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Loque'nahak spotted lurking

Alright, so most of you are well aware that I’m fairly obsessed with rare Hunter pets. Well, it should be no surprise to you that every time I go to Sholazar Basin to do anything, I always make a quick pat before I go just to see if I can spot any of the rare beasties.

Last night I flew over to buy my weekly egg from the Oracles, still hoping that one day I’ll be fortunate enough to get that gorgeous mount to hatch from one. Once that was done I flew around the basin looking for Aotona, King Krush and Loque’nahak. Well, there were no sightings of the previous two, but just as I was making my last round west of the Nesingwary Camp guess who I ran into..?

Keep in mind that I’ve only seen Loque alive three times, including the incident last night. The first time I saw him was when I arrived just in time to watch a BE Pally lay the death blow on him, and the second time was when I tamed him. Loque’nahak is by far the most elusive rare pet I’ve encountered in this game.

My initial thought was to ask for a finder’s fee in general chat in case there were any Hunters there seeking him. Then I thought, eh… maybe I’ll take this opportunity to get one step closer to the Frostbitten achievement. Nah… he’s too magnificent to kill.

Right after this is when the little angel on my shoulder told me to look in my guild tab and see if any Hunters were on that might want him. One of our Druids in the guild who also has a 77 hunter alt happened to be on. He has a thing for cats too. =^_^=

I quickly sent him a tell asking if he was interested in having a Spirit Beast pet. He replied with a resounding “YES”. I said, “well you better get your ass over here and quick like”. He then replied, saying that he needed to do something real quick and then he’d hop on his Hunter. It occurred to me he wasn’t aware just how rare this find of mine was. >.<

While I’m standing guard over Loque’nahak hoping to fend off would be poachers, an Orc DK swoops down to mine a saronite node that was there. I’m sitting there thinking, oh well… looks like my guildie won’t be taming Loque today. Either the DK was a bot, totally oblivious to the enormous white cat with glowing blue tattoos just a few feet from her, or she was totally cool and figured I was going for the tame. Whatever the reason, she mounted up and split.

A few more minutes go by and I’m starting to wonder what the hell this guildie of mine is doing. Next I see his health bar start to dwindle and I’m thinking what…?! Then he says he was just attacked. I’m thinking, just attacked..?!

He was stopping to mine nodes along the way, then happened to get jumped by a Horde player while stopped in Wintergrasp to get some Titanium.

/major facepalm

Needless to say, after about fifteen minutes of waiting for him, he finally arrived and was able to successfully tame Loque’nahak without incident. Some people are so freakin’ lucky I swear.

Although he was really excited about obtaining his new beautiful pet, he asked me why it was so slow and where the heck the moonfire was coming from. My response was of course, turn off prowl and… you’ve got to be kidding me…

I had spent countless hours researching the spawn points and camping this guy, which included nearly two solid weeks of patrolling Sholazar Basin, before I was fortunate enough to get him. Thanks to me he was able to tame the coolest pet in the game without even know what he was getting. That, and I was also there to lay a Freeze Trap for him. 😉

I did my good deed for the evening. Maybe that will bring me some good loot karma for the coming week. 😀

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  1. im not one to worry about rare pets but someone asked for my help so i helped them and decide to take a look at were the beast usually are no luck then came back to help again later and asked them if they had seen one they said no then that very momeny i seen the beast i was really happy and i imediatly started taming =) but i feel sorry for the people waiting for days an days but i gotta hand it to the patient people cause its worth it

  2. I’ve been searching for this beauty for 3 days now, and had as little as 2 hour sleep intervals each day. Sadly ive not seen a spirit whisker of his at all. Closest encounter i had was when my NPC scan rang, at 4am, my heart stopped, brain pounded as i frantically searched for him, only to find another hunter with the pet, coincidentally at the same spawn area as the one Garwulf put up on the map. I’m seriously starting to think if the Loque’nahak finds you, not the other way around =(

    But in the true spirit of the hunt, i’ll never give up!

  3. Okay that’s seriously hilarious.
    Of course I’m like everybody here completely aware of how much frustration that can cause, but I was able to lol at it instead of just grumble and mumble something about lucky people, maybe because of the fact that I finally got to tame all three SBs (just got Skoll yesterday, yey!).
    Oh well, now if I can manage to get the dumb Oracles egg to hatch anything bigger than a tickbird or get hte Time-Lost PD to actually show up alive!

  4. I got Loque right after I leveled 77. Was doing rounds for days when suddenly a friendly warrior drew my attention over trade if anyone needed this big cat for a quest. So I got curious and invited him. He showed me Loque and I tamed him 🙂 Very nice of him!

    Gondria I also was on the lookout for. Doing my rounds when 1 day i was not really going for a round but decided to pass over the closest spawnpoint and to my surprise there was this yellow dot 😀

    Skoll is the best one though: in the first week of the new patch every hunter was determined to tame this beauty. I had been touring the spawnpoints for 3 or 4 days when one night I came home late, and decided to check. So at 2:50 am I logged in and flew to the first spawnpoint, the disk. And there he was while a troll hunter was hovering the spot. But he was not doing anything so I assumed he was afk. I was still flagged pvp though with half my hp. So I took the risk and laid down a trap and tamed him while keeping a close eye on the troll. After Skoll was mine I very quickly dissapeared 😀

    Oh and the Oracle mount I got after 11 eggs, think I’m a bit of a lucky guy, same number as the white polar bear mount…

  5. I was very lucky earlier today to bump into loque over by the gorillas. I hadn’t logged on to my hunter for a few days until I decided I needed to get the jeeves schematic, however I needed saronite, so I hit the basin. Not 2 minutes into my first lap who should I bump into but Loque, alive and all on his lonesome, so I ditched my worm and tamed him, no hassle.

    I never thought it would happen, I spent weeks and months searching after I hit 80, I got Gondria and I’d seen King krush massacred before me twice but never did I think I would stumble upon the mighty Loque’nahak. Today I am a happy hunter 🙂

  6. Doesnt that just figure? Everytime I seen loque after I had him tamed it amazed me that he just seemed to appear where I was going. It is sad tho that he is needed for frostbitten achievement. I am glad I already have him marked done since the first tame attempt resulted in another hunter killing it while attempting to pull of me mid tame.

    Also, I am up to helping 8 hunters nab Loque so far 😀
    It makes me all warm and fuzzy when I do it lol

  7. Just like you I always take a run around the Loque loop. Since I tamed him I have never seen him again alive or Dead and would love to be able to see him in the wild again. I have also, doing this, been able to tame Aotona but never have seen King Krush. I like you believe Loque’Nahak is the original and best Spirit Beast in the game. Although I do have Gondria and Skoll as well and love them all. I salute you on doing what you did for your guildie and will do the same as I have young hunters on their way to 76 and beyond who have already tapped me to help them if I can and I will

    • @ Bradden

      It’s funny… I’ve ran into Aotona about 5 times, but every time I had been looking for him to tame, I never once saw him. I’d had a wild hair at one point, and thought it’d be fun to have him for a pet along with the Hyacinth Macaw. http://www.wowhead.com/?item=8494

      I’m over it now though, at least for Garwulf. Maybe if I level another Hunter up at some point I’ll go for the parrot. He is pretty epic looking.

  8. Got the drake on my third egg, but this cat is elusive. You’ve got one lucky guild mate and you win the super nice guild member of the year award.

  9. AGH! I have never once seen any of the rares in Sholazar. I want Krush and Loque!

    With the way your guildie handled it, he didn’t deserve Loque. What hunter doesn’t have knowledge of Spirit Beasts, their rarity, and the moonfire; especially a BM hunter?

    If I ever get a /tell letting me know about Loque, I will drop whatever I am doing (Raid, BG, whatever) head that way, and definitely not stop for mining!

    Your Karma is up, but I wish Loque would have gone to a more deserving hunter.

  10. @ drackmire

    LOL. I can’t say I was all that surprised. All you can do is shake your head and laugh.

    At least I knew well enough to make sure he was BM specced before he headed over. May have made for a better story though if I’d hadn’t. 😉

    Of course, then he probably wouldn’t have his Spirit Beast pet now.

  11. 15 minutes? I lost Skoll cuz it took 25s to fly from the grave/disk spawn point to the Valkirion spawn where my brother found him… ¬¬ grats to your guildie.

  12. I was half expecting there to be a punchline like he had just specced to MM or something so couldn’t tame him!

    Well done on the good deed!


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