The Eve of Battle

Drackmire, Dwarf MarksmanGarwulf sighed. It had been a long time since he last stood within the great ridges of the Ironforge Mountains. A chill breeze haunted the evening, and Garwulf shivered a bit. “I wonder what he is up to…,” he muttered, trailing off.

Turning back to head down the slopes, he whistled into the crisp air, beckoning his trusty companion. With a deafening growl, and a piercing howl, Loque’nahak appeared right next to him, as if out of thin air. “’Atta boy,” Garwulf said as he patted Loque’nahak on the head, giving him a scratch behind the ears. “I miss him as well.”

The two managed to get down the rocky crags with relative ease, using knowledge passed on to them in the past on how to watch for loose rocks, and find the hidden trails that one would normally not be able to see. The path before them led east, toward the great city in the mountain. Garwulf hopped on his mount, and strode at a blistering pace, navigating the winding trail that led to the city’s main gates. Passing the guards, giving them a slight nod, he continued on toward the center near The Great Forge, where the Gryphon Master stood, ever ready to provide transportation for those in need.

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Loque vs Gondria

Who wins? The tattooed beast from Sholazar Basin or the spectral saber from Zul’Drak? Well you can probably guess who won this bout. 😉 I know some of you may be going… “OMG, I can’t believe you killed a Spirit Beast… there was probably some unfortunate hunter logged out at that spot waiting for the opportunity to claim Gondria”! 😡 …

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I See Spirit Beasts

Two to be exact. In one night no less. Within an hour or two of taming Skoll, I ran into Gondria while looking for Terror Spinner. It’s so funny… I looked for nearly two weeks on the patch 3.1 PTR and never saw hide nor hair, nor ghostly aura of Gondria anywhere. Because I’d already had Loque’nahak in my stable, …

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Well Looky Here

Loque'nahak spotted lurking

Alright, so most of you are well aware that I’m fairly obsessed with rare Hunter pets. Well, it should be no surprise to you that every time I go to Sholazar Basin to do anything, I always make a quick pat before I go just to see if I can spot any of the rare beasties.

Last night I flew over to buy my weekly egg from the Oracles, still hoping that one day I’ll be fortunate enough to get that gorgeous mount to hatch from one. Once that was done I flew around the basin looking for Aotona, King Krush and Loque’nahak. Well, there were no sightings of the previous two, but just as I was making my last round west of the Nesingwary Camp guess who I ran into..?

Keep in mind that I’ve only seen Loque alive three times, including the incident last night. The first time I saw him was when I arrived just in time to watch a BE Pally lay the death blow on him, and the second time was when I tamed him. Loque’nahak is by far the most elusive rare pet I’ve encountered in this game.

My initial thought was to ask for a finder’s fee in general chat in case there were any Hunters there seeking him. Then I thought, eh… maybe I’ll take this opportunity to get one step closer to the Frostbitten achievement. Nah… he’s too magnificent to kill.

Right after this is when the little angel on my shoulder told me to look in my guild tab and see if any Hunters were on that might want him. One of our Druids in the guild who also has a 77 hunter alt happened to be on. He has a thing for cats too. =^_^=

I quickly sent him a tell asking if he was interested in having a Spirit Beast pet. He replied with a resounding “YES”. I said, “well you better get your ass over here and quick like”. He then replied, saying that he needed to do something real quick and then he’d hop on his Hunter. It occurred to me he wasn’t aware just how rare this find of mine was. >.<

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