I’m ever the tinkerer

I swear I thought I was done updating my UI a few nights ago, but it just wasn’t quite there.

I’m happy to announce that it is finally complete…

Garwulf Hunter UI

Not only is it f**king beautiful, but it works brilliantly. I’ve added some exciting new features to this version. Best part is… it occupies even less screen real estate than before. It’s still pretty lean on resources too. With my gathering and auction addons turned off, it usually sits at around 13-14MB.

Here’s a look under the hood…

Garwulf Hunter UI

Don’t let that busy display fool you. There are loads of customizations and features, but what you’re seeing are all of the addon configs.

Also, half of the Power Auras I don’t even use currently. However, many of you may want to try them, so I not only updated my old ones, but I’ve also added some new goodies.

This UI is at least 50% more awesome than my last one, and I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll kick anywhere between 11.7% – 68.3% more ass by using it. πŸ˜‰ *

Now I just need to clean up the install files and remove some of the unneeded fluff, then you all can give it a whirl if you so desire. I’d give that another day or so. I’ll need to test the install out, take some good screenies, edit the description, etc, etc, etc…

I left no stone unturned this time, I tell ya. I massaged this thing for awhile, with the intent of making it one of the baddest Hunter UIs known to man. Now I suppose I’m a bit biased, being that it’s my creation, but I may have succeeded. That said, this UI is even more tailored to huntering than the previous version. I’ve added more hunter-specific doo-dads and so forth this time around.

Those of you who liked my earlier versions will no doubt like this one as well. It’s more or less the same layout, but with a bit more polish, along with even less of a footprint. For those of you wondering where my in-game micro menu is, it’s hidden; set to show on hover-over, just like the sidebar on the right hand side of the screen.

* Improved ass-kicking percentages are purely guesstimations. Actual results may vary. πŸ˜‰

30 thoughts on “I’m ever the tinkerer”

  1. Wasn’t pushing… much, lol.

    Thanks for the response. So saving the Interface and WTF folders, I can get back to where I was. But if I use yours, I’m now assuming that I will have to copy and paste the few addons I’m currently using into the Addons folder in your Interface, and then enable them for the alts while disabling yours, and vice versa for my hunter. Is that about right?

    And thanks for making the UI available. I have a minimal understanding of what might be involved (as you can see), but enough to get that you have had to have spent a big chunk of time. And then dealing with the likes of me… sheesh.

  2. Garwulf,

    UI looks amazing, so like the others above I’m looking forward to trying it out.

    But I have a question since I’ve only really used the game’s built-in UI. If I use yours (or any other UI for that matter), am I committing to use it for ALL my toons? Or, can I try yours out on my hunter, but still keep using the default UI for my other toons?

    Apologies if this is a noob-ish sort of question, but thanks in advance.

    • You can use the UI on one character -or- all of them, or a few of them. Just enable or disable the different addons depending upon which character you’re using. At the AddOns screen there is an option for character-specific settings.

      I also recommend that you backup your interface and wtf folders prior to installation. If you decide you don’t want to use it, then you’re back where you were within a couple of seconds.

      Anyway, I have it done, I just need to prepare it for upload and run a few test installs. I’ll probably update the description little as well.

      Maybe today…

    • Funny you should mention that… I went on a rampage yesterday and cleaned the entire kitchen top-to-bottom. I even emptied the fridge and did some deep cleaning. It’s real spiffy now.

      Honestly though… normally our kitchen looks like 2 busy parents live here with their 3 year old. In other words, normally it’s not nearly as clean as my UI – relatively speaking. πŸ˜‰

  3. Still waiting oh so patiently for a download so I can try it out, I love all the nice little thingamajigs you have. This will probably be the best Hunter UI available to download because of all the attention to detail you have put into it, and because its designed by a hunter for a hunter.

  4. Hi,
    I great you for your job, UI is most important for HUnters, i tried to make ui by my design but i failed.
    please upload it faster, i am eager to install it.

  5. Hey Gar!
    Just wanted to say thank you! I’ve started down the course of youtube =P for BM PVP and i owe all my little tricks and advice given to me from the Huntsman’s Lodge.

    Cheers, Ves

    • It says a couple days. He’s usually pretty quick in delivering. All he has to do now probably is change the GarUI page, his description of WoW Interface, and get the file ready for mass download.

      • Once life is through kicking my free time in the ass, I’ll get the UI prepared and uploaded to WoWInterface. I was hoping to possibly get that handled today, but no such luck.

        Maybe tomorrow.

        I’ll probably let it roll with a very limited updated description, just because people have been waiting patiently for weeks. Once I get a chance, then I’ll do a dissection post later on.

  6. It’s beautiful! *googly eyes* Can’t wait for the DL so I can give it a spin! πŸ˜€ Thanks for all the work you put into it!

  7. I was most displeased when I found out your last UI was 4.0.1 incompatible. That had become my style of play (plus or minus a few improvements*). But now it’s back, and better!!! YAY! Thanks Gar.

    *Improvement is in the eye of the beholder.

  8. I’m really looking forward to this! I recently started playing again and I didn’t install any addons because I knew this was coming! And will it contain all your addons this time? Last time you mentioned there were more addons you use, but they were not in the package.

  9. This looks great, I can’t wait for the write-up and downloadable version! I see what looks like tracker auras for all kinds of great hunter abilities, thanks so much for that!

    • I added an immunity and damage mitigation tracker for the target, a Tranq’able buffs alert, and target debuff timers for various hunter cc, as well as cyclone and sheep.

      I also added some power auras alerts for abilities. I’m not using them currently, but they’re pretty cool. I wanted to include them for people to play with and/or adjust to their liking.

      Yep, there’s some good stuff in there.

  10. First time leaving a comment so I want to say I really like reading you’re posts.
    (I’m keeping a tab always opened with them, for easier refresh :P)

    The UI looks awesome, but I wonder if I can use it on my 19” 4/3 monitor at 1280×1024?
    Any thoughts on that?

    and also will you update it under the GarrUI page tab?

    • You’ll have to move things around a bit and maybe resize them, but it should work.

      The chat window, recount and omen all have a little wiggle room, so you could tighten them up a bit to make things fit. Another option would be to move the raid frames to say, the left side of the screen -or- you could use an addon like Skada to combine your dps and threat meters into one.

      It’ll take a little playing around, but you could get things to fit.

      Glad you like the posts btw!

      Oh, and thanks for commenting. πŸ™‚


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