think you will consider taking this for your PVP build now?

    • I can’t justify giving anything up for it. In order to get the maximum benefit it needs 3 points, otherwise the cooldown will be too far off of Bestial Wrath. I’d have to rob from Spirit Bond, Cobra Strikes and one other talent (currently I’m using Invigoration due to oom issues in arena) in order to get it. The only other place to look would be Ferocious Inspiration. Neither of those options seem worth it to me.

      To me, the pet dodge isn’t so fabulous for PvP, so I mainly see it as 3% dodge for me and 30 sec CD on KC for 3 points. Not bad, but not worth sacrificing for either.

      On a side note: in last night’s debacle that was arena, Spirit Bond did however enable us to pull off two very close victories. Both matches I was left to 1v1 – one vs a Lock and the other vs a Holy Pally. The Spirit Bond ticks gave me just enough time to maintain pressure for the execute. I love Spirit Bond.

  3. Yeah so after respeccin SV for PvP purposes…and buying glyphs…I just can’t get down the SV spec. I give props to those hunters who can but for some reason I just can’t get comfortable with it. I tried a MM PvP spec and right now I am loving it.

    • Hey Perceuss,

      I know what you mean. I have tried Survival a few times, and actually went SV for PvP after the talent reset this week. My problem with it has to do with vulnerability to CC. I like the burst that I get from the spec, but nothing frustrates me more than being locked down in a BG.

      I’m going to respec back to my previous MM spec which I used for raiding and remain BM for PvP. Although I’m not crazy about SV, I do enjoy taking my MM spec into BGs once in awhile. It’s pretty fun seeing 9k-10k Chimera crits. 😉

      I’m not sure if you have tried it, but you may want to give MM a go for PvP. Pick up Scatter Shot and Lock ‘n’ Load from SV and go murder people. I like Hawk Eye for this spec too so that you can stand way back and deliver the pain while safely out of harm’s way.

  4. I got to say that with the way BA works now along with the traps…I am currently BM/SV dual PvP spec. What’s this about the Dino pets Gar? Has there been some new additions that I am not aware of?

  5. Just finished all the Tournament quests (new ones and old ones). What I can say? As a MM hunter the patch is adding something interesting (3 cooldowns for traps), a new Kill Shot with no range (melee zone works!) and of course ultra-lowered prices for Saronite Razorheads arrows.

  6. I have to say this due to the alli comments.. I love ganking me some alli!! On a different note, I have an ah in dal now. I may never leave that city again, lol.

  7. Overall ok, the auction house seemed bugged for some reason, it was convinced there were no yellow gems at all (got my PvP vest today to match your drawers lol)

    Deterence seems an absolute godsend for PvP now, although the flying over Wintergrasp thing needs killing off now, the amount of grief we were getting trying to do the “Dangerously Delicious” quest was rediculous. Horde dropping from the skies everywhere just to gank us while fishing.

  8. I logged in my warrior (soon to be 71) prot-specced to quest with a friend (shaman 69). So far I loved the new interface changes (vendor prices, queslog, iLevel items, etc). Warriors got a prot buff so I love it even more 😛

    I will now log my huntress and see…


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