Yep…Still Fun

I know I have a tendency to go inactive for awhile – both here on the site (obviously) and in-game – but it’s for no other reason than time management. I still really enjoy playing this game. Sure, some of the changes in recent years have diluted the experience a bit, but I’m still getting a lot of enjoyment from …

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The right place at the right time


While I’ve been busy messing with my UI the past few weeks, one of the things I’ve been doing is casually looking for Arcturis. Basically, I’d sit at Amberpine Lodge tinkering with my settings, queueing BGs, then hoping to catch Arcturis after one of my BGs was over. Needless to say, there was nearly always at least one hunter parked there, with a handful more passing through off and on.

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So… which pets…

Beast Master

…will you be adding to your stable in Cataclysm?

With the proposed change to stable slots, hunters will now be able to keep a stable of 25 pets. We’ll have 20 slots available via the stable master, plus another 5 (it looks like) in our on-demand stable.

I’m so stoked over this change, I can’t tell you. It’s not that I need 25 pets, I just want to be able to have more than 5.

For example… right now I more or less have a 4 slot stable, because I have one pet, my Grimtotem Spirit Guide, that I’ll never ever get rid of. This leaves me with 4 slots, which is plenty for a lot of hunters, but me… I’m a pet maniac.

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Lawman30’s entry

Hall of Explorers in Ironforge

The air in the Hall of Explorers was stale. The smell of old books reminded Rustee of legendary, sometimes lost, things. That was, after all, why he was here. Why he had spent all of his spare time reading every last book that he thought might contain a clue that would lead him to that which he sought. The Celestial Steed.

High Explorer Magellas had been tolerant of Rustee’s repeated visits to the Hall. His questions, at first, had seemed very unassuming. What was he looking for? Was it something that the Explorer’s League might have information on which could be used to help him in his search? Rustee had responded to those questions with answers that were equally unassuming. But when he finally reached the point where he thought that no book here had his answer, Rustee confided in Magellas the true nature of his search.

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More Updates

I updated my Spirit Beast resource page this evening and added Arcturis to the mix. There’s nothing on it that hasn’t already been covered in pasts posts, but it’s a handy quick reference for the important details. Namely, where to find them. I’ve included maps for each of the rare spirit beasties, all in one convenient location. Check it out …

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