The relentless pursuit of perfection

Apart from my daily crack at obtaining the Horseman’s Mount, along with the occasional BG & heroic, most of my game time has been spent working tirelessly on my UI. My goal has mainly been to make it more focus-friendly, but I’ve also added a few new bells and whistles, as well as tightened up a few loose ends.

So far I’m really pleased with how it’s shaping up, and I’ve yet to notice any major issues or bugs.


One thing you may find surprising is that I’ve disabled Power Auras for the time being. I won’t be abandoning the addon, but I am thinking of going with a more minimalist approach to using it this time. Now that I’ve kicked off the training wheels, I’m not finding as many reasons to utilize it as a 4.0.1 Beast Master. Regardless, I’ll still be updating my Power Auras strings as I explore the the other specs.

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So… which pets…

Beast Master

…will you be adding to your stable in Cataclysm?

With the proposed change to stable slots, hunters will now be able to keep a stable of 25 pets. We’ll have 20 slots available via the stable master, plus another 5 (it looks like) in our on-demand stable.

I’m so stoked over this change, I can’t tell you. It’s not that I need 25 pets, I just want to be able to have more than 5.

For example… right now I more or less have a 4 slot stable, because I have one pet, my Grimtotem Spirit Guide, that I’ll never ever get rid of. This leaves me with 4 slots, which is plenty for a lot of hunters, but me… I’m a pet maniac.

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More good karma

You may remember some months back I posted about helping a guildie obtain Loque’nahak for their hunter alt. What took me umpteen hours to accomplish, I helped them do in about 15 minutes.

This very same hunter had also been talking about wanting to tame Skoll for the past couple of months.

Anyway… one evening after our raid was done, I flew into the Storm Peaks to collect my sack of snowballs from the big blue chick in Brunnhildar. Being the pet obsessed hunter that I am, I can’t help but travel past Skoll’s spawn points anytime I’m in the Storm Peaks. I’m not even looking to tame him, it’s just that seeing a Spirit Beast out in the wild excites me. Yeah, I’m kinda weird… I know.

Well, as fate would have it, just as I’m passing over the frozen lake towards the Snowdrift Plains… who do I see… Bam!

This guy…

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Just What I Needed

…another Spirit Beast, but I couldn’t let you guys have all the fun… Even though taming Skoll is probably one of the last things I needed to do, I couldn’t resist. However, this will most likely be the last I see of him for awhile. I just finished respeccing SV for raids, so now I just have to determine MM …

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Skoll the Spirit Beast

That’s how his name should probably look in-game in my opinion… umlaut and all. This new Spirit Beast is definitely METAL!!! \m/

Server First!

Here’s a pic from Semilac of Destromath who managed to pull off a server first tame on this elusive new Spirit Beast. I patrolled for him on the PTR for weeks to no avail, so I can confirm that this guy is as difficult to obtain as Gondria, if not more so. Grats to Semilac for managing to nab him before anyone else did. 😀

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